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iTunes 500 million target reached

Written by James Delahunty @ 18 Jul 2005 5:24 User comments (12)

iTunes 500 million target reached Apple has got reason once again to celebrate the success of its hugely popular iTunes music store as the total number of legal download sales is now over half a billion. The store has been open for about the last two years and continues to spread to new countries around the world. It features about 1.5 million songs from over 1,000 labels around the world. Also as Apple promised they gave a nice prize to the buyer of the 500 millionth download.
Amy Greer, of Lafayette, Indiana made the 500,000,000th download, which was Faith Hill's "Mississippi Girl". For that download she has now won 10 iPods (model and colours are her choice), a 10,000 song voucher for the iTunes music store, a trip to see Coldplay and a backstage pass to meet up with the band at the show. iPod prizes were also given to several other buyers of every 100,000th download for the past few weeks.

Steve Jobs surprised analysts also last week by announcing an excellent quarter for Apple. In the three months to June 2004, the California based firm's profit rose to $320m (£262.6m), up from $61m in the same quarter a year ago. Sales surged 75% to $3.52bn. As many of you may have guessed, the biggest factor behind the success was a six-fold increase in the sales of iPods. "We are delighted to report Apple's best quarter ever in both revenue and earnings," Mr Jobs said.

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12 user comments

118.7.2005 19:04

that's a pretty amazing achievement. now it's time for the competition to kick in before Apple can get a big head.

218.7.2005 19:49

Lucky her, I wonder how much she spent before getting that song.

318.7.2005 20:16

probably more than you or me ;-)

419.7.2005 04:09

10 iPods.. tha hell would she do with em??

519.7.2005 04:16

sell'em or give'em away.

619.7.2005 11:44

Personally, sense you can pick the model. I would pick them all to be 60GB Photo iPods. Sell 'em on eBay for a good price and that would (possibly) get her in the green for wasting money on the stupid songs she paid 99 cents for to get the 500 millionth download.

719.7.2005 18:56

I am so sick and tired of this legal music downloading Shit i could die. She prolly spend like 1 million just to get apple good and so everyone stop pirating but it make piraters worse. SO APPLe ITUNS

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819.7.2005 18:59

how does it make piraters worse?

919.7.2005 22:23

wow 10 ipod?

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1020.7.2005 04:28

she's stupid for doing anything with the iPod at all, but that's just my opinion ;-)

1121.7.2005 10:57

while were on the subject i would like to congradulate pirates world-wide on the 4,000,000,000 illegal downloads per month of which about .00000005 percent are mine.

1223.7.2005 18:42

10,000 song voucher, damn, does anyone have 10,000 songs they want to listen to, didn't think so...

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