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Chinese crackdown on web piracy

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 05 Feb 2006 16:04 User comments (10)

Chinese crackdown on web piracy Anti-piracy efforts in China are looking up, at least on the Internet, as it has been announced that 172 cases have been cracked and 76 websites shut down across the country. This was the result of a three month crackdown to attempt to target massive online piracy in the country. The announcement was made by the National Copyright Administration of China (NCAC). 137 sites were forced to remove illegal content and 29 owners of the sites have been fined a sum of 789,000 yuan (US$98,625).
The move against Internet piracy came from the Ministry of Public Security, the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee and the Ministry of Information Industry as well as other relevant departments since September 2005. The areas best affected following the actions are Beijing, Hainan, Hubei, Shaanxi, Shanghai, Shandong and Guangdong. 8 of the cases have been handed over to the judicial departments for criminal investigation.


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10 user comments

15.2.2006 16:11

Right... Out of how many illegal chinese websites?

25.2.2006 16:21

"Anti-piracy efforts in China are looking up"

"And in other news, temperatures in hell may even reach sub-zero this week". lol
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35.2.2006 16:33

"Anti-piracy efforts in China are looking up, at least on the Internet" You probably shouldn't "selectively quote", Lethal ;-)

45.2.2006 16:40

Haha, sorry! I see you were trying to be impartial & careful with what you were writing! Here it goes; "Anti-piracy efforts in China are looking up, at least on the Internet"

I cannot see how the closedown of 172 websites in a country of well over one billion to be anything significant - It wouldn't be as much in a country like America. With that being said, of course, in a country where piracy is so rife such as China, any sort of success by the authorities must be seen as "looking up". :-)

55.2.2006 16:42

By the way Dela, just curious, but how come the word 'Internet' in your post is a h-linked ad? Is your account activated to hotlink any words to specific adverts because you write the news? -Lethal

65.2.2006 16:49

Being very careful with how i worded that first line yes, as it would sound quite stupid without the second part. The highlighting as far as i know is intellitxt, it hotlinks on news items and other content on the site. Links arent put there by me, and dont have anything to do with my account. It's an automatic process and yes I know, it sometimes picks some strange words to hotlink ;-)

76.2.2006 1:28

CHina is not interested in the cracks and sowftware piracy they are interested in pll hacking thier web controlls and you know getting onto the "REAL" net LOL Its like the US is not interested in stoping the Import/export bleeding whitch it killing us...Japan is going broke and we will soon be owen by china ><

86.2.2006 8:07

people need to understand that this whole anti-piracy isnt gonna stop anything... staight up.... people murder and do drugs every damn day in masses and theyve been trying to stop it since the beginning of time... this whole piracy thing is no different... it will ALWAYS be around.. it has been around since indians were trading marajuana to pirates for booze.... shady stuff always been happening underground. im sure even back in cave-man days basically this is just a way for goverments to get rich the same way anti-drug movement makes them profit in one way or another... the more people being fined the more happy their wallets are.... so it isnt a matter of trying to stop pirates in their tracks... its a matter of collecting their consistent source of income from them since it will never stop.. this is only the beginning... shits gonna get out of control. more so then it is now... children will be jailed for downloading barney and sesame street... and the top cats will be counting more money then they can handle.... the internet is gonna doom us all in the end anyway... so fuck it.... ok im done rambling... back to work!

96.2.2006 14:46

Hmmm, stop piracy in China? Easy. Walk down the streets all day and bust dealers, take items, and then repeat day in and day out till the end of time. Eventually they'll get the message.

106.2.2006 15:53

First of all I would like to say that piracy as it is called is not going anywhere, its the people fighting back because they were taking advantage of well some anyway, but China makes a killing in piracy it is so well established that the millitary in China profits from it.I also would just like to say that Japan is far from being or going broke trust me on that..

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