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Progress being made with PSP v2.0 cracking

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 25 Sep 2005 22:08 User comments (37)

Progress being made with PSP v2.0 cracking One of the biggest annoyances to European gamers who bought a PSP earlier this month is the fact that you can't run homebrew apps on Firmware v.1.52 or 2.0 which came on a demo disc with the PSP. Originally, everyone had been hoping for a downgrader to be written so that PSPs could downgrade to either 1.00 or 1.50 firmware; allowing homebrew code to be run on the PSP. Unfortunately a working safe downgrader just never showed up (yet), despite claims and promises by certain groups.
However, many will be glad to know that there has been progress made with 2.0 firmware. This news is a few days old so many of you may have already noticed the buffer overflow exploit that was discovered to exist in libtiff in the photo viewer on PSP 2.0. The first custom code to be run on PSP 2.0 simply made the screen colour change. Two files were needed, frame_buffer.png and overflow.tif.

The framebuffer.png had to be set as wallpaper, then the overflow.tif file had to be placed in the PHOTO directory on the Memory Stick. Once opened in the photo viewer, the colour of the screen changed. It's not something you would really have use for but it is simply proof of concept, that an exploit exists and could be used for more useful code.

After this release, more stuff began surfacing for PSP 2.0 including Binary Loader v0.2 For PSP 2.0 which could execute a binary file (up to 64k) from the root directory of a Memory Stick. Then Hello World v1 For PSP v2.0 appeared and later a PSP Firmware Dumper And Flash Back-Up For 2.0. There was also a Pong Demo for PSP 2.0 released.

The ultimate goal would be to successfully launch homebrew elf files on PSP 2.0. There are already many many homebrew apps for the PSP written and available all over the Internet. Sony is worried about gamers being able pirate games by storing them on higher capacity Memory Sticks or playing games meant for other platforms.

Keep your eyes on the PSP sites to see what more will come from this.

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37 user comments

125.9.2005 23:39

Cool, now all i need is a PSP. Well there is now a bigger hope for 2.0 version-ers :)

226.9.2005 3:16

i downloaded that exploit for me psp to see if it worked i got a yellow coulor on the bottom of my screen

326.9.2005 6:15

Hackers love downgraders and people who don't update. Run the browser w/out the latest security fizes, which are included in v2.0 and you are a prime target. You sign in onto an account to check something, like amazon, and you credit card number is floating around, lol. Oh, man, if I wasn't loaded already and a law abiding citizen, lol. EXPLOIT, I wouldn't use th enumbers and info, I would sell them to another group. Anyway, yeah, I'm just kidding, but someone is doing it out there.

426.9.2005 6:17

Yes, too slow afterdawn, I posted this on forums fw days ago ^_^

526.9.2005 7:37

Yes, too slow afterdawn, I posted this on forums fw days ago ^_^
Not too slow, we keep an eye on the PSP scene at all times and I decided to not write about the riginal exploit until we had some kind of proof that it s useful for more than colouring a screen. So when all these extra things started coming along I decided it's worth a mention as there is a bit of a hope that someone will write even more useful code for the PSP scene soon. Also I never put in the Pixelswarm Demo for 2.0 PSP or the Scrolling Starfield Demo For 2.0 PSP. Lets hope soon Ill be writing that homebrew elf can be run on PSP 2.0 ;-)

626.9.2005 10:24

Yeah, but I've probably posted it to forums before you do :D

726.9.2005 10:57

heh, well, good for you ;-) keep it up! lol

826.9.2005 16:48 had this first, the site is down but you can also see it at

926.9.2005 22:46

Well that's great news to hear. :) Now if only Sony would get to work "cracking" the price of the PSP down to something I would actually pay. Damn you Sony I have bills to pay!

1027.9.2005 1:34

Now there's already a playable pong for v2.0 :)

1127.9.2005 3:49

hey. im a new member but ive been following the whole process. upgraded my psp by accident so im eatin myself up. doesnt anything work on the v2.0?

1227.9.2005 5:48

Read the news above and comments too, there's your answer.

1327.9.2005 8:12

PONG! gues dat means nothing works then. im screwed.

1427.9.2005 8:25

Not yet. Just wait.

1527.9.2005 11:57

but can i still back up games on my memory card? sory im askin so many questions. im jus happy ive found a place i can ask.

1627.9.2005 12:28

No you can't. There's not yet an app to backup games or play those backups. Oh yeah, there's a button changer for v2.0 japanese psp. Changes x/o as selection button.

1727.9.2005 14:52

the psp's price wont drop down until AT LEAST JAN OR FEB, becuase the ds had a holiday season, sony gonna charge the whole price threw christmas so they can shovel in the income.

1827.9.2005 15:03

Yay, a working 2.0->1.5 downgrader released by MPH, check babyg, just downgrade and then you can backup your games :>

1927.9.2005 17:55

woo hoo. it worked. hahaha i feel evil. now......for wat to try first.

2030.9.2005 12:22

Where do I get V2.0 for my UK PSP??

215.11.2005 21:01

hey dont get a downgrader with the overflow.tif file, the file is disguise as a patch but really it contains the trojan virus for the psp. watch out u guys. oh yah im already able to play homebrew games on my psp n not just pong. boo yah

225.11.2005 21:05

hey dont get a downgrader with the overflow.tif file, the file is disguise as a patch but really it contains the trojan virus for the psp. watch out u guys. oh yah im already able to play homebrew games on my psp n not just pong. boo yah
How do you know that anyways when i downgraded my psp it had the overflow.tif file and it worked fine and no trojan virus and what was the point of posting in here this thread has been inactive for over a month

235.11.2005 21:06

opp's sorry it dobble quoted don't know how

245.11.2005 21:10

ok, why did u just do tht, did i just do somthing wrong?

255.11.2005 21:12

Na ya did nothin wrong just woundering why you recon the overflow.tif file has a trogan on it

265.11.2005 21:18

because my friend use the downgrader with the overflow.tif, it downgraded yah, but 3 days later the psp had an etremely mess up screen. n i check other sites about it n they said that it deletes important files from the psp, so in other words its gets broken. n they named it the trojan virus.

275.11.2005 21:31

oh ok na i downgrade mine ages ago and no problem at all did ya freind end up fixing his Psp???

285.11.2005 21:34

no he just returned the psp 2 gamestop n got a brand new one for free. oh yah i live all the way on the island of guam. if u r ever wondering.

295.11.2005 21:38

oh alright thats kewlz island of guam i wouldn't even know where that is i live in Australia

305.11.2005 21:43

actually guam is not far from australia, guam is just a little far right of philliphines. oh back to the psp crack topic, i already know how to put homebrew on my psp,but dont ask me its a little bit 2 complex 2 describe. oh n it takes a lot of memory space.

315.11.2005 21:46

oh i kno as well but i've updated my psp back up to 2.0 because i wanted to use the browser they gotta make an emulator for 2.0 but anyways

325.11.2005 21:51

yah but the thing is i am running homebrew on my psp 2.00, like burnout revenge, coded arms n took me a long time how to figure it out, but these files take a lot of space, than they use 2 on psp 1.5

335.11.2005 22:24

hey is anybody ther i want to chat some more.

345.11.2005 22:26

Go here : if you want to chat :)

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351.1.2006 9:35

This might sound like a stupid question, but is homebrew the same as a umd emulator for playing ISO files from your memory card of the PSP

3626.10.2006 10:47

hello im having problems with my buttons X & 0 they are wrong how doi change it

3722.9.2010 4:44

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