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P2P child pornography ring busted

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 17 Mar 2006 18:42 User comments (73)

P2P child pornography ring busted US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales revealed in Chicago yesterday that undercover investigators had infiltrated an Internet chat room hosting child pornography, and as a result 27 arrests were made in the US, Canada, Australia and England. The chat room, known as "Kiddypics & Kiddyvids", was used to trade "graphic images of child pornography including live streaming video of adults sexually molesting children and infants." The ring that operated the chatroom used P2P technology to exchange the content.
"The behavior in these chat rooms and the images these defendants sent around the world through peer to peer file sharing programs and private instant messaging services are the worst imaginable forms of child pornography," said Gonzales. Charges brought in the US include possession, receipt, distribution and manufacture of child pornography, as well as conspiracy and other offenses.

The use of P2P technology meant that the ring didn't have to rely on any central servers, and also made it much harder for investigators to bring the group down. So far, none of the individuals mentioned in yesterday's indictment in Chicago have been convicted of a crime, "but we plan to prosecute them and others involved in this vile chat room to the fullest extent of the law," Gonzales commented.

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73 user comments

117.3.2006 19:00

For once the government does something right!

217.3.2006 19:19

this is what the gov't should be doing full time.. putting the real criminals in prison... makes me sick, you see about 50 music/app/game busts to one serious offense like this...

317.3.2006 19:57

another black eye for p2p. as if there weren't enough already

417.3.2006 21:19

Like the others here i have to agree that the govt has done the correct thing brining these absoulote idiots to justice. I am a Youth Worker in Australia and this is a big issue that causes a lot of problems for parents and other young people. What I think should happen to people that doo this kinda stuff with minors is. They should lose their reproductovry organs and labitios... Makes me sick!!!

517.3.2006 23:24

They finally caught some people who've committed crimes!

618.3.2006 1:15

Its possible this is just more propaganda to hurt the people who use P2P.If not you sick pups got what you deserve.

718.3.2006 4:58

Number of child pornographers disposed of:27 Number of people sued by RIAA:750

818.3.2006 5:57

perv sick asterd rott in hell !!!!!!

918.3.2006 7:50

I agree with the first comment made on this subject. The federal Gov't should be putting the resources they have to work busting a$$holes like this. They should take these animals out in the deep woods & hang them all!

1018.3.2006 8:18

finally the government has made a real bust and i hope these 27 people get thrown in a jail cell together and get beat to death and then get ass raped.

1118.3.2006 10:44

I hope they get what they might deserve.

1218.3.2006 13:06

When I first heard about this story it made me sick...then angry. Damn scoundrels, hurting children. I hope they get prosecuted to the fullest.

1318.3.2006 13:43

runner121: peace brother I know what your saying but man I live in Holland and 1 of the news headlines from my ISP said they had infiltrated a gigantic ring all over the world and also in Holland, a province called Limburg, which is south Holland. Many ISP's are really trying to check out what is what, and are losing the battle. But there are indeed powers that be ,, that could easily stomp up the funds needed and find all nowingly sick people. Unfortunately de-centralised servers means more work and more money. And I will tell you something I wish I had money like bill gates, to hell with leaving it all to charity, give it to charity now, use your mother fu**ing software and experts to put it right, for once and for all weed these people out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

1418.3.2006 14:53

I am unsure if people aware of this, but the federal government do tackle this issue full time. The problem is, they are not backed by Hollywood + MPAA, so the funds to employ stackloads of people are simply not there. Now if only the MPAA were to fund this, I'd actually goto the movies with my kids, every damn time.

1518.3.2006 17:05

Guys, these people might not have been raping children like you think. For all you know, the 'children' in these sexual situations were teenagers of 13-16, and even if they weren't, where is the harm in them getting doinked? If they were being held down and raped, or threatened into doing sexual actions, I could understand your outrage, but your emotional reactions is overlooking the fact that children can and do ask adult to touch them sexually, and sometimes THREATEN the adults into touching them sexually by saying "Touch me down here, or I will tell my daddy that you DID touch me here, and get you put in jail!" Don't believe it can happen? It happened to me, so I KNOW that children can do it, and it was just dumb luck that I had a running video recorder in the room, that recorded the child's threats. It's time to realize that children have sex on their minds just as much as adults, and time to give them back their sexual freedom.

