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Microsoft lists 18 games for Xbox 360

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 15 Nov 2005 4:07 User comments (36)

Microsoft lists 18 games for Xbox 360 Microsoft has released a list of 18 games which will be launched with the company's next generation console, Xbox 360. The console will be launched first in North America on November 22nd followed by Japan and Europe over the two following weeks. Out of the 18 games that Microsoft has confirmed, three are from the software giant itself, Kameo: Elements of Power, Perfect Dark Zero and Project Gotham Racing 3.
The other 15 titles are from outside game makers including Activision and Electronic Arts. Microsoft also revealed that 212 old Xbox games will run on the Xbox 360 but only when there is a HDD present so that emulation software can be downloaded and used. Here is the list of 18 games for the Xbox 360 launch...

  • Amped 3 (2K Sports)
  • Call of Duty 2 (Activision Inc.)
  • Condemned: Criminal Origins (SEGA Corp.)
  • FIFA Soccer 06 Road to 2006 FIFA World Cup (Electronic Arts Inc.)
  • GUN (Activision)
  • Kameo: Elements of Power (Microsoft Game Studios and Rare Ltd.)
  • Madden NFL 06 (Electronic Arts)
  • NBA 2K6 (2K Sports)
  • NBA LIVE 06 (Electronic Arts)
  • Need for Speed Most Wanted (Electronic Arts)
  • NHL 2K6 (2K Sports)
  • Perfect Dark Zero (Microsoft Game Studios and Rare Ltd.)
  • Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie (Ubisoft)
  • Project Gotham Racing 3 (Microsoft Game Studios and Bizarre Creations Ltd.)
  • Quake 4 (id Software and Activision)
  • Ridge Racer 6 (Namco Ltd.)
  • Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 06 (Electronic Arts)
  • Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (Activision)

The list of 212 Xbox games that have been confirmed as 360 compatible can be seen here.


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36 user comments

115.11.2005 5:15

i think everyone who buys a 360 will get Call of Duty 2, there arent any other really great ones, PDZ is too much like halo, and yes, thats a bad thing... maybe condemned will be good. everything else seems kinda meh.

215.11.2005 6:15

ok i strongly agree the only good game there is probably call of duty 2, if u play doom3 don't buy quake4 it's like a freakin exact copy of it.

315.11.2005 8:36

Microsoft also revealed that 212 old Xbox games will run on the Xbox 360 but only when there is a HDD present so that emulation software can be downloaded and used
So does this mean that the emulation software differs throughout the gaming catalogue? If not, why not just pre-install the software as standard?

415.11.2005 8:42

Look good so far

515.11.2005 10:11

I getting NFS Most Wanted

sig made by AcidMagna

615.11.2005 13:33

It's not even backwards-compatible? What's up with that? I knew it looked bad at Walmart (could have been the demos, but doubt it), but the fact that it doesn't even come stock with the capability to play ALL the Xbox's games just seems to make it more of a hassle to get. I'm not siding with Xbox 360 until I see the results of the other two big competitors.

715.11.2005 16:02

I'm sure most of us have already played three great games from the launch list: CoD2, Quake 4, and GUN. n_n

815.11.2005 17:04

Im gonna stick with PS, i have read the list none of the games soo far have really impressed me and i know that SONY will bring them out anyway. Now if they put the DRM on it i may have a change of heart and go with the MS product, but i will wait awhile and see wat happens latter on in the year following.

915.11.2005 17:11

All i know is i have two son's over here cleaning there rooms, keeping the yard clean, and counting down the days to Xmas wanting half of this list!

1015.11.2005 17:31

i gonna probably wait awhile to see ps3 around it's just alot of rumors around the ps3's cell processor that will leave the xbox's single core(correct me if i'm wrong) processor in dust and the Blue Ray disc media god it's just too much to mention stick around a little bit and see how's the ps3.

stop hoping, start loving.

