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Update on the AfterDawn staff writer position

Written by Jari Ketola @ 02 Mar 2006 4:26 User comments (32)

Update on the AfterDawn staff writer position First of all I would like to thank everyone that applied for the position. We were definitely surprised by the number and quality of applications we received! Great job everyone!
That being said, it has taken us quite a while to go through all the applications. With alot of projects and recruiting going on, there's only so much time we have been able to devote to going through the applications. We have just about gone through all the applications now, but it will still be a while before we pick applicants for the second round.

So if you posted an application and haven't heard back from us -- sorry to have kept you waiting, but you neededn't worry! You will hear from us soon enough.

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32 user comments

12.3.2006 5:08

Keep up all the good work on the forums, guys

22.3.2006 5:11

Yup, keep it up. A good idea would be a mod fill out form for mod positions. There are a lot of threads/users that aren't dealt with for quite some time. That smurf guy started making all these spam threads/posts at 4am and it wasn't dealth with until 8pm ;) There are only 3 active mods.. just a sugestion ;) -Mike

32.3.2006 5:25

shoot...i didn't hear about this...what are the requirements? and can i still apply?

42.3.2006 5:26

oh, and if you need more mods...let me know. I mod another site, so i know the drill.

52.3.2006 6:06

shoot...i didn't hear about this...what are the requirements? and can i still apply?
No, sorry buddy. I think applications closed at the end of 2005.. ;-)

62.3.2006 11:32

Good to know, thank you for the update Ketola and keep up the strong work here at aD :)

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73.3.2006 1:56

there's enough mods, there's just a lot of little rascals and too many forums for them to hide in. the downside of AD being one of the most well known sites is that it attracts the pondlife as well as the swarms of good posters. keep the offensive reports coming

83.3.2006 16:01

which is yet another reason we ask our senior members and addicts to help out.

94.3.2006 16:51

I FINALLY FIGURED OUT WHT DVD-SHRINK WON'T WORK AFTER BURNING A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF DVDs, I DOWNLOAD DVD COVER PHOTOS FROM and it turns out if you don't have a good spam blocker or anti-virus they will dump a whole lot of crap into your computer. these viruses or whatever they are corupt everything in your system.... but that did'nt stop me. i figured a way to burn dozens of copy written stuff...

104.3.2006 17:14

@ 1hunter 1. Read the Forum Rules B4 U Post. 2. Are you mentally...? use your imagination!! How could you possibly post that reply, which is so off topic to this thread?

...a mind is a terrible thing to waste...

114.3.2006 17:32

you call yourself wayCRAZE, I can understand why. If you would have taken the time to read my second post, you would know that the reason i had problems with DVD Shrink was that another site i was logged on to download dvd covers was unloadind all kinds of trojens, viruses and crap. So mr. crazy, the next time you call someone mental, make sure he really isn't mental enough to track you down ! THIS WILL BE MY LAST POST, SO DON'T WASTE ANYONEs time by answering this... SGT* R. HUNTER, NYC

roman velez

124.3.2006 18:02

1hunter, you are also banned so can't do a reply, dimwit!!!

134.3.2006 23:08

was he really a hunter i thought creaky's terminology more appropriate: pondlife: much more fitting, pity you banned him

145.3.2006 2:18

yup, another amoeba on the pond of life..

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155.3.2006 15:17

And a sergeant to boot.

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165.3.2006 17:04

i don't think he was a sergeant as i think it was an alias. sergeant rick hunter is from the tv series "hunter" early 90's in california.

175.3.2006 19:02

sgt pondlife has a nice ring to it

186.3.2006 6:15

are there any other posts open I want to be the town drunk! 0_o LOL sorry sorry...couldnt help it >< LOL

196.3.2006 14:23

ok, ad drunk!!!

206.3.2006 14:49


216.3.2006 15:05

the ad drunk,on week ends.. edit pix out

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226.3.2006 15:09

Only on the weekends? I am mentally drunk all the time 0-o

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236.3.2006 15:16

edit all pix and quote

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246.3.2006 16:43

can i be the official AD Mercenary? please please pllleeeaaaseeeeee! i promise to kill lots and lots of f***tards!

256.3.2006 22:05

hey auslander you dont spell smacktard with an F

267.3.2006 8:12

Haha andy, funny guy! :-)

277.3.2006 9:09

Please stick to commenting the news article in this thread. Thanks. =)

287.3.2006 9:18

Acknowledged.. sorry, Ketola. On topic, I'm looking forward to see who comes out on top. I'm sure whoever it is will be a perfect person for the job - we have so many great people here with huge potential. Good luck everyone.

297.3.2006 12:35

Yep, I'm sure the judges will be perfect at uh..judging? And as Lethal said, the person with the best potention will come out on top. Will be interesting to see who wins :) -Mike

307.3.2006 23:05

sorry ketola i'll edit my post if required

319.3.2006 13:36

Pondlife! - wish I'd used that for my Username!

3229.4.2006 11:08

To Ketola and other distinguished admins, I was wondering when we would recieve the next update on the writer position? Sincerely, Andre

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