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BitTorrent to protect its name

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 07 Feb 2006 14:03 User comments (2)

BitTorrent to protect its name The creators of BitTorrent, a popular tool used to share large files safely and quickly through a network are soon to take steps to protect how software developers use the BitTorrent name. President of the BitTorrent company, Ashwin Navin, made the announcement on Monday. For the last few years, developers have been using BitTorrent technology freely under an open-source software license. This has led to an explosion of software titles that claim to be compatible with BitTorrent downloads.
The company will soon start to enforce a trademark policy as it is attempting to become a legitimate distributor for movies online. "We're sensitive to people calling their software BitTorrent to achieve a certain level of popularity in order to distribute spyware and adware," Navin said. Due to its high speed and reliability, BitTorrent has become one of the most popular ways to share pirated movies, software, music and games online.

People who want to use the BitTorrent trademark while marketing products will have to pay a nominal fee to the company. The company will also review the software to ensure compliance with a set of security standards.


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2 user comments

113.2.2006 11:12

I hope Shadow pays the fees, cause I like continued usage of bit tornado. What other open source clients do you all use?

215.2.2006 9:47

uTorrent is my fave at the moment. I have tried Bitlord, Azereus, bit comet etc, but I have found uTorretn the best so far.

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