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GTA: Liberty City Stories delayed in Europe

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 24 Oct 2005 11:09 User comments (23)

GTA: Liberty City Stories delayed in Europe The launch of Rockstar Games' latest GTA game, Liberty City Stories for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) console will be delayed until November 4th in Europe. The company has given no reason for the delay just yet. There has been no word about the U.S. release date, which is tomorrow, October 25th. Since it is one of the most highly anticipated games for the PSP yet, this news is set to disappoint some gamers.
If you live in Europe and own a PSP, then you know that it was frustrating having to wait months to get your hands on a PSP after it was available in Japan and North America. The game was supposed to be released in Europe this Friday, October 28th. It will be interesting to see how Rockstar has fit an entire city into a game once again, but this time, on a UMD disc for a handheld portable console.


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23 user comments

124.10.2005 12:46

GO RockStar

224.10.2005 18:40

I'm going to be getting a copy of this game tomorrow, looks like it is going to be very good. Thats to bad that europe will not get it till the 4th don't see why they would move the date back.

324.10.2005 18:45

So,this game has a compleatly different story line?

425.10.2005 2:37

It will be interesting to see how Rockstar has fit an entire city into a game once again, but this time, on a UMD disc
A UMD can take more data than GTA3 used. The PSPs small display would mean that less detail is required in the map and I think the real difficulty would have been acheiving decent performance, even at a low resolution.
So,this game has a compleatly different story line?
Yes. GTA3 is set in Liberty City, 2001, with Claude Speed (AKA Fido) as the players role. GTALCS is set in Liberty City, 1998, with Toni Cipriani as the players role.

525.10.2005 3:00

@rav0, ye im sorta refering to the way rockstar are celebrating putting a "city in your pocket". Altho to fit everything on UMD, apparently the missions have been shortened to sometimes only a couple of minutes.

625.10.2005 3:27

Yeah, the longest mission is supposed to take only about three minutes. I'm not missions ten times as long to play just for when they get bored on the bus to school umm I mean work. It is pretty amazing that they are bring Grand Theft Auto in 3D to a handheld. This game isn't developed by Rockstar North like the trilogy was, it is developed by Rockstar Leeds, though they are being supervised by Rockstar North to ensure that there isn't any bad retcon etc. It will be interesting to see what atmosphere this game has. Rockstar North and Rockstar Leeds were both independant developers under different names, until they were bought out by Take 2 Interactive.

725.10.2005 12:15

wow 3minutes that kinda sucks still,but i would love playing that in school ,or on long trips

Sig Created Phantom69

825.10.2005 12:31

Has anyone purchased GTA yet today???? I called Sam Goody and they said it is not released until the 26th and not the 25th. Whats the deal???? Has Sam goody made a mistake or what???? I want my GTA!!!! LOL

925.10.2005 14:48

Finally got my copy of GTA. Sam goody was tripping getting the release date confused. I wanted to jump over the counter and strangle the salesman and tell him give me one of those da#$ copies of GTA. LOL Luckily for him they soon realised that everyone else was selling the game as I told them to check with Electronic Boutiques and Babbages soft. So i guess i did not have to demonstrate my knowledge of violence from GTA SA on the guy behind the counter. LMAO

1026.10.2005 3:24

And they wonder why piracy is such a problem.. Maybe one way piracy can be combated is by releasing a game everywhere on the same day. -Mike

1126.10.2005 12:59

Aggreed with you Mike. Living here in Europe, Im sick of getting everything last :@ Jin666

1226.10.2005 14:33

-> Grand_Theft_Auto_Liberty_City_Stories_USA_PSP-ARTiSAN available online b4 europe, whats new?

1327.10.2005 0:15

Yeah lol, it's their own fault, people really want this game, theyve been waiting for ages.. then it gets delayed, so they can save time and money and just download it! -Mike

1427.10.2005 16:58

too bad too, its such a good game. and @Mik3r, you cant play this game if its downloaded, there are currently no working loaders to get this game to work on 1.5 psp, which are the only ones who can run downloaded games. you can find out more at

1528.10.2005 15:50

I can buy it right now, but I don't want to, hahahahaha. Lol, had to throw that in.

1630.10.2005 4:34

duz n e 1 know when this game will be out on the Ps2 and xbox cuz i am really desperate to play the new GTA and see what thwy new in this. cuz every edition has a different environment and the last when San Andreas was the best cuz it got tha ghetto and low riders. ROCK STAR rulez when it cums to games....

1730.10.2005 5:00

sorry but its not gonna come out for xbox or ps2, its a psp exclusive. goto

1830.10.2005 11:59

To all those that have a PSP and are thinking of purchasing this game. GTA has been on some of the gameboy handhelds before but they were a totally diff game from the home console version. GTA LCS lives up to the hype. If you like GTA SA, you will love the portable GTA LCS. Ahhh... Violence on the in the palm of my hand on a crisp LCD screen. Throw on a pair of earbuds and you can really get lost to the fact that you are playing a handheld version due to the graphics, and the nice size of the PSP's screen. I never really got the same feeling from playing my Gameboy SP b/c the screen is just too small. So GTA fans, this is a must have game.

1929.12.2005 12:34

2029.12.2005 12:35

Can u play multiplayer with GTA from europe with GTA from america?

2129.12.2005 14:57

you can play multiplayer with and GTA LCS, but its not online, its ad0hoc(need to be close to the person)

2231.12.2005 18:01

but does it matter because of the versions? (like a guy with the USA edition and another guy with the European edition. If they were close 2 each other, would it still work?

2331.12.2005 18:01

but does it matter because of the versions? (like a guy with the USA edition and another guy with the European edition. If they were close 2 each other, would it still work?)

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