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iPod Shuffle named this year's 'must chav gadget'

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 05 Dec 2005 10:03 User comments (11)

iPod Shuffle named this year's 'must chav gadget' The iPod Shuffle music player has been labeled as this years "must chav gadget" by the UKs top gadget experts and the staff of Tech Digest and Shiny Shiny. "The shuffle is perfect for chavs," said the judge's citation. "Its cheap. Its by a cool brand, and you can let others know you have one as it is designed to be worn round your neck. As it is white it also accessories well with those classy gold chains Chavs wear."
However, the iPod Shuffle is possibly the worst music player in Apple's line-up. It has no screen display so you have to rely on the player to choose the music for you in an appropriate order - and it doesn't really look that good in comparison to other iPod models. So maybe it's not the best gadget for a bunch who claim they "got style n' class". Runner up for the Chav gadget was the Motorola RAZR phone.

Apple was also lucky to have the iPod Nano win the Shiny Shiny icon award and for a while it was tied with Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP) console for the gadget of the year award. However, in the end, the PSP pulled ahead of the tiny MP3 player to take the award. Still though, second place isn't bad for one of the most complained about MP3 players in the history of the market.

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11 user comments

15.12.2005 10:08

"Check out me Ipod shuffle!" "It makes me propa haad innit!" Lol, hilarious.

25.12.2005 13:25

However, the iPod Shuffle is the worst music player in Apple's line-up.

35.12.2005 13:38

If I could vote it would go to USB-powered Air Darts

45.12.2005 15:07

That's Fantabulous! That's got to be one of the greatest inventions I've seen for a while.

55.12.2005 16:08

ashroy01 : I second that nomination. That is just dope.

65.12.2005 17:55

I want to shoot those at anyone caught shoulder surfing.

75.12.2005 22:34

i think the shuffle is pretty cool even without the screen.

86.12.2005 4:33

must chav?

107.12.2005 1:02

Which of the 10 definitions do I look at?


1127.6.2007 21:57

I didn't know I can put other files in it except itunes. Now it does not work anymore. Yeahh, i'm an idiot... but I'm warning everybody not to commit the same mistake.

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