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Rockstar releases patch for San Andreas minigames

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 10 Aug 2005 9:40 User comments (33)

Rockstar releases patch for San Andreas minigames Rockstar Games has released a patch that removes the sex minigames hidden in the code. A fan discovered the games had hidden minigames in the code that were disabled by default. A patch he released called "hot coffee" unlocked these minigames and brought whole lot of trouble to Rockstar Games and parent company Take-Two Interactive. Since the patch was released, Rockstar became the target of politicians such as Hillary Clinton and the game was given an AO (Adult Only) rating instead of it's previous M rating.
Now as promised, a patch has been released to remove the content from the game completely for concerned parents. As well as removing the minigame, it also adds support for HDTV and fixes a few bugs in the game. The controversy over the third party-made patch even led to the game being removed from shelves in Australia and is likely to cause more headaches for Rockstar Games before the controversy dies down.

Of course, the availability of this new patch will not change the AO rating in the United States, which many people feel is very unfair to the software company considering the game was given an AO rating because of the availability of a patch that the company didn't release. There is currently a version of the game without the sex content in development as the company battles to get its multi-million selling game back on the shelves.

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33 user comments

110.8.2005 10:07

Rockstar deserves all the hassles they are getting for allowing their developers to put that crap (even though it was hidden) into the game in the first place.

210.8.2005 10:21

Im glad this is happening cause Rockstar* Screwed up!

310.8.2005 10:40

At the end of the day it's only a game it's nothing that hurts anybody and is stupid how it's been taking to far, ffs it's a game nobody under the age rating should play it away

410.8.2005 11:14

I think the company (can think of the name) that rates the games should apply the patch that Rockstar developed and see if it really works. If it does, then re-give the game the M rating and put it back on the shelves. Peace, Pop Smith

510.8.2005 12:11

i think people should worry about more serious things than a stupid hidden minigame. if somebody creates a patch to unlock sumthing hidden then hipp hooray for them but it doesnt mean everybody else wants to have the minigame unlocked. i have this game and personally would'nt want the "hot coffee" patch but i do say hats off to the dudes who created it :)

610.8.2005 14:23

they (politicians such as Hillary Clinton) should worry about other things (such as the economy) rather than a video game. People knew about the contents of this game when the first one came out and now their is a whole series of GTA. Parents should know by the rating of this game if it it suitable for younger children and young adults. And if the parents wanna say "Well I didn't know" then slap a big fat "M" for "MATURE" right above the game where it is being soled or rented.....Or just slap the parents for being naive!

710.8.2005 15:19

Silly ppl at Rockstar is all I can say. But really? Its only cartoon sex??? When in the game you can blow someone's head off with a gun! Any child that has a good perception of the internet and learns of torrent files will have an endless amount of viewing of hard core pornography! There is no age verification on their sites. I dunno? Kids would not know how to add the crack/ patch anyway on how to get the game to run the hot coffee mod. I have the game on PC & XBOX formats and I have not added the Hot Coffee mod at all. Could not be bothered! Just my bit.

810.8.2005 15:26

Can someone please explain to me why its OK to have a game where you go around killing people/stealing cars but its not OK to have a game where one guy(fully dressed) shags a girl(half dressed). Is killing not as bad as shagging?

910.8.2005 16:18

i think a lot of people are missing the point on this: Rockstar knowingly hid something from the censors. yes, violence is worse than sex, blah blah blah, but the point is, they hid it from the censors, and had they shown the censors it, the game would have been given a higher rating. in other words, Rockstar Games tried to get around the system that's in place for people to know what they are buying. Dan x

1010.8.2005 16:27


1110.8.2005 16:30

yes yes, its a mistake rockstar made so they should be punished. but like everything, there's much worse problems in the world....give it a break.

1211.8.2005 7:52

Ok, Lets break this down. So what the polititions are saying is its bad to shag and not to mention keep your cloths on while doing it but its quite alright to go and kill,maim,slaughter,blow up,shoot and run someone over,while running from the cops,running over cops and other various street trash and inecent citicens.Oh lets not forget you can get a tank and blow the funkin shit outta the whole town(would probly fall under the lines of terrorism somehow)and steal cars ,kill people to steal there car.You were already able to shag a prostitute in an alley befor and that was fine but now you find a wholesum girl whos not being paid for her services at all sept for the fine shagging she seems to be getting and now it get and deserves a AO rateing UMM ,I DON'T GET IT

1311.8.2005 10:31

I agree with nastynath, this content is not available to anyone who would not already have access to an endless amount of pornographic material. The difference between the M and AO rating is 17 and 18 years old respectively so assuming the rating was followed and you get this for your 17 year old, they must activly seek this mod in locations that have porn available as well (torrent sites) download and install it. If you do not get them the game, they can download a pirate version with mod from the same location. Any nudity has been added by custom textures, the textures physically on the game DVD are fully clothed. This content is basically unaccessable on the PS2, probably the reason they didn't bother to do a major code rework to remove it, but instead simply not call that part of the code. I do not believe they intended it as a feature waiting to be unlocked to get around an AO rating

1411.8.2005 11:27

WOW!!!!!!!!!! M=17 AO=18, when you a teenager, how much difference can 1 year make, I HATE HILLARY CLINTON, i think rockstar should make a game where you can torture her to death, SHE FEELS SO PROUD BECUASE SHES A WOMAN, ya right my ass, fuck hillary, that is all.

