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No deal was made between Nokia and Apple

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 18 Aug 2005 22:47 User comments (5)

No deal was made between Nokia and Apple Despite an earlier report by Finnish daily Taloussanomat, Nokia has no plans to bring iTunes to the N91 multimedia phone. After the earlier report, Nokia dismissed it but said that because of the designs of the phones, software developers could easily make programs like iTunes for the phones. "There is no commercial agreement between Nokia and Apple to integrate iTunes into the N-series devices," said Kari Tuutti, spokesman for Nokia's multimedia division.
"But since this is based on a computer platform, anybody -- including Apple if they so wish -- can very easily develop this kind of application and offer it to consumers, via the Internet for example." he added. Tuutti said the mobile phone giant had seen such applications in the research lab but didn't make any commercial deals. "We are not making any exclusive arrangements with any music store, but believe that we want to give the consumer the choice of where they want to purchase their music." he said.

In the near future, multimedia phones are expected to compete with MP3 players like Apple's iPod music player. Nokia's N91 phone will store up to 4GB of music and will run on high-speed 3G and wireless LAN networks. The phone is expected to become available by the end of the month.


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5 user comments

118.8.2005 22:58

wow so that fone is basically an Ipod mini, phone and internet all in one... i bet it will cost alot of money.. and thats good they didnt agree with itunes... we should pick our own music downloading software...!!! Go NOKIA!!

219.8.2005 7:55

Nokia should use MPC as their default digital music files. It sounds ace. Im actually listening to an album encoded to MPC at the moment. It kicks MP3 and AAC/MP4's ass.

319.8.2005 19:30

The phone looks nice but the iTunes thing not so nice.

420.8.2005 1:06

As long as Nokia stays with the simple interface as they have with their phones in the past... it should b good to c that kind of technology come to nokia and i like the 4G aspect of thinks it kill my 3.9Megs at the moment :P But as was said $$$ is the question... i guess ill have to wait for it to come down to a reasonable price :)

520.8.2005 18:42

Ipod phone coming soon.

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