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iPod stockpile rumour causes Apple's shares to fall

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 03 Jun 2005 19:58 User comments (17)

iPod stockpile rumour causes Apple's shares to fall Apple Computers shares fell by 5% on Friday following a rumour by saying that Apple is "overstocked on most iPod models with about a month remaining in its third fiscal quarter." The report came from information the site received from unnamed sources. "Apple is believed to be sitting on its most significant inventory of iPod Shuffles since the player hit the market in February," the Web site said.
"According to reliable sources of information, tens of thousands of iPod Shuffles remain idle in the channels this week alongside a good number of iPod Photos." it continues. iPod shuffle devices cost the least of Apple's music players at about $99 each. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster said that the growing supplies is not surprising because Apple failed to introduce any new products during the quarter and inventory caught up to slowing demand for the gadgets.

"I think (the Web report) is right; there is inventory there, and we are only looking for a flat quarter" Munster said. "But (Apple's) quarter is going to be fine. There will be an upside to revenue and more upside to earnings." Apple's shares slipped $2.02 to $38.01 in morning Nasdaq trade. Apple is currently the biggest seller of portable digital music players.


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17 user comments

14.6.2005 10:11

how unfortunate (devil face)

24.6.2005 10:49

BIG TIME HA HA HA HA. Stupid bastards anyway. I hope they fall to a big fat 0. That way Microsoft would have a monopoly and would be forced to break apart. That may result in a better OS for a PC. So go buy your tombstone Crapple. Your day is near. -Del

34.6.2005 18:19

HAHAHA Apple has some overstock of iPods!! That spells doom for Apple! I mean that's completely true because it makes sense. What world do you all live in?

45.6.2005 11:49

creatives kicks apples ass in portable players (hdd and especially flash)

55.6.2005 12:23

I would agree but they sure don't have the level of success that iPod has had.......and are Creative MP3 Players directly cross-compatable PC><Apple like iPods are? I haven't looked into other MP3 player's for a while but I did several months ago and all the alternatives I saw to the iPod had next to zero compatablility with OSX. I have a powermac and if I could get an MP3 player other than the iPod I would but none of the others offer PnP with OSX.

65.6.2005 13:42

@ Brent1a

I have a powermac and if I could get an MP3 player other than the iPod I would but none of the others offer PnP with OSX
That comment right there should clue you in. Not only is it the three mac haters in here but all the MP3 player makers also think MAC sucks. I just need to throw in this. IPOD did not come out with the RF transmitter for your car stereo. Creative had that in the Nomad years before Ipod did it. So sell you MAC buy a PC. Then you can ditch Ipod not to mention you would have abetter computer. -Del

75.6.2005 14:48

Holy shite your so globally wrong. I'll just leave it at 'I'll be keeping my mac for quite a long time.' I'm not constraining myself specifically to Apple products but saying everything is better than Apple/OS X is a pretty tall statement. I'd rather spend $100 bucks more for an iPod than buy a cheaper yet equal MP3 player and go back to dealing with all the disgustingness of M$ Winbloze. Just because Windows has global Market share doesn't make it the best. That would be like saying WalMart is the best employer in the USA because it has the most employees. On a sidenote I don't quite get the hostility towards iPod itself. I could understand someone hating Apple or OS X, just like people despise Windows but the hate directed at iPod is perplexing to me. I don't understand whats so bad about them other than they are outrageously priced.

85.6.2005 14:49

I mean even though iPods are expensive as hell I would still prefer to have one over a Creative the moment, but I don't HATE Creative because they exist.

96.6.2005 3:57

i think that apple were asking for it. personaly i hate the things but because of the rubbish compatiblity with computers and mainly mine. because some idoit in america thought that it was a good idea to use their mac for graphic design and i hate them for it. i think all macs have got it in for me and i ve got it in for them.

106.6.2005 4:13

Fair enough, at least you let someone know where you're coming from with the hate ;) to each is own.

116.6.2005 19:45

LoL I've been saying this for a while Apple is nothing more than a Ipod (Lately) there under powered computers (well powered computers over priced) are in a word "nothing".... The one thing they are finally doing right (to late) going with Intel. Surprised about a stockpile of Ipods not at all they were nice in the beginning but now there are alot of very nice players out there for alot less and compatible as HELL with everything! APPLE OVER!

127.6.2005 0:31

i seam abit stupid here but what is this about apple going intel ????

137.6.2005 5:46

About Apple going Intel... don't know what you're talking about. Apple uses IBM PowerPC processors exclusively. Maybe you're confused because the Open Source basis for Mac OS X, Darwin, can be compiled for Intel processors as well? It's probably because there's mainly Wintel lovers frequenting this site, but I was wondering why nobody mentioned that iPod's are just _much_ better looking then Creative's techno crap? There's already enough of this Taiwanese cheap plastics, freaky, multi-coloured, non-ergonomic filth in the stores. With all these strangely formed and unevenly divided round things supposed to be buttons. Apart from that I really don't understand all the hype around the iPod. Perhaps because I don't like to listen to music all day round; I prefer to concentrate on what I'm listening to. In my opinion this is all mostly about status. Everybody knows an iPod is expensive and it even looks that way.

147.6.2005 7:35

Straight from the source about Apple Hitting Intel and phasing out, what in my opinion, was the only thing making an apple worth having, RiSC based processors.

157.6.2005 8:33

I just noticed something funny. If you look you will see this article started on the 4th. Here it is thre days later. Some very hurtfull, and true, things have been said. You know thid has been looked at hundreds of times. Only one lame attempt to defend APPLE was made. To sum this up. If MAC was such a good product then why aren't the other hundreds that saw this attempted a defense for Apple. I guess it is true then that MAC is Crap as well as the APPLE name. Nobody tries to defend it. Just thought I would throw that out. -Del

167.6.2005 9:33

It's so funny to watch fanboys argue over what's better, pretty much to the point where it's pathetic. I'm so sick of hearing "APPLE SUX" or "PC SUX" or something related. Who gives a shit! You like what you want, keep your God Damn opinions to yourself. If you like Windows, go with PC, if you like Macs, go with Macs, stop being idiots. As for the iPod overstock, who cares, they'll just stop producing for now until their overstock is sold. As well, who cares if Creative has an FM transmitter in it, I'd stick with an iPod anyday only because all I want is to listen to music and be 100% compatible with my Mac. Sheesh, get over yourselves. --Hank

1721.8.2012 9:11

the ipod shuffle is a waste simply all it does is play doesnt have a screen or more memory than other generic mp3 players on the market.only thing it does have is an apple logo and high price tag.there are thousands of other mp3 players on the market which can do the same thing,some would be better quality some would be worse and most would be cheaper than apple.

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