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Investigation into San Andreas 'sex minigames' launched

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 08 Jul 2005 13:08 User comments (41)

Investigation into San Andreas 'sex minigames' launched Many of the hardcore gamers who read through this site will have heard of a rumour that the PC version of Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has hidden sex minigames in its code will be surprised to know that it now appears it may be real. San Andreas has been plagued with false rumours of hidden stuff in the game since the initial PS2 release of the game so it would be easy to dismiss the "sex minigame" rumour.
However, a mod called "hot coffee" apparently will unlock these minigames if installed on a PC with San Andreas installed on it. This has lead to the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) launching an investigation into the game to determine whether or not it contains hidden sexually explicit content. Basically the investigation will determine whether the mod actually unlocks hidden existing code in the game, or if it was a third party creation.

The reason there is so much fuss over this rumour is simple; an ESRB requirement for full disclosure of pertinent content may have been violated by Take-Two if the game does in fact have hidden X-rated content. "The integrity of the ESRB rating system is founded on the trust of consumers who increasingly depend on it to provide complete and accurate information about what's in a game. If after a thorough and objective investigation of all the relevant facts surrounding this modification, we determine a violation of our rules has occurred, we will take appropriate action," ESRB president Patricia Vance said.


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41 user comments

18.7.2005 13:18

yes, I have to go and find this mod!

28.7.2005 13:42

I agree ;-)....Can anybody post a link to the mod.

38.7.2005 13:42

Me too! More replay value for the OGs!

48.7.2005 14:14

This app allows you to remove the censor in GTA: San Andreas and unlocks the removed 'Hot Coffee' interactive scene found after a successfull date with one of your girlfriends. This program supports PS2, Xbox and PC saves. Please see the included readme.txt for usage. Download

58.7.2005 14:22

nice, thanks man.

68.7.2005 16:08

I thought it was already rated m for mature? Is that not right? I thought that was the highest rating you could give a game. If all this I said is true, what difference does it make?

78.7.2005 16:36

It doesn't really make any. It's just an excuse for old politicians and uber-conserveative chirstians to get in a punch againt GTA. First off it's not accessable from the game without first modifiying a save file with information and a program you get off the internet. That being said if your kid is on the internet in the first place, you can bet your lucky stars he/she has seen way worse sexual content then what you probably find in the GTA game. Let's just be realistic.

88.7.2005 18:55

ive killed cops,stomped on hookers,mugged innocent people,blew up a bunch of sht,and killed numerous people on this game,so whats the big deal about a little sex scene?

98.7.2005 20:17

What a laugh, that patch was hilarious!!!hehehe

...a mind is a terrible thing to waste...

108.7.2005 22:22

I would just like to say that I am a long time video gamer and it's because of video games that I have turned to a life of crime. I beat women, I steal, I vandalize people's property and I have killed 100,000 people because the Master Chief from Halo is my hero! But I swear... my turn for the worse was in no way influenced by situations such as learning about the hell that was world war 1 and 2 in school, or by the numerous incidents of genocide that have taken place in the past century (ie. Armenia, Kurdistan, the Holocaust, Rawanda, etc) or by such situations as good ol' Mr George W. sending the Americans into Iraq and have ended up killing numerous innocent civilians (some of which have been relatives of mine) over the past couple years or so. SO yes as you can see my problems are from video games and not from the events that occur in the real world on a day to day basis. Video games are evil!!! and they should be banned!

118.7.2005 23:44

Does someone need professional help?LOL

...a mind is a terrible thing to waste...

129.7.2005 1:48

I think someone does! LOL!

139.7.2005 4:59

There is a video of the sex sene here if any of you perverts would like to see it

149.7.2005 9:52

The issue is not as much about the sex scene, as the fact that the game was submitted to the ESRB with no mention of that scene, locked or not. When you submit something to be rated, everything is supposed to be available for review, so a locked or hidden scene not disclosed would violate that and the game would not have got the M rating. If that had been included then it would have had an AO Adults Only rating and most of the major retailers would not carry it, ie Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc. The issue is one of deception, not so much the scene contents. The nude Tomb Raider patches, Beach Volleyball, and others were just that, patches. This sounded like the content was already there on the DVD, just not accessible by normal means, a big difference. Myself, I don't understand the reasoning. It is ok to beat people senseless with baseball bats, murder prostitutes, and steal cars but to show anything to do with sex...

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159.7.2005 10:24

I hope that someone will make image patcher.

169.7.2005 10:29

any other places to get the video the one on that site dosent work it gets about 7 seconds of it and you see the guy get out of his car and close the door end of video............???

179.7.2005 10:32

i know i had to download the link to my desktop and watch it that way and i only got about 2kbs download speed i wished i new of another place sorry

189.7.2005 10:38

ya well thats my same prob it took like 11 minutes and was going at 435 bites so ya think there links a bit messed up gonna email site thanx though

199.7.2005 10:40

yeah please do and please let me know how you make out because i deleted the video and i want it back

209.7.2005 12:09

The xfer speed just reflects how many peeps are swarming to the link to get their jollies. Seems to be alot of hoopla about nothing, I think the previous post about disclosure is the real issue here, not the content. Honestly, GTA 3 was fun but I for one am frankly about burned out on this genre lately, seems game developers are running out of ideas? (i.e the overwhelming success of Manhunt and the like, think you can pick that gem up for about 9 bux now.)The gangsta game will go the way of internet porn, if you seen one you seen em all already, unless you are under 18 and havent been jaded yet. I would really like to see some new scifi space combat games myself. This middle class obsession with street crime really baffles me.

