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Ice cream man convicted for piracy

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 07 Feb 2006 13:07 User comments (12)

Ice cream man convicted for piracy Following a raid on his work premises back in May 2003, William Agnew, a 50 year old ice cream man from South Lanarkshire, has been convicted for running a piracy operation from his van. Agnew would sell vast amounts of pirated movie DVDs, music CDs and games when he did his rounds in the ice cream van. He admitted to trademark offenses and was sentenced to serve 200 hours community service at Hamilton Sheriff Court.
The raid on his premises in 2003 turned up 4,000 pirated discs. The Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association (Elspa) has publicised the man's conviction and has estimated that the seized material would have been worth 100,000 if it were sold as new. His business premises were located in Blantyre.

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12 user comments

17.2.2006 13:21

LOL Mommie the ice cream man is here. He has a variety of flavors. Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, DVD's, CD's; come boy & girls the ice cream man is here. Had to have fun with this :)

27.2.2006 13:28

At least the punishment fit the crime for once. No point sending people to prison for stuff like this.

37.2.2006 13:50

A wise Judge

47.2.2006 16:49

I'm glad the judge had "Good Humor". (Rimshot) I can't believe someone hasn't said that yet.

57.2.2006 17:02

At least he was not selling drugs. "He admitted to trademark offenses" I seem to remember that every blank disc sold already has an extra charge, payable to the respective industry, in case it might be used to "Pirate" content. Maybe the "Trademark" on the professionally pirated disk was the only thing they could get to stick. TC

67.2.2006 17:12

I wish my ice cream man did that :/.

77.2.2006 18:20


87.2.2006 18:54

That's a crazy ice cream truck!!! Simply being in the presence of one of that calibre is hard to believe.

97.2.2006 19:04

ive actually heard of an ice cream man convicted of selling heroin from his ice cream van.piracy doesnt seem that bad.

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108.2.2006 8:54

This is just great..."I'll have an astro-pop and the new Star Wars movie please..." :)

1111.2.2006 14:09

that ice cream man is 1 genious i just want to thank him good man good very good if i lived in his area id be donating to him

1212.2.2006 11:37

NO wounder He Got Caught,Making extra profit,Words Go around Quickly.The asian Countrys are the only ones Who Can Really Get Away With it.

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