1511.8.2005 12:13

The thing that everybody is missing is that they had made those games and had just made it so that it wasn't part of the normal game version. So they had been hoping that somebody could find it or why else would they have made those mini games. I things the company deserves it for being such idiots.

1611.8.2005 12:52

How could Rockstar be anything other than EXSTATIC about the "controversy" surrounding GTA:SA?? Have you seen any other game in recent history get this much free publicity? This can only lead to skyrocketing sales for the game. Again, I don't see the problem. It's got an M rating. If you're under 17 you can't buy the game legally and if you've got a guardian who would buy GTA:SA for you, then you are either obviously mature enough for it or you've got WAY bigger problems at home than video games...

1711.8.2005 12:56

yes u are right, however halo is rated M also. Gurdans bought that game alot for there children. By making it AO, the gaurdiens are warned that it is really bad game.

1811.8.2005 13:01

There should be one universal rating for games,which would be IOAG.It's Only A Game

1911.8.2005 13:22

" they (politicians such as Hillary Clinton) should worry about other things (such as the economy) rather than a video game. " Well, you have to pick your battles. The game is something they can "Fix". The economy (especially the National Defecit), is FUBAR.

2011.8.2005 14:07

im thinking Rock doesn't want to make or Release another Grand Theft Auto anymore...I mean, they release a game with sex mini games (purposly), then it''s going to be rated AO...then they're going to say we don't want to release or make any other Ao games, then more GTA. I mean, what if they planned all this?

2111.8.2005 14:57

Hillary Clintonm is a communist C-WORD! The game is extremely violent and thats ok but ooohhhh sex is bad? Isn't she the one STILL married to a man that likes to put cigars up his girlfriends vagina?

2211.8.2005 15:10

over here were got the M rating but that 15+ but there is no rating higher then that so thats y it got pull from the selves most of uses are lucky that uses can still bye it, spose where ganna have ta wait for the new version

2311.8.2005 15:50

So you want to patch the game with the official patch so you can get HDTV support and fix other bugs, but you lose the minigame... Is anyone up for the challenge of writing another mod that will put it back in?

2411.8.2005 15:54

for the time being i just wanna get the game

2511.8.2005 20:19

hmm... i wonder how the bitch would react if it were HER in the minigame shag... are you guys sure theyre clothed btw?

2612.8.2005 4:27

The SEX & VIOLENCE hasle has always been more about SEX. And it is the american way and roots from the past. A kid could watch two cowboys shoot each other to death on a stre duel, but was hit real hard in the head for even watching in the direction of the local whorehouse! And why shoud majority of americans hypocritically say that guns are bad, when they're most packing heat them selves?

2712.8.2005 7:29

I'm not sure what country you are from, but most americans do NOT pack heat. Also most americans are not hypocritical about the guns, violence and sex issues. Thier is a very vocal minorority based in the religious right that has the governments ear and a lot of funding to make a fuss with. It also doesn't hurt that we have a religeous zealot in the Whitehouse, who is systematically disassembling our constitution.

2812.8.2005 23:17

wtf rockstar are so stupid. who puts things like that in a game and doesnt change the rating??????

2913.8.2005 3:02

They're making too big of an issue out of it.And besides that they more than likey have seen stuff on T.V. anyways.

3013.8.2005 5:17

the thing is any kid who has access to sites on the iternet that give nude patch downloads, has probably seen worse.

3113.8.2005 15:55

this is just stupid this woman payed absolutly no attention to the esrb rating system. this is one of the reasons it was created. even if this was a game intended for a 14 year old the mod to get this minigame was not created buy rockstar. meaning game data was altered to unlock this. weather it was there before or not shouldnt matter because it was someone elses actions that allow it to be viewed. if anybody should be sued both rockstar and the grandmother should sue the creator of the mod. and im sure the would happen if it wasnt for the witch hunt against video games lead by the parents of disfunctional families. i mean they cant possibly blame themselves this is exactly the same as when parents claimed comics and rock music were destroying americas youth. does anyone else remember KNIGHTS IN SATANS SERVICE.

3213.8.2005 22:46

i guess what amazes me the most is how quickly they had ppl moving on this so called problem........don't know if anyone has noticed the gas prices lately, think we would want some movement on that, and how about the war in iraq, whole lot of money going to yet another president and company........don't remember hilary acting so fast when her husband was getting a blow-job and didn't see her too much running her mouth then, ah, got to love the two-faced ppl in the world, just pick and choose which battles they deem worthy.....just f**king amazes me!!!!!!

3315.8.2005 3:26

Hehehehe! This is nothing but hilarious! I'm sure the free publicity is going over well enough, but naturally Rockstar must try to make even the most uptight people happy too -- hence the patch, and the revamped game. They probably would've been better off had they released a so-called "unrated/AO" version alongside the standard M version, but the notoriety approach is kinda fun to watch too. At least we can be pretty much guaranteed that some smarty-pants will come up with a "patch for the patch" to disable the parts that will remove the hot coffee -- right? Because we all need more hot coffee.

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