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RIAA: Most P2P users aren't aware of shared files

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 07 Feb 2006 13:26 User comments (13)

RIAA: Most P2P users aren't aware of shared files The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has sued thousands of file sharers in the United States for copyright infringement for distributing music through P2P networks. These distributors are better known in the P2P community as "uploaders", which, judging by how P2P works, effectively should make 99.9% of P2P users "distributors". Of course, that sounds ridiculous when you think of the amount of people who don't realise that uploading is considered distributing, or don't even know they are uploading at all.
According to "Recording Industry vs. The People", in November 2004, the RIAA admitted that most P2P end users whose files are in a "shared files folder" don't even know that their files are in a shared files folder. The RIAA made this claim in testimony before the Federal Trade Commission. So it appears, even knowing that most P2P users don't know they are doing wrong, the RIAA has no problem labeling them "thieves" and suing them. The exact wording by the RIAA is below...

"As an initial matter, P2P software may, upon installation, automatically search a user’s entire hard drive for content. Files that users have no intention of sharing may end up being offered to the entire P2P network. Continued sharing of personal information is hard to avoid and is facilitated by confusing and complicated instructions for designating shared items. A study by Nathaniel S. Good and Aaron Krekelberg at HP Laboratories showed that "the majority of the users…were unable to tell what files they were sharing, and sometimes incorrectly assumed they were not sharing any files when in fact they were sharing all files on their hard drive."

Yes, that does indeed sound like the RIAA has admitted that most P2P users have no idea of what they're really sharing, or what they are sharing at all. This is yet another example of how the RIAA continues to put its foot in its mouth and contradict itself as it tries to put a stop to music file sharing.

Recording Industry vs. The People

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13 user comments

17.2.2006 14:29

very insightful info Dela. That is language from when they were spinning in an attempt to get p2p banned even though if course it has a huge number of legitimate uses. I am just flabberghasted a the entire suit process and amounts. If I was on a jury, the ONLY remedy I would support would be a take down.

27.2.2006 14:34

This is getting ridiculous. First, they say that what we are doing is wrong, then they say that most people aren't aware of it, then they say that everyone is to blame except themselves, and then they blame complete strangers who are totally oblivious to this type of thing. The RIAA directors and script writters really need to have their heads examined.

37.2.2006 15:44

So it appears, even knowing that most P2P users don't know they are doing wrong, the RIAA has no problem labeling them "thieves" and suing them.
It takes one to know one. Trite but true.

47.2.2006 17:07

Kind of reminds me of when I was a safety officer. Have you ever tried to outsmart an idiot? TC

57.2.2006 17:52

how can you be dumb enough to not know what your sharing, it even says in the beginning of all client installs what folders would u like to share. Make a new empty folder, or clic nothing. Its simple.

67.2.2006 18:43

A monopoly making a fuss about its products... Oh! Boohoo! Cry me a river you cry babies.

77.2.2006 19:27

RIAA, acronym for, the "Rapacious Inquisition of Acataleptic Associates". I believe that whats the acronym stands for, but I might be mistaken hehehehehhee.

87.2.2006 23:17

Actually I was just thinking about this last night. I was doing some searching with Cabos and came across plenty of fiancial flies, bills of sale, tax returns etc. Heck even little Billie homework and Dad's .ppt presentation.

98.2.2006 6:31

LOL, why dont P2p networks just ask wether to upload a downloaded file?

No one can give you wiser advise than yourself.

1012.2.2006 21:22

The most mind boggling situation with the RIAA, payoffs to politicians, media control is how the criminals have effectively created the image that the "customers" are "pirates",, yet there is nothing about the illegal actions of the RIAA members which are gigantic. Why hasn't the Attorney General followed up on Elliot Spitzer's work which opens up what we already know. The corruption of big payola, control of what plays on radio, what CDs get onto retailers shelves and the collusion and price fixing in the industry. Why wasn't there publicity about the criminal activity of the RIAA membership where consumers who have purchased albums or CDs could get $5.00 back for every one that was purchased from the RIAA because of the multi-milllion dollar fine that was put on the RIAA for price fixing and paying off to eliminate "imports" and making sure that non-RIAA companies were not able to get their CDs or records on shelves. Stores that wanted to discount the over-priced media from, RIAA companies would be cut off if they didn't sell what they wanted to sell and sell their records and CDs at full retail price. Why do the unbelievably lame artists (I hate to say this), join forces to eliminate the RIAA ? When a guy like Springsteen, one of the few "chosen artists", signs for big money with Sony, he puts the knife in a little deeper into the Industry and his fellow artists. When cassette tapes were developed and the RIAA fought against having cassette tape machines and cassestes themselves because "They would destroy the music Industry", did yoou know that for every blank cassette sold, that the RIAA get $1.00 ? That was supposed to get paid to the artists who were losing ALL THAT money. Not one nickel ever went to an artist. The RIAA also fought against reel to reel tape players and recorders. The said "It would be the end of the record business". Before the attack on the music listeners and customers, the RIAA fought technology companies in court, and lost every time, but they did get some compromises, like the $1.00 per blank cassette tape as well the making sure that the quality of tapes were of poor quality. They did effectively stop the sale of music on Digital Audio Tapes (DAT Tapes), to the public. Whenever they have lost, they have made a fortune. They are crooks !! Is it illegal to have some friends over to listen to a new CD ? Ia it illegal for someone to hear a music while walking down the street ? Who here knows that the RIAA member companies have removed the entire bufget for development of new artists. I wish I knew how much music is NOT being distributed anymore and there is NO legal way to get it. They screw the artists and have them blame their fans and customers. There are a few "hip" and kmowledgeable artists, but until on of the "chosen few" says, I'm going to not sign with you", but distribute directly to the consumers, it will keep on going on. Jon

1115.2.2006 8:24

Let me reiterate that RIAA, is acronym for, the "Rapacious Inquisition of Acataleptic Associates". @Jon You shouldn't be shocked that a monopoly doesn't have the best interests of the customer at heart. They brilliantly use labels to their advantage such as "Pirates", lobby politicians and rally support for media coverage on issues they perceive as just by their standards. The real problem here is simple:"Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Our system needs to change, and people like you and me, need to realize that we have strenght in number. WE ELECTED THE GOVERNMENTS WE LIVE IN, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Peace out.

