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Jobs demoed iTunes v4.9

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 23 May 2005 11:21 User comments (8)

Jobs demoed iTunes v4.9 The next version of the iTunes is promised to be released within the next 60 days. Jobs called the next iTunes "Tivo for Radio for iPod". The next version includes Podcast support, which allows users to subscribe to pre-recorded audio streams.
During his chat, Jobs demonstrated iTunes 4.9, a forthcoming version of Apple's digital music jukebox software. Calling it the "Tivo for Radio for iPod", he said the new version would incorporate Podcast support -- allowing users to download and subscribe to pre-recorded audio content.
Jobs said the software is slated for released within the next 60 days and that all Podcast feeds and subscriptions will be free. Apple is currently adding functionality to display relevant album art during the Podcats, he said, which will provide listeners with purchase links to the iTunes Music Store.

Apple will also release a tool that will allow any Podcast creator to easily upload their content to the company's music store.

Source: Apple Insider

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8 user comments

123.5.2005 13:52

Has anyone here tried itunes? I want to start downloading legal mp3s, but I don't if I should go w/ itunes or napster. What u guys think?

223.5.2005 15:40

Ya, iTunes is great if you own an iPOD. The files you download will only play on an iPODs but you can crack the itunes you download, converting them into any format you want. It's all legal too. Apples own website tells you how to do it. If you want to learn how to convert the files, use iTunes for it. You just burn your songs onto a disk, then reimport those same songs as MP3's using Itunes. Simple. Since iTUNES have the largest library of music, you can pretty much can find whatever you want.

323.5.2005 15:45

Well, here's my take. I have an Ipod mini, an I-River HP120 and a Yepp T5. I despise the itunes software. Period. I don't like the AAC format either, though it is said to be superior to other formats (I like WMA and OOG, personnally). The Napster to go service (unlimited downloads for the period of your subscription, but once the subscriptions fails the songs become unreadable) requires the use of media player 10, and many dislike the software, though I find it ok. Yahoo launched a service much like napster but the price is much lower. (Still in Beta). iTunes is conceived for the ipod. Period. Many rave over the iPod, but I perfer the better sound quality of the iRiver. All this being said, iTunes and Napster do allow for permanant downloads for 99c. Do you want your songs forever (and ability to burn to CD?) Technically Napster and iTunes allow this. Really comes down to song selection and IMO, they are both comparable. Regards, steve7777

423.5.2005 17:31

What Steve said.

524.5.2005 19:17

The iTunes Music Store is extremely easy to use. It helps you find other music you might enjoy with iMixes and by displaying similar bands and the bands that inspired them. I really like the way iTunes organizes the music library, and it makes finding a song in a large library simple. But, if you have a digital audio play that is not an iPod (but why wouldn't you?), going with iTunes wouldn't do you any good, as their songs are AAC. Napster and most other legal download stores use WMA.

626.5.2005 7:34

I tunes sucks u cant put ur music on more than 3 computers because u cant install lisenses for it i think thats pretty stupid so i think im gonna buy cds rip them and put them on instead of dling that shit

72.6.2005 9:48

Tanviper.... is the only way to get the music unprotected still to burn a regular CD track and then re-riping them as mp3 (or other format). Or, are there utilities to make this easier/quicker?

82.6.2005 12:56

JHymn is a prgram that turns your downloads into completely unlock files. I can't believe you haven't heard of it yet. jhymn owns itunes and lets you do wtf you want to do with your music as if they were ripped from a cd.

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