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Mobile phones don't cause brain tumours

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 22 Jan 2006 15:09 User comments (11)

Mobile phones don't cause brain tumours The results of a four-year study conducted in the UK have indicated that no matter how frequently you make calls with a mobile phone, your risk of developing brain tumors remains the same. The results were published Friday in the British Medical Journal. It focused on the incidence of glioma in phone users. Glioma is the most common form of brain tumor. The study was conducted by the Leeds, Nottingham and Manchester Universities in conjunction with London's Institute of Cancer Research.
966 people aged between 18 and 69 with glioma brain tumors were interviewed along with 1,716 randomly selected healthy individuals. The interviews took place between 1 December 2000 and 29 February 2004. Researchers asked questions about how frequently the phone users made calls, the average duration of the calls and even the make and model of the phone itself.

The results contradicted earlier studies including one Swedish study that showed mobile users in rural areas had an increased risk of tumors because base-stations are further apart, forcing the phone to operate at higher power. The UK study found no evidence to support this link. However, other past studies also pointed to increased risk on the side of the brain closest to where users hold their phones.

The UK study also observed a "significant excess risk" here. The results indicated a "significant reduction in risk" on the other side of the brain however, leading the researchers to conclude that there is insufficient evidence that such a phenomenon exists. The researchers also pointed out that widespread mobile phone usage hasn't been going on long enough to provide a proper risk assessment.

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11 user comments

122.1.2006 15:38

Guess something else caused my tumor

222.1.2006 16:09

I'm not really all that convinced by the study either. I have heard some stories from people that are quite bad.

322.1.2006 16:15

What about genitals? I'd imagine that they get a "significant excess" by having the phone in your pocket... Guess I'll know when I start shooting blanks in a couple of years.

423.1.2006 5:09

its not the phones its the idots using them while they drive and the ones who have them on in the theators or at the malls god id just like to take it from one and shove it directly up his a%# nuff said then he could bend over to reseve his fax.....

526.1.2006 13:23

So you actually think that people get brain tumors because they use mobile phones when driving or in the theatre? Get a grip! (and learn how to spell)

626.1.2006 17:54

I wonder how much Nokia and other companies had to pay the researchers.

726.1.2006 21:17

Guys-I wonder how this relates to Bluetooth is short-range radio from phone to earpiece? I guess the phone antenna can radiate the kidney/flank area. As a general practicioner I really cannot worry about this. Lot of other health issues to worry about. Bob

827.1.2006 3:42

I don't believe it is the cell phones causing brain tumors. I believe it is the Aspartame (NutraSweet) that so many people are consuming now. My partner and I gave up all artificial sweeteners last May 18th and I have not had a migraine since. I use to average about 2 or three migraines per month. Very bad migraines. I tried several different types of medications and they only worked temporarily. I am medication free now and it would seem migraine free too. Nothing else in my diet changed except the lack of artificial sweeteners. There is a DVD out called "Sweet Misery". There is a doctor on the DVD talking about the huge number of brain tumors and brain cancer that erupted right after the introduction of Aspartame. I would suggest a Google search of "Aspartame brain tumors" and you will be shocked. You will find that Splenda is very bad too. Splenda contains large amounts of chlorine that the body stores. Too much chlorine in the body can be toxic and it also makes you very sleepy and lethargic. Splenda is cropping up in a lot of products and is not being printed on the label as Splenda. It is being hidden in the ingredients list as sucralose. You have to read your labels to make sure you know what you are consuming.

927.1.2006 3:45

Oops. Here's the website if anyone is interested in the DVD.

1027.1.2006 10:54

phew what a relief :P

1128.1.2006 11:08

Guess it must have been caused by my starring role in Kindergarten Cop then.

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