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UPDATED: Anti-DRM protest in New York delayed

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 24 Oct 2005 10:42 User comments (18)

Update: Due to rain forecast, the protest has been rescheduled for 7:00pm on October 27th at the Virgin Megastore at E. 14th St. and Broadway.
A group calling itself FreeCultureNYU will gather to protest the use of Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection on music in New York on Thursday. They will gather at the Virgin Megastore at E. 14th St. and Broadway at 7 PM to inform users about DRM and the dangers that surround it. The group believes consumers should have the right to purchase music and not have the content owners dictate to how they use it.

They will also be handing out flyers full of information about DRM and circumvention. Here's an example of the front and back of a flyer...



So far the inclusion of DRM protection on CDs has caused a lot of trouble. Some artists have spoken out against the use of DRM on their music. However, the labels Sony BMG and EMI are set to continue to release these copy protected CDs.


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18 user comments

124.10.2005 11:01

About time, good stuff!

224.10.2005 11:37

hopefully, they'll be able to make a difference. DRM is a crime. :(

324.10.2005 14:55

I wish I lived near NY or I'd be there handing out flyers too.

424.10.2005 16:29

lol funny there will always be a way to get around copy protection no matter what so i just think that sony and whatever company is also doing this are just wasting time.... :)

524.10.2005 18:10

yeah, anything that can be played can be copied. but it's good to try and make it as easy as possible for non engineers with graduate degress, hehehe ;-)

624.10.2005 18:28

This makes me want to go to New York I hate everthing about DRM.

724.10.2005 19:01

yea i live in ny and i hate that s**t about DRM sony needs to stop with that and the copy protection on dvd's oh yea and by the way could someone plzzzzzzzzzzz tell me when the new hd-dvd or blue ray ddv come out will they also keep the standard dvd's as in put movies on both or all 3 :) thanks

824.10.2005 22:59

I wish someone comes up with some sorta crack for the stupid DRM protection.....

925.10.2005 0:03

Just say 'No' to DRM.

1025.10.2005 0:23

Used to be I would buy a CD, then rip it to MP3 and listen to it at home, at work, in my car and on my mp3 walkman thingie. Now I just download the mp3s because I can't be sure I'll be able to use the CD the way I want to. Why pay for a CD I can't use?

1125.10.2005 0:42

I'd buy from iTunes if they didn't have DRM. But I already have an MP3 player I'm happy with (and it's not an iPod), so I have to use 'alternative' methods. Oh well, doesn't cost me a dime, but if I were the entertainment industry I'd be worried that DRM was destroying my business. When you want to attract more people to your products, the last thing you do is make people hate the product and love the cheaper competition. These record labels apparently flunked 10th grade marketing.

1225.10.2005 2:55

This makes me want to go to New York I hate everthing about DRM.
Same here, except.. Scotland and NY are quite a distance away lol! It is a waste of time and money because everyone knew it would have been cracked eventually. -Mike

1327.10.2005 7:07

easy way to copy if you are lucky enough to have a standalone cd recorder and a bog standard cd player use that method it gets around drm and other issues NICELY ! or buty slysoft clone cd an excellent product or finally boycott cds with drm on them , better still organize a rally in the uk !!!

1429.10.2005 10:29

This is why P2P services need to be legal because nobody has any rights at all concerning their own property.And is windows vista going to incorporate this technology?(DRM)

1529.10.2005 19:14

I wasn't gonna post this but Tunebite will copy at fast speed the sound of a WMA DRM file and guess what iTunes. Its not illegal since it uses your sound card with a twist. It copies at fast speed like the old cassett recorders did when they had two built into them. And the files are non protected Mp3's or ogg if you want. Now you can purchase from the music stores and enjoy non protected music. these guys want to control what you do with your music. We say defeat the protection and go on with life as usual. Easy to use as 1...2...3.

1630.10.2005 7:32

Sound card recordings of CD's is the 'dirty little secret' that the industry doesn't want to talk about. They also don't want to talk about soundcard recordings from internet radio (which technically also includes subscription based music services... which are set up as 'channels' like a radio). Congress has already determined a long time ago that it is legal to record (and/or time shift) broadcast radio. While this was initially for OTA radio stations the broadcast naturally extends to internet broadcasts. Now if I could find something that recorded video and audio played simultaneously (for use with say power DVD) and yes I know that there are ways around DVD protections but a similiar scheme for DVD recordings as TuneBite or ReplayMusic would once again legitimize backing up dvd's.

171.11.2005 8:07

Yes this would also allow you to back your movies you purchase from iTunes or Movie Link or Cinema Now. Truth is we have the right to do what we will with what we buy and the industry don't want you to know this. However at least Imesh music subscription has the right idea and I think more and more people will learn of how to get around DRM and buy their audio/video vs get it via p2p where most people don't always check the quality of what they Download hence you don't always get a good copy.

186.11.2005 14:59

How does Sony expect anyone to take them serious? They manufacture/sell the writable CD’s people use to copy music onto, the mp3 Players, and just about all the equipment you need to copy any DVD you wish to, or what does Sony really expect people to do with the products they Manufacture?,the word Hypocrite’s springs to mind,

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