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Consumer awareness of IPTV high in United States

Written by James Delahunty @ 15 Feb 2006 12:26 User comments (6)

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6 user comments

115.2.2006 07:22

I'm assuming that IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. Is that right? I guess I'm not one of the 56%! As a Tivo Series 2 owner, I've already seen a glimpse of this. With my Tivo connected to the internet through my broadband connection, I can download small clips of content offered through the Tivo service. Right now it's pretty limited. Things like 3 minute commercials about a new car, or the theatrical trailer for a new movie. But it definitely shows promise of things to come!

215.2.2006 08:02

Well I have a TV wonder Pro and Elite and I'm quite happy with them for watching TV on my computer so I probably wouldn't get it.

315.2.2006 10:42

slingbox lets you control your home calbe over an internet connection anywhere in the world

415.2.2006 13:24

First time I've heard of this, but it sounds pretty promising. I'll see if this is an option next time I get a new TV.

516.2.2006 09:34

Shoutcast TV anyone? Nevermind... This is (just) one of the big reasons why the media companys are pushing to "throttle" ('eliminate' is probably a better word) P2P traffic. The $hitload of bandwidth needed to provide on-demand video content can't be gettin' hogged up by us P2P users!

620.2.2006 10:45

I read an article in Business Week recently that said that Verizon has partioned off about 80% of its broadband bandwidth for video content. So, if you use Verizon broadband as your ISP, and you want to view streaming video, it will work fine as long as the content comes from Verizon. But if you try to stream video from another source, it's got to compete for the remaining 20% of bandwidth that Verizon is squeezing everyone else into.

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