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RealNetworks launched RealCommunity

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 24 Jan 2006 23:24 User comments (12)

RealNetworks launched RealCommunity RealNetworks is continuing to expand its online music services with the introduction of RealCommunity, a new service that allows unsigned bands and artists to setup their own profile pages and upload and sell their own music tracks. These tracks can then be rated by visitors to the community, which will judge which members make it onto the top ranked chart that will be highlighted on RealMusic, RealNetworks' recently launched online music service.
Tracks will also be available to buy via SMS message, as a ringtone sent straight to a mobile phone or a song downloaded straight to a computer. Artists will be selected from the bunch and promoted on the RealGuide homepage giving featured artists an opportunity to be in the spotlight. It certainly does sound like a useful service and if used correctly, could help an artist get some recognition.

"Joining the RealCommunity will give artists instant exposure and access to an entertainment-centric audience," commented Piers Heaton-Armstrong, Marketing Director at RealNetworks. "Our RealMusic and RealGuide sites are extremely popular with music lovers, so RealCommunity artists have a great opportunity to get noticed, build their profiles, and sell their music."


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12 user comments

125.1.2006 1:51

I just don't trust Real anymore... If I wanted to get Indie music I'd rather go mp3lizard anyways...

225.1.2006 15:13

i hate real network they are crap they choke up your computer it's becoming like norton type of application i hate it.

325.1.2006 18:15

RealTrojan's done it again! Created yet another security-risk for the Internet, artists and home-users alike. Why don't they just call quits and fix the problems they created?

425.1.2006 22:16

Use to use Real all the time... then Windows Media Player 10 and BAM. haven't used real since. Plus I found out how crappy it was so I won't go back.

527.1.2006 6:45

In RealPlayer 10 and 10.5, it is very easy to disable any features you don't like. You can disable it from automatically starting up with your computer, and you can disable the message center. It also doesn't use much memory at all. Moreover, it provides you with free AAC/mp4 codecs. I've had it installed for the past year, and while it's not the best media player, it is intrusive by no means. I don't even know it's there unless I need it. RealPlayer 10+ is much better behaved than many other similar software out there (eg Quicktime is one of the most annoying). If you haven't used it, then shut your trap. Please stick to the topic at hand and don't turn every article about Real or Symantec or MS into an opportunity to bash the "evil" software conglomorates.

627.1.2006 12:34

You might be right, but look around on the internet. There is a lot of bad sentiment about this program, and a lot of it is well deserved. Symantec and MS are bashed mostly because of tall-poppy syndrome, they're on the completely opposite ends of the spectrum here. In my case, I have been irritated by Real more than once when I begrudgingly had to install it to view some critical file, but it is NOT going on there again. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. And anyway, on the topic, I'd worry for any Indie group that got involved with Real, the company has a vested interest in their music. I'd like to read the contract that is entered into when placing music on the site too and see how hard you are screwed when you music becomes popular, matter of fact I'll do it right now.

727.1.2006 13:06

First impression of the website: forcing popups to be turned on. Strike one. Second gripe: you need to give them your mobile phone number BEFORE you're allowed to even view their terms and conditions. Which leads to the gripe about how one actually PAYS for songs. It is a premium SMS service. Yeah, you've seen the ads on TV where you sign up and in the fine print is says you're going to be receiving five messages a week, at $5 a pop. The whole concept of this website stinks, I feel sorry for the kids who subscribe and end up with $100 phone bills as a result. DON'T FALL FOR IT.

827.1.2006 13:08

Not only that, but the one song they do display they are trying to flog for 1 pound. That seems like an awful lot to be selling a relatively unknown artist for.

927.1.2006 13:16

Sorry to post-spam, but managed to get a link to the terms and conditions: Basically, you give Real absolute permission to do whatever they want with your song with no need for commissions, indemnify them of any claims, and only get paid 50% of "net revenues".

For these purposes Net Revenues shall mean the purchase price paid by other Users of the Real Community for Your Content less VAT, hosting, indexing and display costs, delivery costs including (where appropriate) premium SMS costs, billing costs including (where appropriate) credit card and debit card remittance and chargeback costs and other fees charged by our billing partner.
Not good.

1029.1.2006 11:53

It's like getting paid nothing. I feel sorry for the people who fall into that scam. I also don't bash on MS and Symantec, FYI. Symantec Ghost 7 is a really good program for creating copies of someone's computer, and Microsoft is pretty reputable regardless of some of it's agendas. It's just that, like most people, I was sick and tired of it creating havoc on my OS, and how it's nearly impossible to remove it from a computer.

1131.1.2006 8:19

I think that Real is a good company, but with the flow of time comes a change for me. If I have to play RM files, I have "RealAlternative" and I now use the recently discovered vunerable WinAmp. RealPlayed ended up using up too much resources for my taste. I liked the fact that there about 100 ways to manipulate songs, but I don't use it anymore. I like it, but it has lost it's way and practicallity. As for this community thing...they are just trying to get money. Much in the way with RP+ and RPGold and all the other pay programs. They will stick it to you if you let them...just a lesson to those who don't read the fine print I guess.

1231.1.2006 12:05

As far as RealAlternative goes, I'm not sure whether it is a truly legitimate solution. Last I heard about it it uses RealPlayer libraries without licence. I can't speak for everyone, but I personally like to keep things legitimate on my system, but each to their own. As far as the company, I think the management is completely misguided and always just trying to find the next get-rich-quick scheme to take on. Unfortunately their programmers just have to do what said management demand. For what they release, they've probably done an awesome job with respect to what they've been forced to do, so I can appreciate that they probably have a few talented programmers, just a deranged group of managers driving things. I've seen a fair few forums where the programmers actually post in their defence, so I can cut them a bit of slack at least.

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