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PlayStation wins an Emmy

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 30 Sep 2005 22:01 User comments (30)

PlayStation wins an Emmy The U.S. National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) has awarded an Emmy to Sony's PlayStation console. The console won the Outstanding Achievement in Technology and Advanced New Media award for its work on 3D polygon-based games. Sony's PlayStation has been sitting comfortably on the top of the gaming market for the past decade, refusing to be dethroned by rivals that include U.S. software giant Microsoft and a pioneer in gaming, Nintendo.

The PS1 and PS2 consoles, while used, explain easily why this Emmy was awarded. At the times when both were released, they set new standards and didn't fail to impress gamers. However, can the PlayStation name remain dominant for another decade? We are now on the verge of a console war which consists of three major players, Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. Within the next year, the three companies (beginning with Microsoft in November 2005) will release their next generation gaming consoles to the world.

Sony is hoping to re-create past PlayStation success with the PS3 console while Microsoft is preparing to release the Xbox 360 console with the hope of taking the success away from the PlayStation name. Nintendo will release it's Revolution console and has promised it wont fail to impress with the games that will be released for the console. Between Sony and Microsoft though is where most of the battle lies.

Both went together once before and Sony ultimately won that battle, but perhaps only because the Xbox was a year late to the starting line. Microsoft has faith in a "first mover advantage" and believes that it will give the Xbox 360 a major advantage over the PS3 in the console war. Nevertheless, this Emmy awarded to Sony does prove that Sony PlayStation has huge credibility behind it; will the first mover advantage of a few months be enough for Microsoft to dethrone PlayStation?

While Bill Gates ponders on that question, Sony was honored to receive this award. Ken Kutaragi, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment said the award was an honor and the success of the PlayStation had gone beyond his wildest dreams. "When the concept for PlayStation was in its infancy in the early 1990s, we had a dream to elevate the quality of computer graphics from a 2D-based environment to a rich, realistic 3D experience," he said. "At the same time, we intended to bring in a new form of entertainment through the living room in a manner that would allow people all over the world to enjoy the pleasures of interactive entertainment."

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30 user comments

130.9.2005 22:23

Well this is article basically gonna start another pandor's box like we have currently on the XBOX news thread... So I ain't gonna start anything here except to say: "Congrats to Sony" To be honest I don't think that a few months will be that much of an advantage....

21.10.2005 0:41

Where did they get that few months there? I thought that ps3 release date hasn't been decided yet. Only rumors that it's coming out next summer, or even 2007 so that's more than just few months.

31.10.2005 5:07

@borhan9 - lol i 2nd on that. as soon as i saw this, i though 'flame war!' Well Done To Sony. Really deserved award! Let's Keep It Clean, Boys. :)

41.10.2005 7:48

Congratulations Sony. Whilst I am a Sony fan (note the missing suffix), I will definetly say Microsoft got it right by releasing it earlier than it's competitors.

51.10.2005 9:48

PSX is one of the best consoles of videogame history. I LOVE PSX!!!

61.10.2005 13:50

kudos SONY!

71.10.2005 14:18

Sony earned it, they deserve it. Microsoft is sweet too, just hasn't been around long enough to contend with Sony.

81.10.2005 19:15

Microsoft and nintendo are way better than sony. Sony is always trying to be better. Nintendo isnt their just for fun they've been here since well for around 20yrs. Microsoft is new in the gaming industry, microsoft's xbox has better hardware than all of the other systems better graphics etc. Sony just simply has not many original games because they just keep making new versions of the same games. Microsoft is pure original and so is nintendo.

91.10.2005 20:09

Hah, this inevidably turned into a war, once again. You are saying Nintendo is the original? Might I point out how many times I've seen Mario? As for the XBOX being the most powerful, well, The N64 was more powerful than the PSX, but the PSX won that generation of gaming, hands down. Why am I even stating points against a rabid fanboy anyway? They'll just render them useless.

