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Disney adds more shows to iTunes

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 04 Jan 2006 19:04 User comments (6)

Disney adds more shows to iTunes The Walt Disney Company has announced that it plans to make more content available on Apple's iTunes store from networks including ESPN and ABC Sports, ABC Entertainment and Touchstone Television, ABC Family, ABC News, Buena Vista Television, Disney Channel, and SOAPnet. In addition, content produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation will be available. The most interest in the new shows will probably lean towards sports as the network will offer condensed versions of all four BCS Bowl Games, Tostitos Fiesta Bowl and Nokia Sugar Bowl, the Orange Bowl and the Rose Bowl.
ESPN will also add some Original Entertainment programs, such as "Night School", which is a new show that will premiere on iTunes. It is a forthcoming reality show that will feature Texas Tech basketball coach Bobby Knight. "Wildfire", "Kim Possible" and "The Proud Family" are other shows that will also be offered by Disney. This is another major boost for Apple as it fights to get as much control over TV downloads as it can in these early stages.


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6 user comments

15.1.2006 8:04

I've downloaded Tv from I-tunes, and the picture is only about 3 inches wide and 2 inches tall, and on my 17 inch Flat Panel, what's the point of that? If I could click on it and have be full screen high resolution I'd keep buying more TV shows from Itunes, but for now, I stick with my PAnasonic DRM-85H DVR with 213 hours of recording time, and my brand new Panasonic EH-50S with 180 hours of recording time. If I ned a show I burn a DVD and watch them on my 7 inch Insignia portable DVD/Mp3 Player on the airplane.

25.1.2006 10:26

People didn't think this whole video downloading thing would take off for that exact reason. But it's already huge. Reason is, technology is fun. People get a kick out of paying $1.99 for a show and downloading it and watching it on their iPod or whatever. Sure the video is crappy, but it ranks high in the "dude, check this out" factor

35.1.2006 11:52

The picture quality doesn't matter to most people. It the coolness of it. I'm in highschool and when someone whips out a video ipod, all the kids who don't know what they are talking about go crazy over them. Most people who have them don't even know how to put videos of their own on them. All they know is with this ipod, I can go to the itunes music store and give them a bunch of money for tv shows and be very cool while doing it.

45.1.2006 13:52

I predict that Google will do the Video download thing much better and fill out the quality stuff that guys like me are looking for. Steve Jobs is going to hit the wall on this video venture. Yeah, it's hot now, but when the novelty wears off, or these guys find out that they can't burn the video's for permanent retention/storage the buzz will wear off and the buzz kill is going to be strong. Over whelming actually. I-tunes is perfect for ipods playing music, but the video ipod thing will probably have a short shelf life in terms of popularity. If I'm wrong, then alot of people will end up squandering alot of their own money on a medium they will not really own, on programs they will probably add to things they throw away and will not keep. But then again, I don't understand the ring-tone phenomenon either. Read the i-tunes agreement, you don't own anything you buy off itunes----not even the music. You're paying for the right to use the music, For as long as you maintain your i-tunes account. Close the account and your rights to the tunes are going to be just as long gone.

59.1.2006 8:04

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67.2.2006 16:44

@ jasper44 that is sooo TRUE!!! i am in middle school and sincerely i am not one of the smartest people in the 8th grade but they are sorta complete idiots they say OMG!! how did u put that movie on there!! to see the shock on their face is such a knee slapper!!!

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