1618.3.2006 18:26

I don't think that's the point, Chris1000. I do think the point is that after all (whether it was threat from a child or real rape), the images and videos were distributed for people to view. This is what they are getting prosecuted for. I don't believe the article mentions anything about the actual molestors (of course the viewers could be molestors, but there is no proof of that).

1718.3.2006 18:43

I don't care, these sick bastards should get tortured to the max!!!!!!!! How about tie their feet and have them hanging upside down and dip them in some boiling hot water then bring em back up after a couple of seconds then dip em back in. Or how about hang them and when their about to run out of air unhang them and keep doing it over and over. Or put them in a cell and let them get ass raped. That's what I would do because this in prison for life and leathal injection shit ain't good enough. Bastards like this shouldn't even walk the earth.

1818.3.2006 18:48

That's good news. What am I saying? That's excellent news! These low life idiots deserve to rot in their jail cell for the rest of their lifes.

1918.3.2006 21:05

I hope these gutter dwellers are admitted to the mainstream prison system so that the inmates with kids of their own can show them some real prison hospitality!! Well done US vice department.

2018.3.2006 21:26

Poor misguided chris1000. You're obviously not a parent, because your comments are completely without regard to a child's basic rights. As (decent) adults, we have a moral duty to protect children from as many of life's atrocities as we can, and to attempt to preserve their innocence for as long as possible. To do otherwise is tantamount to corruption. If you try to justify what these low lives have done, you're no better than them.

2118.3.2006 23:45

I agree with cryptic. It seems that you are advocating what these men did.

For all you know, the 'children' in these sexual situations were teenagers of 13-16
Incorrect. The article sites that some of these images were of infants. Infants arent 13-16 years old. And there is something wrong with a 12 year old being 'doinked' on video and then being redistributed. Do you seriously condone this? I would really hope that you too aren't involved in 'kiddywatch' activities and that some where down the line you realize that this is by no means normal, nor should it have any type of acceptance, mainstream or otherwise.

2218.3.2006 23:54

F**KING SICK BASTARDS!! It people like this make me wish that the death sentence was still legal over here in England. People like this should get there D**KS chopped off then made to eat them and Chris how can you say something to justify there actions. When I was 18/19 I wouldn't go near any lass younger than 17 its morally wrong and above all else its SICK!! PS The end is near for P2P!!!!

2319.3.2006 0:48

Another good point. These arent kids engaging with kids their age. These are kids and grown men. Men 30 years old shouldnt be dealing with 13 year olds under any circumstance.

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2419.3.2006 1:07

@Chris This is not about minors having sex with legal adults, this is about deranged people taking pictures and videos of minors. It is the adult's responsibility to make good judgement, whether threats are made or not.

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2519.3.2006 1:53

so eserver are you saying that sex wit minors is ok as long as you dont videotape it?

2619.3.2006 3:43

How does this sound: Pay a few euros more for your internet connection and the extra payment would be used to fight child pornography. I'd sign up for that.

2719.3.2006 10:03

P2P child pornography ring busted
Good. I hope they all get life in prisonment..

2819.3.2006 11:58

You cannot protect children from anything, unless you lock them up in a room for the rest of their lives, with only you as a visitor, and then they are still in danger, because YOU could hurt them. Is sex really a atrocity? For most normal people, adults and children, their first sexual experience is the best experience of their life, unless they are held down and forced by someone in the sexual experience! That can happen to adults JUST as much as children. You are taking away children's rights, on the notion that EVERY sexual interaction they will get involved in is forced. In my experience, working as a paralegal and social worker, that is NOT the case at all. The real damage comes from the parents vitriol against the adults from taking away their children's 'innocence', and sometimes against other CHILDREN or TEENAGERS for doing the same thing, when it is sometimes the children that are being 'sexually abused' that initiated the sexual interaction, or gave their permission for the sexual interaction. Second, I have two daughters, and I have taught them that no one, not me, not their mother, not authority figures, not other adults, not other child, have the right to tell them what so do and what not to do, as long at they are not putting other people in danger of harm. Consenting to sexual interactions does NOT put other children in danger, not one whit. If that was true, you could say that adults doing the same thing, are putting other adults into danger!

