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iTunes gets US college basketball

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 16 Mar 2006 8:02 User comments (3)

iTunes gets US college basketball Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes download store has added content for College basketball fans in a new deal between CBS Sports and the company. CBS Corp's College Sports TV distributes the NCAA men's basketball tournament games and now fans will also be able to download condensed versions of the games from the iTunes store for $1.99 each. Alternatively all 63 of the games can be purchased as a "Season Pass" for $19.99. The content will automatically be delivered to the user's computer the day after the game.
With all the advertisements and extras cut out, the games will be about an hour long each, according to iTunes VP Eddy Cue. He also said full-length versions of this year's semifinals and championship game also will be available for purchase at the iTunes store. Content licensing and management company Thought Equity is also working with CSTV to produce "buzzer beaters," upsets and memorable championship games from past tournaments for iTunes.

"The response from customers has been that they love watching it on their iPods or their computers," Cue said. "You see a lot of folks in gyms now that instead of watching the big TV are watching their own choice on an iPod, and kids watch in the back seat or on their laptops in their bedrooms."


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3 user comments

120.3.2006 11:13

Seriously, who cares? Seeing that this is the first post on such a boring topic after 4/5 days only proves that. I can't believe somebody actually came up with this idea...Let's sell video of a bunch of no name wanna be's who will never make it pro. Your $2 would be well spent on a 99 cent menu at a fast food resturant instead.

220.3.2006 22:59

of course no one has posted anything here cause 99.5% of this bored is a buch of little nerds who care more about a amd processor, a ps2 game and a new way to hack his psp than to go out and get some excercise or watch sports or even try them themselves.

322.3.2006 15:36

I also figured it was do in part that college sports are wacky and nobody will ever play by college rules, unless they're in college. College sports rules are stupid. They must be modeled after puff, puff, give.

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