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First movie added to iTunes store

Written by James Delahunty @ 14 Mar 2006 8:59 User comments (8)

First movie added to iTunes store Apple Computer Inc. has added the first full length movie to the iTunes store. The Disney movie "High School Musical" can be found in the store for $1.99, the same price it costs to download TV shows and music videos. The movie industry is battling rampant online piracy and looking for an "iTunes for movies" that Apple would be only too keen to offer. However, Apple won't corner the market for movie downloads as easily as it did for music downloads.
A few days ago it emerged that Amazon is planning its own movie download service, which will have IMDB on its side to drive sales. Apple's success in music lies in the success of the iPod; but is the video iPod enough to drive consumers to download movies from iTunes, or would consumers prefer to get movies from Amazon (due to its huge customer base and good reputation) or other similar upcoming services?

It has been reported that Apple will begin selling movies with the launch of a new touch screen iPod. The company has been in talks with major Hollywood studios to license content.


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8 user comments

114.3.2006 10:18

this probably means that new ipod video 6th gen is coming very soon.

214.3.2006 13:14

yeah i am looking for that movie and yet no sight of it!!!!!!! just the music videos!!!!!!

314.3.2006 13:21

I haven't seen it either

414.3.2006 14:36

aww just finally got into the ipod and brought a 5th gen one but they're releasing another one so soon. Oh well i'll get a job this summa and buy one if they rumors are true about screen takes up whole ipod, 5 hours battery life, and touchscreen.

515.3.2006 14:09

after difficult searching and what not i found High School Musical and it is up for $10 bucks this is extremely good for Apple but u can't click on it when u go under tv shows then disney channel i had to click a link that led me to it so i think Apple is gonna have great success if they add more movies that have billions of viewers watching them!

617.3.2006 00:59

iPod's SUCK.... Zen's RULE! There I said it.

717.3.2006 06:31

Ohhhhh boy. Low quality video with horrible audio. Just great. Give me my $2 back....

823.3.2006 17:33

I don't agree. The Video iPod has great quality. I've converted a lot of videos using videora iPod converter. I have a home doc. I'll certainly buy movies from iTunes when they start to offer them. Just as long as they don't start charging $20/Movie. Yes the zen is great, but try makeing all your Downloads that you get from FrostWire to work properly. With the iPod video there will be one codec to use and not XviD, DivX, Real Media, Intel, WMV, Microsoft whatever. You need a host of codecs to Download movies off the net. But with the iPod there will be one codec everyone uses and that is Mp4.

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