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Up to 7 million PS3s to ship?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 22 Jan 2006 16:06 User comments (5)

Up to 7 million PS3s to ship? After the Consumer Electronics Show, many believed that the launch of the PlayStation 3 console from Sony would suffer similar shortages and other problems experienced by Microsoft during the launch of the Xbox 360 console. An analyst at Pacific Crest Securities estimated earlier this week that about 1 million PS3 consoles would be available for a November launch. However, that figure is nothing in comparison to the amount of consoles that Pioneer executive Andy Parson thinks will be available.
While speaking with The Digital Bits, Parsons discussed the Blu-Ray format and how the PS3 would mark the success of the format. He then gave his comments on the upcoming PS3 launch. "The PS3 is launching right at the forefront of Blu-ray disc," Parsons said. "If Sony ships the kind of numbers we expect them to this year, that will provide a very rapid growth of players out there hungry for titles. We've been hearing between 4 (million) and 7 million (PS3s) could ship."

Microsoft experienced shortages during the Xbox 360 launch in the US and Europe. The company originally aimed to ship 3 million units within the first 90 days but later adjusted its figures to 4.5 million to 5.5 million by June. Despite Sony's previous aim for a Spring 2006 launch, industry analysts believe the console wont reach North America until later this year, with a possible mid-year launch in Japan.


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5 user comments

122.1.2006 20:27

That sounds really good. I just hope that they make sure that they also have the basic peripheral devices to supply whatever number of consoles they launch with. I remember when the Dreamcast (SEGA) launched, I had no problem getting the console. The one small problem I did have was that I had to wait at least 2 months to get a memory card due to some sort of problem they were having with the processing plants that the memory cards were created at. There aren't many games that will allow you to progress very far without a memory card. (Tetris, maybe?) That will definitely stay in the bad memory file for quite some time. I suppose I shouldn't have to worry about something like that happening again since, after all, the Dreamcast made it's debut during the last millennium.

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223.1.2006 3:51

i hope this is true, sony needs it. one thing i hate the 360 is u gotta spend atleasy 700+ to start to enjoy it since it has expensive periphreals for things that should have been included.

326.1.2006 13:59

I am really lookin forward to the PS3 coming, I think they are doing something similiar to the Orig Xbox and let Microsoft fuck them selves because they rushed produciton and had a bunch of glitchs with it. PS3 sounds like its going to have more than enough for the first few waves so im definately gettin a ps3.

426.1.2006 14:39

I'm gonna wait a bit b4 i get mine. two reasons why is 1) the first batch may have glitches in them. this happened with the ps2 and ppl had to return the console to the place they bought them and either had it repaired or a new one given which took 2 - 3 weeks to arrive because of the demand for them. 2) the price will drop to something reasonable. no way am I gonna pay 300 for one.

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526.1.2006 17:14

Yah true but i usually never spoil myself and PS2 was 500 when it came out here and thats a norm price, it will go down in a year but i dont really wanna wait that long.

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