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Movie 'Embedded Live' available at NetFlix before stores

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 11 Jul 2005 12:25 User comments (5)

Movie 'Embedded Live' available at NetFlix before stores First time in the history of DVD a movie is released available for rent before it is released to stores. Online rental service NetFlix gets the honor to be the first to have the Tim Robbins' movie in their selections. The movie tells a fictional story of journalist covering the Iraq war, and features Robbins who also has written and directed the project.
Tim Robbins is making DVD history - his new movie Embedded Live will be available through US library service NetFlix before it's released to stores.
It is the first time the groundbreaking home delivery rental service will debut a DVD before its official release.Source: IOL

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5 user comments

111.7.2005 14:47

Woopie!! now all we have to do is wait a week to get it in the mail!

211.7.2005 15:24

Too bad no one cares....maybe a few people will rent this now with the "press" it's getting. Otherwise it would just collect dust. Can't see how this is "news"!!!

312.7.2005 1:46

Baby steps, people. Anything that people in Hollywood do to encourage non standard business practices is a step in the right direction. Between this & the ideas that Morgan Freeman is is proposing, the wheels of progress may be slowly turning. Progress takes tine, and the underground has ALWAYS moved faster than the Money Machine. Besides, If Embedded Live is distributed this way, can blockbusters like Mr & Mrs Smith be far behind? :)

412.7.2005 4:10

This is not groundbreaking. there are literally hundreds of dvd's that you can buy at some stores but not major ones which netflix later picks up. You have been able to buy embedded live for some time, the disk has been avaialbe from tim robbins production company site ofr a while. this is just a marketing gimmick

512.7.2005 8:16

What are the ideas Morgan Freeman is proposing? Hmmm, Tim Robbins & Morgan Freeman. I just watched The Shawshank Redemtion yesterday. A DivX copy I made from the local library. Just time shifting. :-D So, Hollywood CAN make good movies (great movie in this case, just my opinion) in spite of itself.

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