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Apple reports its most successful quarter

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 14 Jul 2005 5:00 User comments (6)

Apple reports its most successful quarter Steve Jobs is no doubt delighted to report that Apple has had its "best ever" quarter. In the three months to June 2004, the California based firm's profit rose to $320m (£262.6m), up from $61m in the same quarter a year ago. Sales surged 75% to $3.52bn. As many of you may have guessed, the biggest factor behind the success was a six-fold increase in the sales of iPods. "We are delighted to report Apple's best quarter ever in both revenue and earnings," Mr Jobs said.
Jobs also pointed out that the great success of the launch of Mac OS X Tiger. There was also a rise in the shipments of Macintosh computers. On the entertainment side it seems to be good news all around as Apple's iTunes is approaching 500,000,000 legal music download sales. The success of Apple's iTunes Music Store helped the U.S. recording industry to see a massive rise in music downloads so far in 2005.

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6 user comments

114.7.2005 15:49

The only reason is the sudden mainstream Ipod burst. Everything else they have doesn't sum up to other alternatives. Especially Tiger, wow, it has all these gay gadgets, who cares?

214.7.2005 16:23

*much rejoicing takes place* Reaons?:..enough people care to give apple its best quarter :P

314.7.2005 16:50

That's true, but the enough people, mostly own a PC with WinXP and just have their Ipod hooked up to it.

414.7.2005 22:37

Soon they will make itunes only available for mac, then they start selling ipods and macs in same package.

515.7.2005 7:09

Apple won't make iTunes unavailable for PC, your going to have to watch the wily Micro$oft as they empliment their own version of iTunes and tune out Apples software. If Apple makes iTunes for Mac only, they would be limiting their line of Legal music downloads (that doesn't make sense.) Not all of the Quarters success was to iPods & iTunes there was a big price drop in G5 Macs which also helped in the profits...

615.7.2005 12:39

It was a joke. Clearly not a good one because I'm explaining it here :p

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