1116.11.2005 7:55

i hope microsoft realise that they'r enot gunna be taking market share from sony?this machine is over-hyped by all accounts. The people who want PS3 will wait. Th epeople who already have an xboix, and a ps2 will buy this...therefore, no market shar eis taken...i think the marketing exec should be fired. Dan

1216.11.2005 9:25

@ six.6.six I remember when i used to do that same thing to get my ps2, I got a's and b's for the whole 7th grade year. I'm not buying the 360 but it is a damn good system from what i've read. The backward compatibilty thing is not a big deal because mostly everybody is getting the $400 deal and they are going to update

1316.11.2005 9:34

nuttin_88, LoL Ps2, i was doing that for a Atari bro!!! Damn time is flying by

Alcohol is GOOOD!

1416.11.2005 10:40

I am correcting you... The 360 has 3 3.2 duel cores that will have ht technology, which means that that it will have a virtual processor inside every single one of the processors.... thats about 9 processors that will be able to all do different stuff.... the ps3 will have 1 3.2 cell processor which they finally got stable... and 256 mg of ram... xbox 360 has 512, but is shared... I am an xbox fan and yes the ps3 will be better technicaly... But remember With the developers using this kind of architexture Its going to take a while to find out how to use all of that power... and the cool thing is that the developers for the 360 will be able to put certian parts of the game on each processor = a very nice streaming system... I am 14 and i am getting the platinum edition 360... And yes i cant wait till X-Mas... Any questions that you have i will be happy to answer... Thanks for reading this, Triock

1516.11.2005 13:58

no Xbox 360 has one processor with 3 cores and 6 threads. Not 9 processors. Still better than 4 threads of today's PCs.

1616.11.2005 14:12

see this what i'm talking about alot of rumors i gonna wait til ps3 come out and tried it out and make my decision.

stop hoping, start loving.

1716.11.2005 14:25

Now if they put the DRM on it i may have a change of heart
If? I'm pretty sure they will... They just cannot help themselves. They think they have control over things like burning personal cd's?? If they think they have the right to invade our P.C's (Yes, that's our P.C's) then, given such a great opportunity like the launch of the ps3, I am certain that they will slip the DRM in and then just hope that everyone will be so caught up in the hype of it, that they won't give it a second thought. Criminal

1816.11.2005 15:53

I'm pretty bummed that DOA 4 won't be out at launch that was gonna be my first pick.

1917.11.2005 9:50

Guys have you seen the pricing for the games on the XBOX 360? If they are $60 bux then I wonder how much a game that is on Blu-ray will cost. I do have to admit that microsoft seems to have made some blunders with this system. But I still hear that there will be a total of three different version of the XBOX 360 and I could have sworn I read that the 360 has 3 core processor not one. Maybe I am wrong

2017.11.2005 9:52

Yes it is on 1 chip, but their are 3 processors with all that fun stuff in them...


2118.11.2005 9:44

the official specs, for what they are worth are here ( for the 360 and for the ps3). also @Triock, the ps3 has 512 ram, 512 is pretty standard for all games right now. but i think that evilh0ly is right just wait for the ps3 and nintendo revolution to come out, find out which controller is more comfortable and which has the better games, especially since you know there are going to be bugs and glitches with the first installment of all three systems that need to be worked out.

2219.11.2005 6:20

guys i smell a pc emulator to be ported from that 360 emulator as soon as it hits. :) computers shall rule the day.

2319.11.2005 13:39

NEVER!!!!!!!!!NEVER!!!!!!!!!NEVER!!!!!!!!! NEVER!!!!!!!!!NEVER!!!!!!!!!NEVER!!!!!!!!! NEVER!!!!!!!!!NEVER!!!!!!!!!NEVER!!!!!!!!! NEVER!!!!!!!!!NEVER!!!!!!!!!NEVER!!!!!!!!! NEVER!!!!!!!!!NEVER!!!!!!!!!NEVER!!!!!!!!! NEVER!!!!!!!!!NEVER!!!!!!!!!NEVER!!!!!!!!! THAT IS IMPOSIBLE!! TOO MUCH SPEED!!!

