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PSP Giga Pack for holiday season

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 21 Oct 2005 8:16 User comments (13)

PSP Giga Pack for holiday season A new PSP pack will be available for the holiday season this year, the PSP Giga Pack, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has announced. The most significant difference between the giga pack and the value pack is the swapping of the standard 32MB Memory Stick Duo for a 1GB Memory Stick Duo. The price is also different. The giga pack will cost games $299 in North America, 299 in Europe and 29,800 yen ($258) in Japan.
The pack also includes a stand not included with the value pack, allowing users to watch movies without the need to hold the console. It also includes a USB cable which the value pack is missing. However, it does not include a hand strap for the PSP so anybody who wants one will have to pick one up separately.

It is a good deal though, for $50 extra you get an extra 968MB for photos, music, videos or homebrew (unless the PSP firmware is higher than version 2.00, if so, you can leave out the homebrew for now). Gamers that held out on buying a PSP until the holiday season should be glad that they have done so.


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13 user comments

121.10.2005 12:37

that sucks for people who already own a psp. but its still a pretty good deal.

221.10.2005 17:13

Excellent deal, i know of people who bought 1 gb memory sticks or $80 just recently, this is way better.

321.10.2005 17:25

Is like sony is asking people to load games to the memory stick:)

Sig Created Phantom69

421.10.2005 18:43

LOL.... Well let them keep asking and i will keep loading. LOL

521.10.2005 19:21

the psp is probably using 2.50

621.10.2005 19:30

i didnt like PSP to much because it didnt come with an Eternal HD... but using a Memory stick that holds 1 GB is good. Ill buy the PSP w/ 1 GB.

721.10.2005 22:16

I don't think that they are asking people to load this up with games. I think in their mind they are trying to toe off with Apple and the iPod following and the mp3 listener. Now for everyone here we know what will go on the card. Hey sony the PSP is a game system it's no stand alone mp3 player. Atleast one that could fit in your pocket.

822.10.2005 9:22

HA!!! in your face snooty preorder people!!! felling crunchy now huh!! What!!! (not meant for users on AD, just the snooty bastards i know offline)

922.10.2005 9:33

I think im going to et a psp now

1024.10.2005 0:31

anybody know when this giga mpack will be out?

1124.10.2005 12:13

Probably critsmas

125.11.2005 13:37

Does Anyone know if i can be able to downgrade the psp giga pack to firmware 1.5!? Thnx in advance

1321.11.2005 20:39

I Got Mine Today!!!! pimp ass! but i have to learn this whole downgrading

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