2919.3.2006 13:58

great P2P still rock though

3019.3.2006 14:07

It happens a lot, when 15, 16-years kids get engaged with the same age. But when some fat bastard abusing a child this is just sick and the people who just watching this is no better. They all should burn in hell!!! After all even the criminals in prisons dont like this sort of scum, and i hope they will get proper ass treatment back in cell. Sickies like this should never walk free!!!!!

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3119.3.2006 14:16

I was wondering at first how the heck chris1000 could have gotten into a situation with a minor and have a video camera running. Interesting coincidence... But as a social worker, I guess he could. So anyone here before you label somebody find out how everything happened and then do the right thing. I'd say I generally agree with chris1000. Teenagers under 18 do it left and right, even get pregnant. They fake IDs to get into clubs, girls dress to attract, it's not unusual they fantasize about adults. At 26 I met this girl I thought was 19-20, it turned out she was 17. I was like, "don't you see a problem here, I'm 9 years older?" and she said that, one--she can't stand guys her age ("they're so stupid!"), two--older men attract her more, three--I don't hold the record for age difference. At 14(1) she dated a man she liked and he was 32! I did try to get into her pants, I admit, but she stayed in control and did not let me, and I didn't press the matter then, cuz she was under 18 and if she decided something had gone wrong I would be jailed as a rapist. That was then, now that we don't date, just chat on MSN, in a recent conversation she tells me I should have been more insistent. People, I got mad. It was my fault I respected her age, and understood that a "no" means "no"! On a recent trip to my hometown in Eastern Europe, I did get many "looks" from obviously underage girls while riding public transportation or in the street. I'm 29, I do look at least 25, hopefully :), they must be able to see that, so tell me they are not interested! As soon as they hit puberty and their hormones kick in, there's no stopping them. Yes, as adults, we have to take responsibility, but I have my own hormones to worry about, and we can't sterilize their environment. I did meet teens who looked as adults, physically, and they do try hard to hide their real age. I dont ask ID from every girl I meet, and if she says she's over 18 I simply have to believe her. All of the above goes to show that the act of sex with a post-pubescent girl is a wide "gray area" of law and it is often not the adult who is the seducer. After all a young pretty girl has lots more seductive ability. I strongly believe the law in this country does not reflect reality, and is not fair to adults. We get oversexualized media promoting daily, we get sexual revolution, morals changing, it is "cool" and "adult" if you do it, just as smoking was when I was growing up. But unlike smoking, it's also a lot of fun. And so teens go for it, after all, why not? It's only natural. However, the sickos who engage in sex with infants should be caught and jailed. There's nothing consentual or natural in it, and most times, it is forced upon the child.

3219.3.2006 14:59

so eserver are you saying that sex wit minors is ok as long as you dont videotape it?
I believe it depends on the age difference. A 17 and an 18 year old, I can understand. To me, that's acceptable. But an age difference of more then 2 or three years is pushing it.

3319.3.2006 19:08

Ok after reading the new additions i feel i must add a point. "Children" is what we are talking about here... taking away childrens inoccence is in my book via sexual or any type of abuse is the worst thing that a person can do male or female. The age aspect differs from country to country if i remember my facts correctly. I know i Australia a consentual cuple can be from the ages of 16yrs and up, hetrosexual or same sex couple it does not matter they brought this law in a few years back. If you want to find out more about legislation about your own country i suggest you visit your official government website... Child abuse should not be tolerated at all!!!

3419.3.2006 19:11

Sorry the server of aD was playin up on me :)

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3519.3.2006 19:42
3620.3.2006 2:07

Fuck*n sickos! That's all i can say. Even if kids volentarily have their picture taken of sexual acts, they are too young to make decisions for themselves, especially if they are under 14.