101.10.2005 21:02

Who cares about the award? Im just rooting for Sony cause i don't wanna see HD-DVD win the format war. Microsoft is backing HD-DVD and that means "New Windows has built in HD-DVD software" and microsoft will stay the dominant Operating System for another few years. Don't we all want to see Micosoft go the way of the dinosaur? Or do we wanna shell out $200 bucks every time microsoft upgrades the boot splash screen or if they shine up their buttons? Honestly! Wanna know why Sony won the award? Because with a PS2 you can play DVD's straight out of the box. On a XBOX (what a piece of $#!+) you have a dvd drive, a pentium III cpu, software to play the dvd, but what does Microsoft do? They make you buy a MOTHERF#*&$#! REMOTE CONTROL! How does having a remote control have to do with anything? IT DOESN'T!!! Just a way to rip off the consumer! Sure the XBOX 360 may come out earlier, BUT GAMES WONT WORK UNLESS YOU BUY A $300 Joystick! TV WONT WORK UNLESS YOU BUY A $500 CABLE!! Wanna know something else? I've heard of the laser going out on PS2 -VERY RARELY- but the XBOX, everything breaks, JUST LIKE WINDOWS! Sega Dreamcast runs windows ce -BREAKS ALL THE TIME- Nintendo you can beat the $#!+ out of and it still works. XBOX hard drive dies, DVD-rom burns out, Pentium III takes a massive $#!+ or how many people have seen error codes on the XBOX? What can you do with the error codes? Fix the XBOX yourself? I called Microsoft and asked what one of the error codes meant and the guy was like "it doesn't matter what it means cause if you do anything to it you will not only void the warranty, but you could be infringing on the licence." I nearly lost it. You mean i can take apart my refrigerator, my computer, my car, My Game Cube, my PS2, but if i take apart my XBOX I might get SUED??? You know in japan they sell like 20,000 PS2 a month and like 75 XBOX a month? Microsoft is gonna be like "Were gonna launch first." They can't even launch ANY VERSION of WINDOWS on time -- and that is their MAIN PRODUCT -- A KRAPPY PIECE OF SOFTWARE! And they think that they are gonna launch XBOX360 at the same time they launch Windows Vista? The XBOX360 is secondary to windows and they say its gonna come out FIRST? WHAT KINDA $#!+ IS THAT? Who wants a console system the size of a floor heater anyway? I'm done. Good job Sony for seeing the obvious.

112.10.2005 1:29

Know I just have to throw gasoline in the fire :D Fibrewire, you talk huge deal of bs. Seriously, what oss did you use when you posted your flame? I bet it was windows. I've had ps2 and xbox since they were launched, and I've never had any errors on xbox. And when I'm buying a console, I usually look one which has good games with nice graphics, and not the size of it. It's only one time when you have to drag that boiler to your living room, after that you don't have to move it around. What the hell am I doing here? It's useless to explain to a fanboy.

122.10.2005 5:36

FYI: Im running Gentoo Linux with 2.6 kernel, Gnome window manager, and im VNC'd over SSH to the CentOS (Redhat Enterprise Clone) that i am writing this post with (of course im using FireFox, but i suppose i could use Epiphany, the browser built into Gnome. Hrm, actually i could probably do the post with "links2", a powerful test based browser. After all, not like i really need to save myself bandwidth because i have a 100Mbit link to the internet and a max transfer of 1000GBytes a month that is all compressed and encryped on the fly because the data is goin over multiple openVPN connections. Did i mention that im a network engineer? And that i get paid on average the cost of a new PS2 every hour i work? But thats beside the point. Next time before you shoot off your mouth do a little research on what a user posts and VERIFY that its bull$#!+ before you "claim" you know something that you don't. P.S. Its PAINFULLY obvious what operating system you are using. Too bad you can't do the command "rm -rf /*" -fibrewire

132.10.2005 5:49

By the way this is all in good fun. No flaming here. Analogy... -Janitor- "Let me tell you how to fix your car. You need to clean the road grime off the bottom of the engine cause it will make it run better" -Professional Mechanic- "Hrm. Good point, but maybe if you knew what you were talking about, you would clearly see that the tire is flat" -Janitor- "Wow you really don't know what you are talking about, and i think that you are full of bs" -Professional Mechanic- "I suppose that is why YOU are the janitor and im the mechanic"

142.10.2005 7:08

Yes, of course I believe everything you say! There's no bullshitters on internet, no way! So what if you really were an network engineer, that only makes an expert in your field. It doesn't mean that you know every f'in detail about everything, although it may look like it inside your own head.

152.10.2005 13:35

FIBREWIRE quit while you are ahead.