2419.11.2005 13:52

well i'm not a computer whiz but the good thing about computers is that unlike consoles you could keep upgrading their hardware to make them better so eventually they wil be able to emulate those consoles.

2519.11.2005 17:10

THANK YOU.... YOU SAID EVENTUALY..and to get that king of hard ware is about 10.000 thousand dollars.. soo yeah you spend 15 thousand on a computer and i will get the same thing for 500.00... Point taken. Thanks, Triock

2619.11.2005 18:14

THANK YOU.... AND YOU SAID NEVER!! you should really try and calm down before making yourself look like an ass. Man WTF is happening to Afterdawn.

2721.11.2005 9:05

Shut you pie hole.... All that i am saying is that why put that much money into a computer to play 360 games, when you can just buy the 360... Please explain??? Was not trying to be an ass... Sorry... Thanks, Triock

2822.11.2005 7:32

you knonw triok, these next gen aren't really as strong as you are making it out to be. a 3.2 ghz processor and 512 ram plus whatever graphics card they will have. it won't cost the thousands you say for a equivalent computer and for five hundred which you think it will be sold for ($399.99 at walmart for the expensive version) you could get a decent computer that would be close to equivilent to a ps3 or x360

2922.11.2005 12:40

Shut up... you make me laugh!!! You fool!!! Plane and simple, You are a dumass!!! God you r funny...

3022.11.2005 12:40

Shut up... you make me laugh!!! You fool!!! Plane and simple, You are a dumass!!! God you r funny...

3122.11.2005 12:40

Shut up... you make me laugh!!! You fool!!! Plane and simple, You are a dumass!!! God you r funny...

3222.11.2005 13:12


3322.11.2005 13:59

I can't believe the Xbox 360 is still using the DVD format.

~Much luv for my D.C. Honiez

3410.12.2005 7:16

I personally prefer PC before consoles but if I had to choose between XBOX and PS3, PS3 all the the way. To the young boy: chill out.

3510.12.2005 7:25

Hey guys, Sorry that was my brother, He, I dono i will talk to him, But yes i am 14 and i am not getting the 360, Rather a amd 64 2.2 barton with a gig or ram and a 256 mg video card. :) sorry about my brother.. :( . Um And yes the 360 has 3 cores but they r on 1 platform.. and their are 3 cores that r duel core with ht. But yes it is on one platform.. :) So, The ps3 will be better, No doubt, But i like xbox games. :) ok well email me back.. Thanks, Triock

362.10.2006 15:38

well this is the first comment that i have ever made and i just couldnt resist. everyone is raving about the ps3 and how its going to be so much better than the 360, well yeah your pretty much right. But you also have to think about this, the 360 is only the second system that microsoft has come out with. The ps3 is the THIRD system that they have come out with in order to surpass the xbox. let microsoft work with this system a little more and well see which system is going to be better (XBOX 360 of course.) Microsoft has been making things like this for pc's a lot longer than sony. You tell me who has more know how! and if you want to have a system that will blow away both xbox and ps3 then dont be a tight ass and have a computer shop build you a custom computer. not only can you do more with a computer but you can also play a lot more games on it and have much better graphics. i was always telling people to stick with xbox untill i decided to try the pc. i wont play on any console now and the only reason that i would consider buying one is cause i have a 3 yo son that could play games on the console better than trying to play on the pc (hes 3 and can play BF2 on my computer). Sytem specs. - 3.2 p4 w/HT, 3 Gigs pc 3200, 200 Gig SATA, GeForce 6800 Xtreme 256 MB, Samsung DVD Burner and DVD Rom. All this for around $800. (i guess being a pc tech and owning a computer shop helps too though.)

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