3720.3.2006 7:43

this is one of the main reasons why i despise and hate the internet... this is only the beginning of whats really fuckin wrong out their in the world... When it comes to young teens.. yes they will come on to you and are willing and able to have sex like a adult... but to film it and distibute it is the worst form of human exploitation possible... even with adults... to film sexual relations and put it out for millions to see if WRONG WRONG WRONG in so many ways... weather her adult, kid, old ladie, old man.... whatever.... sex wasnt meant to be filmed for others to crank a load off too... and with these children being exploited like this... makes me filled with rage deep down inside... esspeically now that i have a 3 month old daughter... and if anyone was to even remotely do anything of this nature to my daughter... i will not be afraid to fuckin kill a mother fuckin as brutally and as slowely as humanly possible.... i would not be bothered by the life jail sentance either... atleast i could sleep in peace that one more nasty fuckin is gone and wiped from the world

3820.3.2006 9:03

They are trying to vilify the P2P and its working. Now people will think that P2P is effectively about vile pornography, and not about Oh! I want to see my favourite Smallville episode that I missed yesterday or catch up on my Stargate SG1 series. There are million of users, and there were 27 scumbags. Does that justify shutting down the server? No. Crime will happen regardless of where it takes place. If someone murders a person in a cafe, do the officers shut down that same cafe, no, it eventually reopens for business. Just remove the unwanted off the servers and don't say that the P2P is the devil's work, thats all.

3920.3.2006 16:47

It dosent help thathollywood and the industry kinda ignores itand blames the "pirates" for it >> BUt anyway sicne this topic came up dose any know about the resent law they passed 6 or so eyars ago that makes anything fictional involing kids illict? I am a hentai fan (cant stand rape or mosnters or forcefull sences...I know I know I have issues >>) Bascily its close to makeing hentai bannable if its clear they have teens or kids in it. I tend to side with the way the japanase handle sex offerenders and oddiesties in sexuality *L* the US is so damn anal its scary >< altho the japanase can be so strange theya re as scary *L* *hides under bed nawing on blankie* LOL

4020.3.2006 18:14

LOL i love that graphic, Joeva

4120.3.2006 19:27

lol, i kno its cool, i cant take credit for it tho, cause i got it from another member.

4220.3.2006 21:18


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4320.3.2006 23:11

Good news on the kiddie fiddler front HOORAY!!! the more of them that get locked up the better although there is a nice solution, I didnt see anyone pulling out that hoary old quote from the bible, it's from the book of Luke It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones. (Luke 17:2). I'm a father of 4 kids, I'll even pay for the millstones. Anyone sick enough to do that kind of stuff to kids doesn't deserve to live.

4420.3.2006 23:26

someone who is 13 doesnt fully understand sex, nor are in control of thier emotions or hormones enough to consent to sex

4621.3.2006 13:40

Back here in England about 2 years ago, BT has created special software for ISP providers, which effectively blocking any attempts to access such sites (not sure how it called). But the shame is, althrough a lot of providers have it running, there still some ISP, including major ones,who do not want to put it. This is simply not the highest priority for them. And it would cost them just few grands.

They are trying to vilify the P2P and its working. Now people will think that P2P is effectively about vile pornography, and not about Oh! I want to see my favourite Smallville episode that I missed yesterday or catch up on my Stargate SG1 series. There are million of users, and there were 27 scumbags. Does that justify shutting down the server? No. Crime will happen regardless of where it takes place.
YES! It does justify shutting down the server. This sort of crimes are purely for profit (unlike murders etc). And if there wiil be no accessible child porn sites, this scums wont be able to make money. It wont stop it completely, but at least there will be fewer broken lives.

4721.3.2006 14:10

YES! It does justify shutting down the server. This sort of crimes are purely for profit (unlike murders etc). And if there wiil be no accessible child porn sites, this scums wont be able to make money. It wont stop it completely, but at least there will be fewer broken lives.
I disagree. It doesn't justify closing down an entire server purely because of these vile scumbags, as they will still be able to trade there merchandise in other ways..
This sort of crimes are purely for profit (unlike murders etc).
From reading Dela's report and from what I hear on the news, I believe that these crimes are for the pleasure of these sick, evil & vile paedophiles.
And if there wiil be no accessible child porn sites, this scums wont be able to make money.
Ah, I think you may be a little confused here. Child porn sites should be closed down as soon as, without question. But P2P servers in which a minority are trading illegal and vile material is a much broader issue, as closing these down affects more than just the perverts -- it affect many P2P users who may be using the server to trade perfectly legal content..

