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EMI boss condemns French move to legalise file sharing

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 22 Jan 2006 16:33 User comments (1)

EMI boss condemns French move to legalise file sharing Eric Nicoli, the chairman of the EMI Group PLC, has condemned French moves to legalise the sharing of copyrighted music on the Internet through the introduction of a so-called "global license". "If France continues down this road it could jeopardise the promising growth were now seeing in the legitimate online market," he said. EMI is the worlds No. 3 major record company. Nicolo has urged a rethink by the French government, fearing the damage a global license could do to the developing music download market.
The French government is expected to publish new proposed amendments to its copyright bill soon. Last month, deputies voted to introduce a global license that would mean any Internet user willing to pay a few extra euros on top of their subscription charges could freely copy music online. This extra fee would be distributed amongst artists and copyright holders.

While consumer groups have welcomed the vote, music labels and retail chains have lined up to condemn it. "France has always respected copyright and supported creative industries, so it seems an aberration that the government has taken a first step towards a global licence," Nicoli said, in a keynote speech at Midem, a global music industry gathering in Cannes. "I urge the French government to reconsider and reverse these proposals. Protection of copyright is of utmost importance in any business relationship within the digital arena."


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123.1.2006 10:02

EMI: How dare you come up with a system that's fair to consumers and doesn't give us way more money than we deserve!

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