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Methlabs site returned to proper owners

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 27 Sep 2005 12:10 User comments (9)

Methlabs site returned to proper owners We reported last week that had been "hijacked" and that the team had moved to sourceforge. Now it appears that the site has been returned to the proper owners, who now have changed name from Methlabs to Phoenix Labs. This is the news posted on the site...
The old domains are now under possession of Phoenix Labs and should redirect here shortly (along with

Well have our new design up soon. For now, this works. Our new name is Phoenix Labs.

It's good to see everything is returning to normal. I'm sure we will all see some more excellent work from Phoenix Labs as time goes on :-)

Phoenix Labs

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9 user comments

127.9.2005 12:35

Well that's good. I especially like the name change. Everytime I would mention Methlabs to someone they would get the wrong idea of what the site is about. For some odd reason. lol.

227.9.2005 12:59

Congrats to them for getting their site back. Very happy to hear that and hope that all goes well in the future. I have been wondering whether or not to start using PeerGuardian...and this turn of events makes me very pleased to see it in the hands of the rightful owners. Hope all goes well with them in the future and keep making PeerGuardian even better! BTW...I'm with change is pretty kewl! :)

328.9.2005 0:29

good news, peer gaurdian 2 is a great app, and i can't wait to see what the future holds. And good idea on the name change, probably get alot more legit traffic.

428.9.2005 13:26

i love pg2 im using it now

528.9.2005 16:53

How much safer does PG make torrent downloading? I just started using it earlier this week.

628.9.2005 19:11

im happy for them.. ive been using peerguardian since it came out, now i have pg2 installed in my computer. ive always had it running everytime i turn on my has worked great for me with torrents.

729.9.2005 11:59

How has this been verified? I am wondering if the hijacker is up to shennanigans.

82.10.2005 4:32

I use PeerGuardian2 myself and I didn't even pay attention to the name when I downloaded it. Now I just clicked on this article expecting a police report.

92.10.2005 11:12


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