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Over 40 million software downloads

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 04 Aug 2005 23:46 User comments (29)

Over 40 million software downloads We just noticed this morning that our software download counters had hit the 40 million milestone last night, marking yet another small milestone on our long, long journey. Comparing the latest milestone of 40M to the previous one I wrote about -- the 25M download milestone back in last September -- shows that our software section has become more and more popular. Currently we serve over 1.6M software downloads each month (that's almost 40 downloads every single minute).
Anyway, this is once again one of those moments that I'd like to thank all of our users, people who recommend our site to their friends, people who link to our site, people who contribute to our forums, software reviews, etc. You're the guys who truly make our site what it is -- a place with wealth of information and a place that is nice to visit again and again :-)

-Petteri Pyyny
AfterDawn Ltd

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29 user comments

15.8.2005 0:46

Just goes to show Afterdawn is the best site on the net. 40 million is absolutely loads. I haven't even looked at al the software available yet.

25.8.2005 1:59

I don't know where i'd be without this site, it makes me whole... its great to see that there are people in the world that can provide quality. you just wait fo the 80 mil mark...

35.8.2005 2:45

Fantastic milestone. I love this site, I hope it survives for a long long time.


45.8.2005 4:34

Congratulations! to afterdawn!! 40million! wooooo

55.8.2005 5:48

@PP just goes to show the world why AD and you are THE BOSS:) i'm absolutely stun'd keep up the good work

65.8.2005 8:13

As Phantom69 said i dont know where i'd be either, I owe alot of my knowledge to this site. you have made my life and everyone i have helped easier and i know no caps because it is thought as shouting but !!!!!!!!!!!!CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to everyone who takes the time to post it sure makes the site worth it. I visit this site a couple times a day and always help when I can. Just a funny thought "40 million served" and climbing.Just think how many have visit this site and do not download on a daily bases. Keep up all the good work.THX

75.8.2005 8:19

i woulnd't doubt it this site OWNS i'm shocked it dosen't have more downloads

85.8.2005 9:00

Nice one guys. congrats and keep up the good work.

95.8.2005 10:41

This just goes to show how much hard work the Team has to do to keep this site up (and get it going in the first place!) CONGRATS Petteri, and I give a big hand to all the Mods that make this place stay clean and going strong.

105.8.2005 13:41

New user, I just bought a v220 usb data cable with cd that has the drivers. I can't get my computer to communicate with my pic phone. I would like to down load my pic off my phone. How do I do this? I am getting fed up with the whole thing? do I need additional softway? MODEL NUM. MOT C350 (DATA CABLE). Hope someone can help me out. Thanks for you time and efforts.

115.8.2005 13:50

ravenclaw might want to ask this in the phone tools section or something thats the general forum for mobile phones but big congrats to AD on this

125.8.2005 14:28

congrats ad and thx for the fuck1ng awesome software!!

136.8.2005 3:55

Congrats to everyone responsible for this site existing,I have learned more than I expected to...can't think of a day that I'm not browsing AD

146.8.2005 5:33

I just want to say that I was most likey one of the ones to help push over the 40 million marker downloading the dvd fab update :-)

157.8.2005 9:21

Im very new here, but Im impresed wuth the quality: a combination of skills, seriousness, generosity and good humour. Need it or not I come by two or three times a day. Ah!...and Ive gotten almost all the software from here.CONGRATULATIONS.

167.8.2005 16:36

AFTERDAWN!!! rocks !!! my longest online on this site has been 8 hours. and 5 with my i keep track.

179.8.2005 10:33

Congrats! I am not surprised. This is the most helpful site I have ever been on. Hope it lasts forever!

189.8.2005 19:36

Congrats to all this site is the best!!!!

199.8.2005 21:30

If it smells of success and walks of success and talks of success, it must be a success! Woo-hoo!!! I visit this site more than my email!

2010.8.2005 5:22

Remember me? I'm the guy who had the 1 millionth post. Well I would just like to say I'm pretty sure I was the one who downloaded the 40 millionth software program too. lol. This is such a great site. Keep up the great work. Thanks, HW.

2110.8.2005 5:56

the best site out there, congrats

2211.8.2005 11:04

Outstanding!!! Here's to After Dawn whom has done so much for so long with so little, That I now qualify you to anything forever with absolutely nothing. Keep up the good work !!! Thanks!

2311.8.2005 11:56

Congratulations. Exellent site. What more can I say. With 40 million software downloads & counting. The numbers speak for themselves. All the best...dejc/aadservices

2411.8.2005 11:57

Congratulations. Exellent site. What more can I say. With 40 million software downloads & counting. The numbers speak for themselves. All the best...dejc/aadservices

2511.8.2005 12:49

Ahmen!! Afterdawn is the web site. Like many others I've learned all I know about copying. What is more, all the software I need to carry out many tasks, I acquired from Afterdawn. And reading the Forum and gotten me out of several jams. Never leave us AFTERDAWN. Many thanks

2611.8.2005 13:10

I am toasting the site as I write this post. Fantastic job with the site and congrats on the unbelievable number of downloads. I wonder if 40 million downloads is any kind of record for the Net? A big thanks to your site for all the excellent information available to a "newbie like me" and to all of the other members for their help.

2711.8.2005 14:43

very impressive!!

2811.8.2005 17:07

OUT OF SIGHT !!!!!!!!

2925.8.2005 18:03

CONGRATULATIONS ! You guys are the business and you should know how much you are appreciated. I am 52 and have only had a PC for 5 years and your guides and software have been my beacon.I have learnt so much and have now over taken friends who were instructing me at the begining.I do every thing now with music, photography, video, DVD etc on the PC ( yeah ok, still got all the vinyl and a jukebox) also shopping on ebay which drives the wife insane when the postie arrives withyet another package ! Heres a toast to 50 million just round the corner. Thanks big time.

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