1216.2.2006 21:58

Hot Ice , You hit the nail right on the head !! Your quote

is absolutely true. Because of the process that wsa put in place, the people can create the government, leaders, policys, way to treat others, be ignorant or informed, be active or be disinfranchized from the world around us. We have chosen the leaders we diserve is a saying that I used to hear a lot of. But, it has gotten to a point that I never remember in this nation. I am not so sure that it can be so easy to change the "insides" and "Ethics" of our society. Since the media, arts, government and corporations have so much power that was given to them by the citizens, the 99% of the U.S. population. What amazes me is the musical artists and how lame most of them are, as well as selfish. There is not as much of that with other artists. There seems to be a culture where helping each other out as well as connecting with their audience is dead. Professional marketing is so successful at creating opinion currently. I don't remember a time though when there was only a handful of Corporate entities that control all of the media markets. When there was a lawlessness at the highest leval of government and ignoring the constitution was ignored. I just heard about a bill that was sent to the President's desk for signing directly from committee. Not even voted upon by the Congress at all. I never thought I would see a time when federally subsidized student loans and Pell grants for college students would be eliminated totally. Those were on the same bill that also created a lowering of taxes for the richest 1% of Americans and called a "tax cut bill." Where people call THEMSELVES the problem and lawless because an industry claims not to make enough money. That it is the customers fault. We allow our soldiers to be abused so terribly and the creation of private mercenaries (about 100,000) who are making big money as the expense of our soldiers and our nation. We send these kids to war and don't allow them to come home after their commitment. I live in a military town and we have been raising money to pay for vests, medical bills, mortgages for the families of soldiers because of the government not homoring their commitments to the men. That one really gets to me because I see it daily. I live where there is a large Army Base, a Air Force base, the Airforce Academy, and Norad. Plus there are loads of military retirees living here. It hurts me lot. Does anyone care that the largest military hospital, "Walter Reede Medical Center" is going to be shut down ? I really got off the subject. But, with regards to the RIAA, read about their history, their criminal activity which has been stopped by courts and recently by the Attorney General of New York. Read back when Reel to Reel tape was going to be sold to the public. Read about the MIAA and how they did their best to stop the selling of VCRs. Ever see a record company contract with muscians ? It is amazing. It is similar to sharecroppers or miners where they had to work for the company and shop at the company store and stay at the company housing and have all of their paycheck taken out for expenses. Jon

1317.2.2006 14:05

@Jolo Go see my post on pirating in El Salvador, its a very informative post here is the link. A note about government... "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent." Thomas Jefferson Therefore, speak out! "When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty." Thomas Jefferson Stand up for what you believe in! These are truly inspiring and powerful quotes. On issues regarding the war in Iraq...It is terrible! Soldiers are dying and for what?! Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, there are none, the government lied to its people, so what is the REAL reason for the war? Iraq had no involvement whatsoever with 9/11, (experts give evidence to corraborate this statement) however, the government still lied about that as well. I can speculate as to what the real reasons are, but I think it is more important that the troops head back home to their families in one piece, not handicapped, or in a coffin. I heard that there are over 3000 soldiers dead and thousands more gravely wounded! This boils my blood. I am strongly against any form of violence or war. Anyways, this issue bothers my conscience. I think this subject hurts a lot of people who genuinely care about the welfare of his fellow man. I think there are a lot of reasonably suspicious occurences that took place on 9/11, especially when the government didn't want to answer any questions in the 9/11 panel inquiry. The Patriot Act which is supposedly there to protect us (enacted both in Canada and the USA) robs us of our freedoms (there are many bad cases related to the act) The Abu Ghraib and Guatanamo bay TORTURE prisons, leaves me speechless for all the wrong reasons... SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE! Has the world gone crazy?! All this human suffering, frustration,etc gets to me, so I don't want to talk about it anymore... On another lighter note, corporations get amazing tax deductions and they are taxed around 8-10% yearly. They aren't patriotic at all, show no loyalty to your country, and if the government were to raise taxes, they would probably go to a third world country. Bastards. On yet another note, President Bush, aside from the Florida scandal where he had a cousin assist him in voter fraud...When you look back at his past, you see that him and Kerry attended the same schools and they are distant relatives, talk about competition! Now, another note, Bush and Kerry were members of an alumni society called the Skulls and Bones (America's most powerful secret society based in Yale). This society only accepts members of the prominent elite and places these same members in influential positions. Go figure. Bush has been known to do grave robbing with other members of that society, and largely told the lie that it was just a stupid prank. However, when do a bit of research on the nature and symbolism of the skull and bones society, the rituals they commit themselves to, etc, it strikes as a group that practices the occult and divination through necromancy (digging up of the skull is used for that apparently) Bush speaks about being a devout christian and includes God in his speeches, however, he is an occultist who probably doesn't even believe in a God and nothing short of a hypocrite. The skull and bones society hosts some of the most amoral and evil people to walk the face of the Earth. Anyways, I always go on tangents, I feel like an old fart speaking of tales in times of yore. Freedom of speech, being a person of good principles and morals is more important in this day age more than ever. Peace out, hot_ice

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