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Rosen and Berman to start anti-piracy firm

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 05 Feb 2006 16:45 User comments (6)

Two of the biggest names in the music industry's recent history, Hilary Rosen and Jay Berman, are to start their very own anti-piracy consulting agency that will be called "Berman Rosen Global Strategies". They will focus on intellectual property protection, international trade issues, digital media technology and anti-piracy strategies, and their history in the entertainment industry is key to their efforts' credibility.
Hilary Rosen was chief of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) around the time that Napster kicked off a huge fuss within the music industry that has just kept escalating these past years. At that time, Jay Berman was head of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). The pair have said they plan to act as a consultancy rather than a lobbying firm.

"Digital delivery and acquisition of entertainment is changing with lightening speed and so is the need to protect and promote the creative expressions that provide this entertainment," Berman said. "We can help guide businesses in the entertainment space on a variety of important issues such as licensing, public policy and anti-piracy tactics, both in the U.S. and internationally."


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6 user comments

15.2.2006 21:38

I think that I'm finally starting to understand why these entertainment folks are so incredibly traumatized by P2P networks and are so fiercely adamant in the holy battle to prevent anyone from being blatantly entertained without ponying-up the legal tender each and every minute, because you never can tell when someone may commit the act of enjoying their production. Being as there are two sides to every issue, try looking at this subject from the RIAA's and the MPAA's perspective. It certainly makes sense to try and protect any and all intellectual property generated by them as intellect is a very rare commodity these days in that particular industry. It really has become almost as endangered a species as the species of little furry creatures that those entertainment industry folks are so often wearing in those stylish photos you see of them. The more you think about it, the easier it is to see that they are forging their anti-piracy strategies using furry logic.

26.2.2006 2:05

Furry logic not withstanding but the complete lack of common sense is scary,there needs to be adjustments in how the 'SRROS' (Super Rich Rights Owner Society) is loud to sue others,when ebay and its users can be sued over copying and pasting info from manufactures websites over the very item that the manufacturer made or they can sue a group of people or even Individuals if they talk or act out a part from one of their properties..... Making a mix tape is ok....selling mix tape of I-P is a no no Making a backup of ANY I-P for the fair use of backing it up is ok selling it a no no keeping it after you sell off the "real copy" eh a no no be lesser than selling 10 copies there is a point where this BS needs to STOP...much like corporate lobbing in all government politics...Individuals yes can give to a limit groups can to a limit hell it would be better if all money goes into a pot for that champion and is divided equally to all, BTW if they want to fund it them selfs they can to a point then it goes into the pot so all run the same...hell even skipping most of that and just running equal time for all on TV/radio all over the area the champion run..of course...all of this is simple and somewhat common sensical thus making it moot since the gov is no longer by,for,of the people.....sorry potlitical rant ><.....

36.2.2006 7:34

..of course...all of this is simple and somewhat common sensical thus making it moot since the gov is no longer by,for,of the people.....sorry potlitical rant ><.....
Well ZIppyDSM, I certainly won't stop you since you're playing one of my favorite songs. Feel free to rant, I think I have maybe once. Oh no. Did I use the word free? I'm sure I probably violated some type of law with the use of that increasingly obsolete word, at least here in the land of the. With all of our lawmakers so very eager to crank-out laws, so that they each can claim at least one law made as their very own, it seems that we now have at least one law for every conceivable circumstance. Does it seem to anyone that this has any effect other than stripping away even more of our ever dwindling freedoms. By now I'm sure that it seems that I'm heading over the deep end but there is a point here to be made. The point is that these restrictive laws that are constantly being put into the books just somehow always seem to benefit the wealthiest 20% of the population, of which the RIAA just happen to fit into so nicely. Once upon a time there was little question about the nature of buying and selling. The buyer paid a specified price to the seller, and in return received ownership of the product that was purchased to, within reason, do with as the buyer saw fit. Now, it seems as though that natural order is being overridden to allow the seller to retain possession of the product, allowing only the bare minimum of rights, and therefore value, to transfer to the buyer, as is absolutely necessary. Disturbingly enough, that seems to have something very much in common with slavery. OK, I'm finally going to shut-up and go find something to legally entertain myself. How about changing that to say that I'm finally shutting-up now?

46.2.2006 12:14

freshguy Preach it brother preach it! ^^

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

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511.2.2006 13:56

Sorry but ! Way dont the Industri make a big fass about al the Videos ho peopels selling in the fli market to, and its even received films on it, and some are even broadcast from tv and cuptured ! Ist this copyrighed movies to !! Even the state broadcasting film ho peoples cuptures. Ist this illegal to ! Sue even the state there they broadcasting movies. Copying is Copying !

611.2.2006 21:09

Tester-1 Good lord man, it's called spell-checker.

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