219.7.2005 12:10

heres a link to some screenshots of hot coffee and an explaination of how it was discovered from the same site.the load time of the screenshots are real slow,maybe because alot of people are hittin that site up? supposively there is a mod file for ps2 that can add hot coffee to the game.thats what some search topics said on yahoo.

229.7.2005 12:29

supposively there is a mod file for ps2 that can add hot coffee to the game
Mod linked earlier in this topic does that, but it's patcher for the game save files, not image.

239.7.2005 14:33

this is so freakin AWESOME! isn't it wonderful how all us immature adolescents r allowd 2 c our countrymen gettin their headz blown off...whoooeeeee...and then jus a lil 3d sex is enuf 2 launch a 'heavy investigation' cuz sum old freakathon over in idiotsville decided...well hey, i'm not gettin any, why should they?...cheers 2 freedom 2 fuck

249.7.2005 15:48

I think the sex scene was in vice city. Where that guy with cameras is located at. Someone was fu***ng candy suxxx. They never said nothing about it.

259.7.2005 18:40

There wasn't interactive sex in Vice City. The "coffee" scenes were removed, and it's not like Rockstar hinted that we could unlock it. People started sniffing around the new mission coding in San Andreas, and found it. [no sarcasm in this post]

269.7.2005 18:42

There is a sex scene in Vice City. You can only see candy suxx screaming.

279.7.2005 18:55

daManik, you are really messed up???

289.7.2005 20:42

Take-Two is not fully responsible for this. If the scenes were locked away, then there should be no problem. They should be going after the guy who found it, and released it. They should tell him to remove it or they'll take him to court, just like everyone who created awesome DVD Copying software. I've downloaded the mod, and from what I can say, it's not all that bad. Carl doesn't have a penis, he's still wearing the clothes you use, and the girlfriends are clothed. Sounds are the only problem. It's a bunch of shit, I think.

2910.7.2005 4:03

I got it. I have a special version that has fully nude females. Old news its been out for a while. Heres the link

3011.7.2005 17:39

The only reason I can see for this piece of coding to be locked is that it gets a little boring moving the joystick up and down. (And after writing that I see how funny it really is.) But really, it is very boring after you have seen it a few times or at least once or twice with each girlfriend in the game if only to see the interior of the dwelling of the girl. OK maybe it should have been completely removed or left in after all you can say no in the game. I think they just thought it a little too silly and the easiest way to remove it was to use a censor flag in the save file and the ESRB rule was an oversight. As the law stands this leaves Rockstar in the shit! Anyway I for one will always add hot coffee whenever I play the game and I hope Rockstar take the idea much further in the next GTA (multiplayer) game. Just as long as we don`t get the dildotronics or whatever as add on hardware, now there`s a thought.

3111.7.2005 21:18

Exactly. All the 3D GTAs have content which isn't used. It is easier to just disable things, rather than remove them and compile again. Slith, why would you take someone to court over that. I found it as well. Nobosy released it. There are some trainers, which willl allow you to uncensor your game while it is loaded, and also some programs which will patch your save game file. You could just uncensor your whole game, and there would be no need for an unlocking program. The code was there, but never meant to be used. Also, Take 2 Interactive has nothing to do with it. GTA is developed by DMA Design aka Rockstar North. Know what you are talking about before you post please.

3211.7.2005 21:43

rav0, for the record, I know what I'm talking about. Rockstar may be in the shit now, but the people who were first allowing it were Take-Two. They may haven't designed it, but they are responsible for disclosure of pertinent content, as the report states. The people have every right to go after Rockstar though, but if Take-Two knew, they should've made them take it out. Don't make yourself sound big. People have been taken to court for funnier things, mind you. And have won.

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3315.7.2005 19:10

Where can i download load this?

3416.7.2005 5:19

hey dellsuck or anybody else if you want the video it is very hard to get there is only one site to get it from and it is very slow it took me like 3 hours to download 8mb with a cable modem if you want it you can pm me with your email and i will send it to you

3516.7.2005 19:29

Thanks cousin80. I just can't believe he did it without even taking his jeans off. LOL

3617.7.2005 12:50

Ya it took me like 5 hours with dial up i just left it go overnight and it took me like three tries too.Each time i got a bit more and im still not sure if its the whole movie.Is it just three clips that they show on the video or is it more?........ Ya know what cousin can i bother you to send it to me too cause i just checked my file to see what exactly was on it and the damb thing says its corrupt i just watched it like 3 days ago "damb comp"(If its got tits tires or electronics its gonna give ya problems)but ya if its not a prob thanx ED-D

If its got tits tires or electronics its gonna give ya problems

3717.7.2005 12:52

oh and i tried to email the site and see what was up with the slow download and got no response so they dont give a crap or just dont check email lol

If its got tits tires or electronics its gonna give ya problems

3817.7.2005 13:48

If its got tits tires or electronics its gonna give ya problems
Well said!

3917.7.2005 14:49

would like to send it.where do want me to sent it to?

4020.7.2005 14:30

oh ya! a dumbass forgot ta give you email addy lol thanx in advance cousin

If its got tits tires or electronics its gonna give ya problems

414.2.2007 9:13

does any1 think theres a big foot in san andreas?

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