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U.S. court slaps 'legal' music download site

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 20 Oct 2005 3:25 User comments (12)

U.S. court slaps 'legal' music download site A U.S. court on Wednesday has told a "music download" website to stop promising its customers that they won't face copyright infringement lawsuits from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) if they download music for free using their service. Actually, the site doesn't even offer a service, it offers tutorials to downloading music on free P2P services like Kazaa (yes, tutorials that can be found for free online).
The site even has the nerve to carry the claim that it's "Napster's Number One Replacement Software". The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said that promised users that if it paid $24.99 for the service they would not get sued for their actions. The site also told users: "Rest assured that File-Sharing is 100 percent legal". While file sharing services are generally legal, the material an individual shares judges the legality of their action.

As most of you know, the U.S. music and movie industry has sued about 14,000 file sharers for illegally sharing music and movies over P2P networks. It would be an awful shame if someone believed MP3DownloadCity's claim and in the end got sued for sharing music. Trick services like this are something that the RIAA should take into account when it files P2P lawsuits.

The website must now remove its claims as the court has ordered, and the court is also considering the FTC's request for a permanent ban. The FTC has said it will try to get the individual involved, Cashier Myricks, to return all the money he got from thousands of people. The FTC also wants him for now to state he is selling access to a tutorial and not actual software as it appears reading the site. "The main point is we don't want people getting sued over copyrighted material," staff attorney Matthew Daynard said.

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12 user comments

120.10.2005 7:20

saw this one coming when they went after the fake ones . the party line is hi were here from the government to help you....everyone should inhail hard about now and remmber FEMA.... the government only wants the logs from kazza or bit torrent and others to go after the file sharers... and now with this new power of shutting down websites they will go after any site they want and people its to late to stop them ...... everyone should know that once they sopina the logs they will be public record and then the RIAA lawyers will hunt down the vilolators for downloading copyrighted material..... all is lost and they now have real power.... be forwarned that they are watching....and I hope im just paranoid.....and wrong

220.10.2005 8:39

On the positive side there is this...these sites have been charging poorly informed people for freeware like shareaza, azurues and others for sometime making extra profits while not actually developing any software or networks. so I think this is actually a good thing in that sense on the other hand I hate the fact they want to limit our rights

320.10.2005 8:59

this was a good thing, it has little to do with filesharing and everything to do with stopping people from being scammed

420.10.2005 13:38

I just have to laugh at the stupid people being scammed :)

520.10.2005 16:06

laugh on... the first step to being scammed is thinking that you can't be....

621.10.2005 6:21

well what you expect from ppl that dont know how to read or use the net properly!!! IDIOTS!!

721.10.2005 8:02

if being scamed was all it was then Id be kewl with that but knowing the RIAA and others that what they have is an ajenda for other issues... like downloaders and filesharing its hard to become a little jaded when they put forth a public relations campain..... where wer they when all that email from Nigeria came out and people got scamed out of life savings or where has the US government been while aol got hacked and not to mention the visa companies who got their machines hacked, and on and on ... no they are testing their power befor they go after other websites and they call it protecting your intrest.... if you believe that they are on the up and up then its already to late .. because they are just going to start...mark my word... if they wanted to take down a russian website aimed at ripping off the us population then they will find that it wont work neither will going after any middle eastern websites so that only leaves one in countries like sweden and iceland england and of yeah finland as well ... again I hope i'm wrong.... but finnish laws just fell in line with US laws didnt it.....

821.10.2005 18:16

Us stupid idiots that were being scammed thought the services we were paying were paying the industries. We thought because there were so many of us that it was sort of like a bulk buying situation, something like Sams Club or Costco. We are not all as savvy as some of you.

923.10.2005 7:58

thanks for your comments...farry2...your right, some of us are learning how to do things better and thats why we subscribe to sites like this for everyones help....not abuse like the laughter about being not as savvy as everyone else. REMEMBER WE ARE HERE TO SHARE INFORMATION AND HELP OTHERS TO GET BETTER. thanks again for saying it.

1023.10.2005 10:35

Some of the comments on this subject defy belief. We may all have a grudge against the RIAA/MPAA etc etc etc, but consider this... For once they are constructively challenging the big guys instead of the end users. And not everyone is shrewd enough to spot what are quite often, very sophisticated scams. It doesn't make the users stupid. Naive perhaps, but then, not everybody possesses the IQ of Bill Gates.

the first step to being scammed is thinking that you can't be....
How true! How many of us have been scammed at some point in our lives? I suspect more than will admit it.....

1124.10.2005 7:51

we all need to look at the intent of what is trying to be done .... they are going after the bad guys because they are misleading the population... ok good but why because there are downladers. well I have to say yes we were all nubies once but ignerace of the law is not an excuse to download off kazza or bit torrents stealing is wrong... now that the nubies all understand that downloading of something that they havent paid for is illegal. music movie or software package it dosnt matter .and its been a topic on all major news publications world wide that this is illegal, ok now move past this ... the issue I have,who are they to shut down someones website? who gave them controll over the internet? if I had issues with porn can I go around shutting down porn sites? I dont think so . then why are they letting them do this? not over what they are offering but what you can do with the info ... because this site also offers how to on all sorts of thing that can be illegal. no should they be able to controll afterdawn the same way? we give up way to much freedom with out thought... once 911 happened americans gave the government the green light to bomb a country who had nothing to do with it. if you live somewhere else then iraq keep it in mind your country could be Bushes next target... apperantly you dont have to be guilty to be hunted and the hunted go free...... just think of the freedom as money so how much do you have and how much do you want.....?

1225.10.2005 7:40

here is the US laws everyone was saying was here to protect them ... remmber if you dont know anybetter its still a crime to download music movies and software packages.... just because your computer takes you to another country where its ok to post things like music movies and software to the website you must know if its illegal to download it... check this link to see what happens: enjoy all and peace out....

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