4821.3.2006 15:21

including live streaming video of adults sexually molesting children and infants."
ok, kids bein molested is bad eough, but INFANTS???? holy sh*t, i just barfed in my mouh, these guys deserv to burn in hell. and btw, cn anyone tell me the differene between a rape case and a molestin case, hear both alot on the news an cant tell the difference.

4922.3.2006 8:57

From reading Dela's report and from what I hear on the news, I believe that these crimes are for the pleasure of these sick, evil & vile paedophiles.
Yes this crimes are for the pleasure of sick paedos who are willing to pay to watch and download them. People who producing this sites, doing this for profit aswell. It is like usuall market - if there is someone who want to buy something, there will be always someone who want to sell this, whatever it takes them. Yes there is P2P, but most of the paedo sites are pay-per-view and if all of them will be shut down or blocked, there wiil be no one, who could pay for this.

5022.3.2006 13:08

Anyone caught sexually abusing children should seriuosly be castrated. The US laws on this are weak as f. I saw this on the news in Chicago. All 3 of the guys arrested for doing the taping are out on bail and the news was not allowed to show their faces. These guys faces should be put up everywhere with the headline "Parents and children look out these guys rape children and are on the streets." BTW the children in the videos where as young as 3. Fry these MF's

5123.3.2006 10:34

I have grave misgivings about anyone defending pedophiles on the basis that we are taking children's rights by not allowing them to give consent to be molested by adults what a facile argument. I've never heard a professional give the opinion that it is alright for children to be 'doinked' (that is the expression Chris1001 used I believe) and I have met many professionals in the field of Social care. we aren't talking about a couple of seven year olds playing 'doctor' here we are talking about sexual predators, deviants abusing children in a sick way. Chris 1001 says "...gave their permission for the sexual interaction..." actually children under the age of consent cannot give consent for sexual activity with an adult in the western world, this is why it is called the age of consent.... The only time I hear arguments for children's sexual rights is from pedophile groups or someone trying to defend their actions when caught.

5223.3.2006 12:31

are the worst imaginable forms of child pornography,"
I know this is gonna sound bad, but just like when you drive by an accident on the side of the road, or you see someone with a deformity or a bad scar, for some reason I am curious, what are the worst imaginable forms? I don't have a creative sick mind to imagine this kinda stuff without some sorta clue.

5323.3.2006 15:08

if anything, they should be thanking p2p for helping them catch these, lower than life scum! WITHOUT P2P THEY WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN CAUGHT OR AT LEAST NOT SOON ENOUGH.

5423.3.2006 15:25

ok....someone before said that it's ok if the child gives consent. THAT IS WRONG! It doesn't matter wether the child gives consent or the pedophile abuses them without consent - it is still wrong! That is why there is the law about age of consent - children don't always know what is good for them at that age. I remember as a kid, I would misbehave or say really bad things that I heard off other kids not knowing what they that I know what it means, I know it was bad and I wish I never said those things. I know that as a kid you don't always know what's right. Child abuse affects everyone - whether you are the one that was molested or whether you are a parent, relative or friend of one that was abused. People should not be downloading these sick videos because that is really just supporting what he pedophiles are doing. People are only going to sell it if they know people are going to download it. Whether you make the videos, sell them or download them it is all just as bad. However, shutting down P2P networks isn't going to stop it and thats not what P2P was intended for. If they shut down P2P, the sickos will just move on to other methods. It needs to be stopped from the source, AND, the sickos should not be released from jail because most of the time, they just go back and reoffend.

5523.3.2006 18:08

Me being 17 at the moment and about to turn 18 in May, I've found it so easy for me (couldn't say why, perhaps I have some morale :) to stop myself from even considering talking to girls who are 16 or younger (unless of course I'm working with them at school or on the job). I was happy to read another post that said just about the same thing. Regardless of this, it's a completely different story when it's a 30 year old guy and some 14 year old girl. Sickening, even if the girl really does like the 30 year old guy that way. It's like being anti-interracial, except it's anti-interage (difference of more than 4 years). For example, when I'm 25, I personally think it would be acceptable to date a girl that's 21 (my own parents are 6 years apart). The reason I think it's okay in that case is because both of us would be over 18. I'm a little iffy on being 22 and dating an 18 year old for some reason, though.

