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Xbox 360 unveiled -- specs confirmed

Written by Jari Ketola @ 13 May 2005 2:04 User comments (9)

Xbox 360 unveiled -- specs confirmed Microsoft's Xbox 360 was unveiled on MTV last night, and simultaneously details surfaced on The details confirmed all previous speculations and leaked specifications. The pictures seen earlier were indeed genuine.
Xbox 360 will provide HDTV picture when hooked up to a HDTV capable display. It will, of course, function also on standard TV sets. The unit is powered by a 3-core IBM PowerPC-based 3.2GHz CPU and a custom ATI graphics chip with 10MB of embedded DRAM. The amount of memory will be six fold compared to the first generation Xbox -- Xbox 360 will have 512MB of 700MHz GDDR3 RAM.

Up to four wireless controllers can be used simultaneously. They are powered by two AA batteries, which should give a play time of up to 40 hours with a range of 30 feet. When the batteries are running low the unit gives out a warning. The controller can be charged using a Play & Charge -cable during game play. The Xbox 360 Headset can also be plugged into the wireless controller for full duplex voice communication.

In addition to the wireless controller, Xbox 360 will support wired controllers based on the Xbox S controller. The Xbox 360 Controller has a nine-foot cable, improved ergonomic design and, like the wireless controller, has a port for the headset.

Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote allows Xbox 360 users to control both their Xbox 360 as well as their TV sets. Using remote it is possible to navigate the Xbox Gamer Guide as well as other Xbox features. With the A, B, X and Y buttons using the console without a controller is also possible. It is also possible to switch the console on and off using the remote. A welcome change from the Xbox, which could not be switched on using a remote controller.

The console will hit the stores world-wide in December, 2005.

Promotional videos are available via, Microsoft's Xbox 360 spoof site. The videos explain a bit more about the insides of the console. The 3-core 3.2GHz processor, for instance, is cooled by a liquid cooling system.

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9 user comments

113.5.2005 12:22 it says they saw the xbox 360 being compatible

213.5.2005 18:29

It's probably a "bug" in their lower cost version that they want to eliminate before it hits the market so that they can overcharge for backwards compatible units that have exactly the same hardware, but with no old XBox game repression.

314.5.2005 19:20


414.5.2005 19:20


515.5.2005 18:49 this talks about them saying that the xbox will play games on xbox live with the xbox 360. this says that they have xbox 360 backwards compatible because they have pics of halo2 and fable, also next to the fable icon is a catagorey that says (xbox1zone) so thats what that says. this video will acually show proof that they are playing halo 2, atv vs. mtx and the whole xbox 1 zone, so i think they will upgrade the xbox live to make it compatible wit the xbox 360. Tell me your thoughts.

616.5.2005 8:51

As impressive as Microsoft's new device appears to be, sadly, it will not be able to stand up against the PS3. Sony's use of the blu-ray disc will totally blow this system out of the water, so I'll just be content with my Xbox and PC and hold out until Sony releases their new much more advanced system.

719.5.2005 22:45

Good for you.

819.5.2005 22:50

I have a feeling it will compete perfectly with ps3. We'll meet back here in a year and a half and you can eat your words. lol. I have an xbox and a Ps2. I personally hate sony. They have the worst customer service ever. Trust me i know. I work at GameStop. Even their Reps suck!! I prob will get a ps3 just fot devil may cry 4!! Bill wouldn't release a console he thought wouldn't be able to compete. I'm an online gamer thats why im such a xbox fan. Sony online sucks!

920.5.2005 0:53

sony online is fine, and its free only thing is if ur not playing the latest games, you will be waiting along time for someone to play also because its free, there tends to be the odd server crash because they dont look after them but its fine, xbox costs money so it should be better

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