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10 million PSPs shipped worldwide

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 21 Oct 2005 8:30 User comments (15)

10 million PSPs shipped worldwide Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that the total figure of PlayStation Portable (PSP) consoles shipped worldwide has reached 10M, making it the fastest selling PlayStation gaming product yet. The console went on sale first last December in Japan, then March in North America and September in Europe. North America sits on the top spot for the greatest number of PSP shipments.
4.5 million PSPs were shipped in North America, followed by 3 million in Japan and 2.5 million in Europe. 183 official software titles were available for the PSP by September this year and the total shipments of games for the PSP so far is 19.6 million units. Sales of the console should stay strong through the holiday season, for which Sony has announced the PSP Giga Pack.


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15 user comments

121.10.2005 12:22

who cares?

221.10.2005 13:08

Well those of us who own a psp should be the ones to care b.c the more people buy the psp the more diff companies and developers will support the psp with games and other new developments. Stop hatin on sony man. I would like to congratulate sony for their success with the psp so far as many said it would be a failure but it has shown already to have more uses than sony ever intended for the system. I got a NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, and plenty of other systems and they are all portable with a brilliant LCD screen. But then again who cares????

321.10.2005 17:24

psp is cool

Sig Created Phantom69

421.10.2005 19:32

Seriously.. i will buy the PSP then a IPod.. thats for sure, because with the PSP, you can do alot with it then just listen to music.

521.10.2005 19:32

Seriously.. i will buy the PSP then a IPod.. thats for sure, because with the PSP, you can do alot with it then just listen to music.

621.10.2005 19:43

"who cares?" Evidence of an ignorant fan boy. Congratulations to Sony for this achievement. I wouldn't have thought the PSP would be Sony's fastest selling product, would've guess the the PS1.

722.10.2005 9:01

Where can you get these kind of info for different product? I want to know how many ipods were sold.

822.10.2005 9:30

dunno,they probably announce it only when the reach a certain point

923.10.2005 9:02

i think the ipod has already sold one per each person living on this planet, do the math.. and yes the psp is damn cool a must have for 2k5.

1023.10.2005 10:26

lol i know some pll that have like 5 different ipods

1123.10.2005 18:10

sorry for askin!!!!

1224.10.2005 11:47

where did that come from

1325.10.2005 21:56

"10 million PSPs shipped worldwide" Just because they have shipped 10 million doesn't mean they have sold as many.

1426.10.2005 10:21

I understand what you are saying but it does also say that it is the fastest selling Playstation product yet so they could be referring to sales. It is confusing though and i admit i am not sure exactly which of the two they meant.

1526.10.2005 17:58

it came from above.

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