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5623.3.2006 18:33

Technological innovations are there to help humans...not to degrade themselves by involving in these sort of activities... Whatever be the case, the culprits must be punished to the maximum extent possible under law. We see great breakthroughs in science and techs but, But nobody seems to worry about future generations....we dont have the vision of what our forefathers had of making the world a better place to live... These sort of activities makes one feel, what sort of world we will be facing in near future !!! if these sort of filthy activities not stopped by some means..

5723.3.2006 19:43

i agree. it's only going to get worse. the worst thing about child porn on the internet, is that it opens it up to a huge audience. it's a lot easier for people to get pornography now that there is the internet. the bad thing is, that the demand for child porn is going to get higher with more computer users and that means that more and more children are going to be abused. as you have seen, child pornography on the internet is growing and getting bigger and bigger each year...that obviously means that more children than before are going to be molested. more demand by child porn downloaders means more sick pictures and vidoes required which means more children's a big problem and i think the governments and isp's need to take it a bit more seriously if they really want to stop it....let's face it, everything is moving towards technology, everything is going digital...years ago you would get photos from film not cameras, you would watch movies at the cinema or on vhs tape not the internet, you would listen to music on the radio not on the internet, you would use typewriters instead of microsoft word and you would send letters, not email. so the pedophiles are taking advantage of technology and the internet (which it was not intended for this kind of use). it is likely that because the technology is there, the pedophiles are going to want to use it to their advantage (however you want to put it) and so most pedophiles probably use the internet because they want to download his sort of stuff and share the stuff they have. so governments and isp's really need to do something about this.... one method of reducing the amount of child porn on the internet is forcing file sharing program makers to have filters on the file sharing programs so it will filter out certain files. they are already doing this now, but instead of filtering child porn they are only filtering copyrighted content (songs, movies). they need to stop focusing so much on the illegal downloading of music and movies and stop the illegal downloading and sharing of child porn which is the REAL problem. also, would it be possible for ISP's to filter content of this type? however, it's not just about the downlaoding and sharing of child porn, it's about where its coming from. it's coming from children being molested, that's where it all starts and thats what needs to be stopped. that's my essay :)

5824.3.2006 0:51

Solargame the difference bewteen rape and molesting is as follows rape is forced sex and molesting is grabbing and rubbing icky... right now i belive that the authorities should inflitrate these sites grab everybody who even goes in for 5 min and have a nasty virus on board for those who stay longer without loging in to stop their computers and grab all memebers and force to serve justice.

5924.3.2006 1:44

good idea...if they (the authorities) have the technology to track users (which they do) then they should use it. whether its rape or molestation - it doesnt matter, it is all illegal. i don't know how burglars can sue people because they tripped over something in someones garden when they were trying to rob a house, but at the same time, these sickos are getting away with it, and the one's who are punished get a short sentence and then they get protection when they get out of jail. its just not right.

6024.3.2006 4:14

The really sad thing is that in Arizona,the laws are written as if achild is not entitled to the full measure of thelaw. Time after time, I have watched "the authorities" plead a child rapist down to misconduct w/ a minor, and child killers serve 6 months to 5 years for AGGRAVATED CHILD ABUSE! But a guy breaks into a soda machine and gets 3 years...who is protecting our children's future?

6124.3.2006 5:50

Regardless of this, it's a completely different story when it's a 30 year old guy and some 14 year old girl. Sickening, even if the girl really does like the 30 year old guy that way.
I'm gonna say this just cause no one has. You shouldn't make these kinda statements at age 17. What do you know about 30 year olds? When you get to 30, then see if you will make the statement. I'm 32 now, and for the last 10 years I've found women younger than me more attactive than women my own age. Maybe that's cause I'm immature or insecure or the girls were more mature and confident. In my 30s I never had a relationship with anyone under 20, but I'm not being judgmental of anyone that does And I don't think a 17 year old has any wisdom when it comes to these kind of relationships

