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AT&T accuses Apple and others of patent infringement

Written by James Delahunty @ 13 Feb 2006 7:38 User comments (2)

AT&T accuses Apple and others of patent infringement AT&T holds several video compression related patents which the company claims are an essential component of the MPEG-4 video technology, and the company has accused Apple Computer, Inc., CyberLink Corp., DivX, Inc., InterVideo, Inc., and Sonic Solutions of infringement. All these companies offer products that utilize MPEG-4 technology. AT&T has also written to national retailers and warned them that they may be held liable for infringement while selling certain products from these companies.
"Each of these companies has been advised that they are offering infringing products, that AT&T can provide proof of infringement, and that AT&T is offering a license under reasonable on non-discriminatory terms," Michael J. Robinson, licensing director of AT&T Intellectual Property Management, wrote in a letter sent in December 2005. The strongly worded letter made sure to inform the retailers of the possible damages could face.

"If your company obtains MPEG-4 products or software from any of these companies, or any other unlicensed company, you are responsible for obtaining a license directly from AT&T or run the risk of distributing infringing products," Robinson wrote. "Damages resulting from the distribution of infringing products can include AT&T's lost profits, royalties and, in the case of willful infringement, treble damages and attorneys fees and costs."

However, representatives from the companies named by AT&T, said they were unaware of any patent infringement notifications from AT&T. "We believe that we have all necessary rights and licenses with respect to all of our products," a spokesman for Sonic Solutions said.


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2 user comments

113.2.2006 22:20

Damn sucks to be Apple(sorta). They are getting sued left and right and being accused left and right. But then again they have sold 1,000,000,000,000 ipods so I don't feel too bad for them.

214.2.2006 11:13

Sounds to me like at&t want to deflect attention away from themselves letting the us secret service spy on thousands of people illegally or they gonna need the cash for a huge law suit against them!

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