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Rarewares removes DVD-Audio tools following legal threats

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 09 Jul 2005 17:07 User comments (13)

Rarewares removes DVD-Audio tools following legal threats We reported several days ago that tools had been released to allow the ripping of DVD-Audio using WinDVD 5, 6 or 7. It didn't take long for the legal threats to pour in which forced Rarewares publisher Roberto to remove the tools. Here is his post from a doom9 thread...
...and it's gone

I got a phone call from a big local lawyer office (no fake, I checked the caller ID and the phone number really belongs to a lawyer office). They have been hired to make me stop distributing the DVD-A tools. It was a reasonably big talk, but I can summarize it with

They: we are giving you two choices, either you remove all references to those tools from your site now, or we'll have to take you to court.

Me: I'm already removing!

They: Thank-you for your cooperation.

Oh, well. It's been fun. I'm amazed at how well it spread in these two days (!), and I'm sure from now on you'll be able to find those tools in countless mirrors, p2p and the like.

Shine on!


The removal of the tools won't really help in any way as they have already spread around the net.

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13 user comments

19.7.2005 17:39

let me be the first to say ... huh?

29.7.2005 17:50


39.7.2005 18:54

I really had no interest in the "tools" until I was told that I couldn't have it. Now, I MUST have a copy and price is no object... See how simple it is to make things happen, just OBJECT to the natural order of things and WOW, nature will takes it's course... Lawyers will NEVER learn!!! ROTF-LMAO!!!! - Mike -

49.7.2005 19:46

Lawyers are true bottom feeders along with the slime that runs the movie industry. They can't bear the thought of someone that buys a DVD at a high price to make a backup copy for their own personal use. Unlike those in power-they only exist for MONEY & PROFITS. Being billionaires is just not enough for them. May they all burn in hell.

59.7.2005 23:46

Why would you even want to rip audio from a dvd?

610.7.2005 0:01

@Jasper44 Asking that question is like asking someone why they like a certain band. It's because they do lol.

710.7.2005 2:37

you might want for example pulpfictions dialogue

810.7.2005 3:37

You guys got it wrong -- the tools were for ripping DVD-Audio discs. The discs you watch with average DVD player and your TV are DVD-Video discs, even if they are concert clips or whatever. DVD-Audio discs are super high-resolution (==way better audio quality than on normal audio CD) music discs that sometimes (like concert discs) have surround sound. They typically don't have video at all, or only as an extra feature. They are meant to replace audio CDs in future and use completely different encryption from DVD-Videos, thus DVD Decrypter & co wont do any good.

910.7.2005 4:17

So the war continues.....the tools are still out another battle one for software rights.

1010.7.2005 7:18


1110.7.2005 7:28

check the torrent sites they are there

1215.7.2005 13:21

Ok, so what are the tools called so I can search for them?

1316.7.2005 10:32

How reassuring, eh..lawyers defending those moral guardians of fiscal matters: Sony, Microsoft. Boy, do we have a lot to look up - I'm so grateful that they can spend such large sums of money defending themselves in making threats to software engineers - I'm so grateful that their monopolies on global market shares will remain undaunted. I'm so glad that these corporations can exploit the labour force in one country, whilst exploit consumers in another. And it's obvious isn't it - they tell people to remove software, and hey presto everyone removes it. Simple isn't it. I mean..there's only a small network called the internet to stand in their way alas being the pillars of the community they are, I am sure that these poeple will natually understand that the whole world looks upto them - and laughs at the moral highground on which they stand..

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