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Verbatim announces plans for HD-DVD and Blu-ray

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 28 Jul 2005 10:26 User comments (4)

Verbatim announces plans for HD-DVD and Blu-ray Verbatim plays is safe at least at this point of the next gen format war. And of course as a media manufacturer they have to, as long as the situation remains balanced and neither of the formats dominate the industry. A smooth change of the format generation is vital for companies like Verbatim that hold a major market share and have plenty of brand recognition.
Verbatim Corporation, world-leading optical media developers and marketers, have announced plans to support the development of both Blu-ray and High-Definition DVD (HD-DVD) recordable and rewritable media. Both formats are expected to begin shipping in early 2006, when high-definition drives and recorders are expected to be released.
Verbatim Blu-ray media will be available with 25GB (single-layer) and 50GB (double-layer) capacities. The HD-DVD media will be available with a single-layer capacity of 15GB. Double-layer HD-DVD media is also being developed for release following format finalisation. With premium-quality recordable media that meets the specifications of these new high-capacity, high definition formats; users will be able to record and enjoy the amazingly sharp images that high-definition video provides. The high-capacity discs will also find extensive application in computer data storage.

Verbatim is already working with the standards groups and burner/recorder manufacturers to develop and refine the materials and manufacturing processes, has joined both the BDA (Blue-ray Disc Association) as a contributor and the HD-DVD Promotion Group as a general member. Verbatim officials noted that the company will leverage its experience in producing professional blue laser media for the consumers as well.
Source: Verbatim Press Release

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4 user comments

128.7.2005 12:24

It's gonna cost an arm & a leg just for one blu-ray disc but at lest Verbatim make good high quality media so they should be worth it.

229.7.2005 19:12

I think it will be a gradual transfer for most people. The cost will be too much. Most will wait for prices to come way down and normalize before purchasing the new tecnology in players, recorders and media. Just an opinion.

331.7.2005 19:24

It's going to be like any new technology - prices will be high so the initial R&D outlay can be recouped, and then the prices will drop. Just look at DVDs - single layer discs were really expensive before, now they're about AU$1 each. Dual layer discs are at about AU$7 each now. I can't wait until their prices come down to something more reasonable

42.9.2005 22:57

I'd like to see dual layer disks for $7. $9 is the cheapest I have seen, and the price is taking al ong time to come down. I am still waiting for a rewriteable dual layer disk. Blue-Ray disks will most likely take ages to coem down in price too.

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