6224.3.2006 14:32

I think tatsh was just giving an example and i think that tatsh was right. A 30 year old guy with a 14 yea old girl? well if they are under 20 it's a bit wierd but its still legal...but if they are under 18 it's illegal....tatsh said 14 in her example. a 30 year old guy with a 14 year old guy - there is nothing right about that. even if you want your girlfriend to be a bit younger than you, it shouldnt be a 14 year old. and you just said that you possibly found the younger girls more mature and confident yet at the same time you are saying that a 17 year old doesnt have any wisdom when it comes to these kind of relationships. doesnt that contradict? and if a 30-something year old guy is going out with a girl 18 or younger - that's a big age difference. how far would you go?

6324.3.2006 19:59

I'm a male. Anyway, in my opinion, the people caught here are the only people in society who may truly have to be completely "re-educated" similar to how political prisons work in countries like North Korea and China. It's torture and it's excellent for people like this. This is the only case where I can agree with something like the CIA taking these guys to another country to abuse them to get answers out of them. (Otherwise, from what I've read and seen on TV, the CIA is a waste.) With regards to age difference, I truly can understand how younger women are going to (most cases obviously) look better than women at your age (when you get past 30), necronite. They only put the most attractive women on TV 90% of the time (yes, even on the news), so we get bombarded with women on TV and movies who are usually in the range of 20-30. And the temptation is great. I can imagine it being perfectly fine that people being as far as 15 or even 20 years apart are together (happens all the time with celebrities, of course the girl wants money). I think the major thing here is that both need to be over 18. That's all I was trying to say in my last post. 30 and 14, wrong. But 40 and 25, obviously if they really are intimate, there's nothing wrong there at all.

6429.3.2006 8:51

U know what. Someone should go undercover and make a p2p site and put pics of child porn on there, and when a bastard tries to upload or download pics find them and send them to jail. You could get them one by one. Build up a reputation on the site for allowing child porn. When they want to download the p2p softwear, put some sort of spyware inside the program so it can track what they've been downloading and uploading. Well of course spyware programs will pick up the spyware that's inside the program, but get in contact with the developers of the most used spyware programs and tell them to not let them detect it as spyware and the way to do it is run an update. So next time when one of those bastards wants to check for spyware he will not see it and he will go back to downloading child porn or uploading it, then that's when u can check what that persons been doing. I don't know if regular people would be able to do this, but the goverment might. If the goverments looking please think about it. You could clean the floor with these bastards.

ps3 with 20gb hard drive

xbox 360 premium edtion with vga/hd hook up to my dell 20.1 inch widescreen lcd.

White and black 1.5 psp's

I'll take this down WHEN micro$oft decides to stop being lazy and make the capcom fighting games backwards compatible with the 360 dammit!!!

6530.3.2006 2:19

My ISP is running an oppinon poll to ask whether you think ISP's should be morally obliged to help stop this filth or should it be left to the individual. Well if my ISP wants to look at what I am downloading/uploading to the net, then thats no bloody problem. Ok some people might not want that cause they are maybe downloading a movie or a song or something, but hey you gotta draw the line somewhere, we have to do something and I think the ISP's are a good start. The following link is in Dutch, please vote and tell the ISP's to get their finger out.