162.10.2005 15:13

Hey guys, sorry for ruffling some feathers. This is supposed to be a public forum so im just makin some public posts. I wanna apologize for upsetting the guy that said "Know I just have to throw gasoline in the fire :D" <--usually i take comments like that as an open invitation for a flame war. That and i was pretty tired from a 40 hour shift of messin around with Asterisk PBX. Bus i never said i knew every f'in detail about everything, I was only making a few fact based statements about current petroleum based fuel prices and how it related to a President Carter statement in 1984, and about M$ software and how it relates to the cost of open source software, which is free. I think that the more a person learns about stuff, the more that person realizes that he/she don't know $#!+. ANYWAY I didn't wanna give you the wrong vibe about me, and i never claimed i was an expert in my field. I just wanted to post in this forum and in no way did i have anything against anyone here in this forum. I like and i would like the opportunity to continue posting in these forums. As far as what happens in my own head, i don't know whats goin on in there half the time but i DO know that i don't look at my self as someone who knows it all. Just another Linux guy tryin to make it in a Microsoft world.

172.10.2005 15:35

Hey Man don't worry about it...keep your opinions coming, but just don't be to heavy...otherwise it gets into a flame ware and it gets really messy and people get unnecessarily banned. ;) welcome to im sure u'll have a lot of fun here aswell :) Lethal

182.10.2005 15:52

although I agree with a lot of what fibrewire is saying it's the way he's saying it that's causing problems. only thing I don't agree with is the Windows bashing. Windows is no where near as bad as you say for all it does, perhaps the best option is to multi-boot several OS's and take what you can from each world.

192.10.2005 18:47

Lol, these threads always get entertaining. Lethal, who is that girl in your sig? I've never seen her before, is she an actress or what?

202.10.2005 20:03

@Reasons? Dude thats Keria Knigtlyey :) They chick from Bend it like Beckham and Pirates of the Carinbian and Arthur... Those only a few that I can remember :)

212.10.2005 20:11

This is entertaining indeed :D As for Keira, she looks really different when she was in Bend it like Beckham and Pirate of the Carribean.

222.10.2005 21:13

Yeah she was in a Christmas movie called Love Actually with Hugh Grant. Both Brit actors, Brit movie.

233.10.2005 5:32

She is just too nice. Reasons, you want your head tested if you don't know who she is!! lol j/k ;) anyway, back on topic.........

243.10.2005 6:12

Congratulations to sony for taking control of the video gaming industry and dominating all competition.

253.10.2005 6:22

I don't really follow movies, just watch them, the less you know about the real person who's playing someone else, the better the movie comes across. Anyway, time to go rent those movies you listed, lol.... Just for an actually on topic note, wait, I don't have one.

264.10.2005 0:12

they should have recieved an award for innovation in faulty dvd drives. i think sony products suck, they just look nice, but as far as quality, they blow.

274.10.2005 8:07

Maybe you just had a bad experience with a particular sony product but that does not mean that sony sucks. No company is obselete from some problems every now and then. What did you have problems with exactly??

285.10.2005 15:13

a television, 2 car amplifiers, a car cd player, and 2 PS2's.

296.10.2005 20:57

Sounds more like an issue of how well you take care of stuff. I have a PSX, PS1, PS2, monitor, PSP, 3 minidisc players, have had 2 CD players. My brother has a Sony HD home theater receiver and a DVD player, and my sister has a Wega TV. Ahem..... NONE of which have had any problems. But yet, I kid you not, my Xbox has issues. Only every once in a while, mind you, but it'll take like 15 minutes to save a game, or it'll totally freeze. So basically, in response to your comment enog29, that's a fat load of bs. Either you take crap for care of your stuff, or your fingers stink due to the load of bs you're typing. Good day. :-)

307.10.2005 5:00

LOL. Well i must agree that is a very good possible answer to why so many thing by sony have gone bad for just one person. Sony is not the top of the line but always in the top from reviews that i have read on diff websites on diff products. I bought my dad a sony cd burner years ago and it was rated extremely high by user's reviews compared to some of the other brands. Enog29 I am not trying to be funny or anything but you must admit that what Kikuichi said may hold some truth. I have never owned anything from sony myself except for my two PS2s and PSP and i can honestly say that my PS2 has held up since i bought it. Just for info i own a slim ps2 and have an original ps2 that was purchased about 2 months after ps2 was released that had the $299 price tag. My cousins have gone through 3 PS2s and 2 gamecubes so how you take care of your stuff is a major point.

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