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No HD-DVD players until 2006?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 01 Sep 2005 12:46 User comments (19)

No HD-DVD players until 2006? Toshiba Corp. said on Thursday that the launch of next generation HD-DVD players might be delayed until 2006. Such a move may be costly to the company as it affects the first mover advantage position that Toshiba has with its deadline to launch HD-DVD players by the end of the year. The company did say however that any change in schedule would be intended to maximise potential demand for the company's products.
The company also assured its support of HD-DVD for the next generation DVD technology has not changed. In the race for next generation DVD formats, there is HD-DVD and also Blu-Ray Disc from Sony Corp. and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Both formats utilize the use of blue lasers, which have shorter wavelength than red lasers allowing data storing at high densities.

Blu-Ray is to be used in the upcoming Playstation 3 console, which is Sony's next generation gaming console expected to become available in spring 2006. Toshiba had planned to launch HD-DVD players in the fourth quarter of 2005 in Japan and the United States, but now its a possibility that products will not be available anywhere in the world until after December.

"We are now in talks with Hollywood studios and large-scale retailers to seek the most effective timing of the launch and best way to launch," a Toshiba spokeswoman said. "We originally aimed for the year-end launch in the United States. But we have not really decided on that."


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19 user comments

11.9.2005 14:00

No body cares, because everyone should have figured out that blu-ray is better. What does the fact that Microsoft wouldn't put HD-DVD on the 360 tell you? Alot of people think it's HD-DVD, but actually is DVD-9 just like what we have now. That tells you alot about Microsoft's faith in HD-DVD. Too bad Sony owns Blu-ray and wouldn't let them use it.

21.9.2005 16:38

Why is Blu-Ray better? Have you used one? And besides, next to no games on the current Xbox even come close to taking up all of the space on a DVD, most are well below 4.3GB. Both companies are trying to make something that there simply is no real market demand for, probably a case of Toshiba waiting to see if Blu-Ray will crash and burn due to lack of need/interest.

31.9.2005 18:58

"We are now in talks with Hollywood studios..." That says it all. When Hollywood thinks they have a handle on it then it will be released. Wow...Hollywood dictating technology...who would of figured...LMAO

41.9.2005 20:51

For me its not about which is a better format... I would go for the manifacturer that creates the player that plays both formats... Thats when i would really think about purchasing... also they havent come out with the capacities of these new technologies.... At the moment I am still trying to master the technology behind the DVD soo when HD or blu ray comes out that will b awhile from now... so im still learning...

51.9.2005 21:25

Why waste your money. use dual layer dvd r when the price drops on them. you already have good programs like shrink and decrypter. What till you see the price of those new formats $$$$$$

71.9.2005 21:57

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81.9.2005 22:30

I'm quite happy with the present formats so it will have to be something special for me to purchase a HD player.

91.9.2005 22:34

I wont buy one for years cause when they come out they will be very expensive.

102.9.2005 2:03

Yeah will have to wait till it comes down in price as everything starts out $$$$$ then goes cheap :)

112.9.2005 3:00

yep me too, gonna wait till there way cheap and there is a decided format

122.9.2005 5:46

Remeber when 4.7GB was an amazing figure of optical data storage? Capacity is king if you don't want to have buy another set of equipment only a few years down the line. Blu-ray will have a longer life span, because it satifies a much greater capacity need. HD-DVD, will probally ened up costing you more when the single layer 15GB isn't enough down the line and you have to start buying dual layer already, then single layer blu-ay will be looking alot better. You have to look at this in the long run.

132.9.2005 10:00

142.9.2005 10:31

If you don't give a damn, why are you reading it, and why are you replying tards? Seriously, formulate a relavent response, and we'll all give you a pat on the back.

152.9.2005 15:25

replying tards?

162.9.2005 16:29

If that is aimed at me i was just fixing gamepro1's pic.

172.9.2005 16:55

It was directed at you two, cause I htought your "I don't give a damn" thing was directed at my post. My bad, never mind. Or was it directed at my post?

182.9.2005 17:17

Ok, i wasnt directing it at anyone, just fixing his pic :)

193.9.2005 0:56

When you have purchased an expensive HD-DVD player you need a HD-compatible TV to join the full HD-technology. I cant afford it.

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