6630.3.2006 6:51

OK, somebody explain to me, what the concept of consent is. "I consent" means: "I know what I'm getting into" or "I know what I want", or what? In the first case, the law is based on the premise that person under 18 doesn't know what they are getting into (as opposed to the adult seeking sex from them, who, as an adult, supposedly does), therefore, that underage person cannot legally consent. It would be fine, after all, if you've never had sex before, and are under 18, you should be protected from the unknown activity, even if your hormones tell you otherwise. However, and that's the biggest issue I have with the age of consent, these days teens under 18 are having sex and getting sex education in school (what sex is, consequences, how to be safe etc.) So what is it that they don't know about sex that adults do? They've done it, they've studied it, HELLO, it's no cat in the bag anymore! I think, if a girl is a virgin, she should be protected all the way to 18. If not, there's nothing really she doesn't know that an adult does. Who knows, that 17yrold may have slept with more people than the adult. In the second case, my 24yrold still doesn't know what she wants. Where have you met a woman who knows what she wants (except Margaret Thatcher, who lost all the X chromosomes before she was born:))? Should they be allowed to consent at all? To anything? No offense, ladies, I love you :)) Obviously, the law should protect the young from the dangerous unknown, but just as you get a driver's license at 16 (which certifies that you had sufficient practice handling a vehicle) and are allowed, at such a young age, to go on the road with a two-ton machine and endanger lives of your fellow drivers and innocent unsuspecting pedestrians, so should you be treated in the matters of sex: if you have experience--you can consent. If not--wait til 18 or get your "license" with your peers. Please note, a 16yrold behind a wheel poses far more danger to others and to themselves than the same having sex with whoever. Don't believe it--ask insurance companies and look up accident statistics. They speed, they crash, they don't watch the road. They endanger ME! My collision insurance is higher because underage drivers make it more likely that I get into an accident, and so on. As you see, the law is inconsistent. It allows these irresponsible, hormon-driven youngsters engage into something far more dangerous than sex at a younger age, and yet imposes 18 as an age of consent.

6730.3.2006 7:12

More on the topic. The government should do a better job tracking down sites with child porn. As someone mentioned before, those videos are sold there, and P2P is only a secondary distribution channel. Track'em down, catch and jail, shut down sites, but don't go overboard and spoil a good thing for the rest of us. P2P servers could try to block files containing certain word combinations. It would not eliminate distribution, but make it one notch harder to find specific content on P2P. The IP uploading/downloading a certain file can be tracked and logged and reported.

6830.3.2006 12:02

The problem is when we act so nicely to vile sick evil unhumans as we do they dont see what the punishment is that it hurts or scares them.I am saying it but it wont never happen because of all the bleeding hearts librals about the rights they have.BUt please tell me when does anyone really listen to the victims.No i dont think the courts dont care its all a big show for and no result.I say lets just put these scumbags all on a island or please just punish them so it scares the hell out of them to think what happens to them for there sick crimes not just a slap on there hands and off they go again to hurt more kids.

6931.3.2006 10:35

Dimanche the age of consent is that defined by current legislation in which ever country you reside pure and simple.

701.4.2006 11:50

billdoors, I asked what the concept was, not age. I also want to know why they set it at 18, for what reason. I compare age limitations on various activities, and do not believe sex is so potentially harmful to anyone that an 18-years age of consent to it should even exist. I can write a statistically supported comparative essay here on which activity is dangerous enough to receive legislative attention, starting with driving, but I'm going to limit myself to the following. In the US, you are allowed to drive at 15, borrow any amount of money and consent to sex at 18, and have a beer at 21(!). Of all these, sex causes the least amount of either fatalities or economical damages, and therefore should be allowed first. Driving and/or drinking--last--they are the leading cause of teenage fatalities, money-borrowing and engaging in contracts--in the middle. What does it have to do with the topic of this forum? Everything, because a video of anyone under 18 having sex is considered child pornography, no matter if the the subject is 17 or 3. Obviously, there's a world of difference between the two cases.

713.4.2006 7:16

Dimanche, if you want to look at the reasons why certain laws have been passed then you would need to know when they were passed and adopted. s for the concept you would have to refer back to the person(s) who drafted the law to understand their reasoning. It is your subjective opinion that 18 is too high a cutoff point for the age of consent and it may be valid. I take your point on alcohol and cars but people vote for the politicians that make the laws, the only route for change is to vote for those you think will follow an agenda you agree with

723.4.2006 15:43

seriously...whats the difference between molesting a kid and videotaping it??? i mean, there is a difference, but i think they are equally just as bad. molesting a kid is really bad, but whether you make the videos or watch and download the vidoes, that is just as bad, because you are encouraging what they do and you are making a market available for the people who make and sell these videos. if there were no people that wanted to watch these videos, then there wouldnt be any sites to sell the videos. nobody is going to sell it if people dont want to buy it, so the people who download are just as bad. also, i think if someone is sick enough to download these videos, then they are probably likely to molest a child too...if they are going to watch it, they are probably going to do it...know i'm saying?

732.9.2010 23:42

Great for us. I use Aobo porn blocker. Good for me.

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