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Pioneer A09/109 firmware update to v1.50

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 25 May 2005 11:23 User comments (23)

Pioneer A09/109 firmware update to v1.50 Pioneer sent us an announcement of their new firmware v1.50 for the A09/109 DVD recorders, along with a long (and rather messy:) changelog.
If we look at the high lights of this new version, one must be the DVD-R DL support, with a 6x recording speed for Mitsubishi Chemicals media. Also there is support for 8x speed +RW media. More 16x speed media is now supported too. The changelog also promises improvements to all media types, for read and write operations.

Download the update!

Support 8x +RW Media
(8x writing: RICOH)
(3.3x writing: 8x +RW Media of other than RICOH)
Support New 16x DVD-R Media
(12x writing:DAXON/MBI/RITEK/CMC)
Support New 8x DVD-R Media
Support New +R 16x Media
(12x writing:Prodisc/BeALL)
DVD-R/+R DL Writability has improved.
DVD-R/+R DL Readability has improved.
DVD-R/+R Writability has improved
DVD-R/+R Readability has improved
DVD-RW/+RW Writability has improved
DVD-RW/+RW Readability has improved
CD-R/RW Writability has improved
CD-R/RW Readability has improved
Overall CD Readability has improved.
1.40 Readability by some of Pioneer Car Navigation systems and some of DVD-ROM drives is improved for the written DVD-R and DVD-RW discs by DAO(Direct-At-Once) method
Support DVD-R DL Media
(6x writing: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation(Verbatim))
(2x writing: DVD-R DL Media of other than Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation )
Support New 16x DVD-R Media
(12x writing:Fuji Film/Prodisc/MBI/RITEK)

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23 user comments

125.5.2005 12:52

I know what I want for summer :D

226.5.2005 3:28

My birthday this week ... guess what I'm gonna ask for :)

327.5.2005 1:02

hi there taz yes drop me on the wish list and stick herbsman on it aswell hehehe ;-]) come to daddy....

427.5.2005 7:56

Has anyone had success burning DVD-R DL, if so, what brand of media are you using?

527.5.2005 9:39

My timing was impressive - just bought the 109 y'day and the new firmware is out , not really had the chance to burn more than a few dvd's but the 4x mirror media that didn't work with My LG GSA 4120B and the 8x Arita media (burned at 4x on my LG) can now be burned are their correct speeds and more not tried 12x or 16x

629.5.2005 12:48

Take it from me guys the 109 burns like a dream and i'm currently working off the 150 firmware.The 109 is now well priced and well worthy of a nice little birthday present Taz.

729.5.2005 22:06

hi all all sounds very good so far, anyone put a hacked firmware in this drive yet? thx...

830.5.2005 10:55

i have a pioneer dvr-190 and have the latest firmware 1.50 . i have ridata cdr 52x and traxdata cdr 52x and it will only burn these discs at 32x . i have read at cdrinfo that to burn at 40x ( which this drive will do ) i will need verbatim 52x cdrs ? does anyone know of anr cdrs that may burn at 40x other than verbatims ? i think pioneer need to update the firmware again to recognize cdrs at 40x other than verbatim ie- ritek etc.......... other than cdrs ive found that the pioneer dvr-109 burns dvd-r at 16x no probs useing verbatim dvd-r ( manufacturer id MCC03rg20 ) does anyone know which other dvd-r would burn at 16x ? im happy using verbatim dvd-r although im used to using ritek ( ridata , ridisc , etc..... )

92.6.2005 13:11

I use traxdata DVD-R 8X with the original firmware I got with my pioneer 109,and they always write at 12X, (48 DVD's writen so far )I haven't tried any CD's yet, I've only had it a few months.I also have installed a Samsung COMBI DVD reader/CDwriter which writes CD's at 48X ,I use this for writing CD's. I won't be using DL DVD's until the price drops a bit more, but I've every confidence in the pioneer writer.

102.6.2005 13:15

hi is there any software that will change booktype to dvd-rom from dual layer + format? for this pioneer?

112.6.2005 13:16

I forgot to add, I use the latest version of Nero

122.6.2005 13:17

I have a DVD-A09 and I've burned about 25 to 30 Verbatim DVD+R DLs and not one bad one yet.The drive kicks butt.

132.6.2005 13:21

hi AO9 is that retail? or is 109 retail? also anyone use booktype bitsettings for dual layers? and what software did you use?

145.6.2005 3:58

my 109 is an oem drive - usually the models starting with A are the fully boxed , cables , software etc... since this is my 6th dvd drive I dont really need another copy of PowerDVD or any cables . plus for 32 I cant complain

156.6.2005 22:56

just bought the pioneer 109. has anyone got a link to make it region free that is tried and tested and what is the latest firmware is it v1.50. reading the links it seems to go like a rocket when applied. thanks in advance. this will be paired with a pioneer 107

167.6.2005 8:39

well my new 109 arrived today , used the new firmware 1.50 . burned sucessfully on 8x media datawrite tatanium and 8x tuffdisk 16/100 from svp . both burned well have yet too try 12x which is the next step. have paired the 109 with my asus writer as had a few problems with computer with the 2 pioneers 109 and 107 inside . probably was the jumpers on the 107 but cannot be bothered as the asus is a rock solid drive anyway. wonder what i can get for the 107 on ebay hahaha

177.6.2005 12:05

where are you guys getting this from I have checked CompUSA and BestBuy and I have found a external and a interanl Pioneer but i can not find A09 or 109 with them

187.6.2005 13:32
Inactive have a look here on bigpockets for a pioneer 109 this is where I got mine from, and a great writer it is too.

197.6.2005 14:20

here is the link to svp right i have used 12 x on both the titanium and the tuffdisc and am well impressed saying they are both 8x. will let you know when i have done the 16x burn. oh yes had an error on the tuffdisc but it was manufacturing error which i could clearly see. luckily it fell within the end credits , hows that for luck. nothing sucks seeds than a budgie without a beak

207.6.2005 14:30

anyone know where to get this other then a UK site

217.6.2005 15:15

I believe this is a usa site.....

227.6.2005 15:53

thanks that link worked and does anybody know if 1) the 109 is external or internal (found on the link above) 2) does the DVR-S806 compare to the Pioneer AO9 (external burner listed below the A098 on Pioneers website)

2323.6.2005 5:00

just installed new pioneer 109 firmware 1.55 no problems. takes about 5 mins shorter to copy a disk from start to finish.

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