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Sony calls it quits for PSone

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 29 Mar 2006 23:59 User comments (37)

Sony calls it quits for PSone After more or less steady rise from late 1994 when Sony PlayStation was brought to public, Sony stalls the production for good. The eleven years of production of this flagbearer has proven its immense success among gamers and game developers alike. "Sony PlayStation has proved an enormous success, so enormous in fact, that we consider this sentence an understatement."
The long-running growth of original PlayStation units sold crossed a milestone of 100 million units was announced by Sony in September 2005. Now that the release point of PS3 has been clarified, it seems like a good moment for Sony to pull of one of its attractions off the market.

Even though the production is shut down, Sony says it doesn't necessarily mean that the hardware and software are sold out or not available.


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37 user comments

130.3.2006 5:36

You mean it wasn't dead? :)

230.3.2006 8:47

R.I.P. It was good and taught us a lot.

330.3.2006 9:00

It would be cool if they released a limited Die Cast version for the last run! Or did something cool. Does anyone know if they intend to bring the pstwo out with a screen like they did the psone?

430.3.2006 9:12

I think people were still buying PS1, because they thought it was PS2. To a parent, it's looks like the same thing, and cheaper. lol!

530.3.2006 9:40

Hmm, I thought they'd stopped shipping the thing? It was a very nice system, got me through so many years.. god bless them haha. I tell you, some of the games released, you'll never get anymore like them. Broken sword.. ah those were the days :P -Mike

630.3.2006 9:58

It's about time. :)

730.3.2006 11:18

So long PSONE served us well.

830.3.2006 11:21

Jumping Flash2 was my all time fave!!

930.3.2006 11:30

Well it is about time *L*

1030.3.2006 11:56

It was an awsome console. I played so many good games on it, like Parasite EVE and Final Fantasy VII. Good times figuring out the Gameshark codes for various games. It will be missed.

1130.3.2006 20:15

Doesn't the PS3 play PS2 and PSX games too? So psx won't be gone then?

1230.3.2006 20:19

damn, I didn't even know they were still making new PS1s. R.I.P. you old school playstation...

1330.3.2006 21:14

Farewell ps1. this makes me remember the first time i ever played final fantasy 7 , at the time there was nothing like it, i really hate to see it go out like this.

1430.3.2006 22:34

What's everyone crying about? Doesn't the PS3 play PSX and PS2 games too?

1530.3.2006 23:14

It's a sentimental thing. Although I never had a PSone I'm happy to be living vicariously through my PS2 and really cheap PS1 games that I can find. It's good to remember the past. R.I.P. PSone. Even though you're gone, your memory and your games will continue forward.

1631.3.2006 0:08

Yes, PS³ will be backwards compatible w/both PS² & PSx games. PSOne was only for playing PSx games. I was unaware they still produced PSOne systems, after Sony started making the slimline PS² systems.

1731.3.2006 0:15

Yes, the PSX was a dream machine. It came out in 1995, when people were still playing SNES games like chrono trigger, and it blew the compitition away. I felt like I was in heaven when I bought my in 1997. I wished I would have bought mine earlier when the PSX first came out. The PSX will always be one of my favorite system.

1831.3.2006 5:35

look at it dis way, it paved the way for others like it. the Psone lead and never followed. farewell :)

1931.3.2006 6:33

Isn't psx and psone same thing?

2031.3.2006 6:41

Not quite sure why they are still making them - must still be selling I suppose...

2131.3.2006 9:07

PS1 was and still is a great console and was a great starting point for a lot of people. Good Stuff PS1.

2231.3.2006 9:35

[summarily executed]

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2331.3.2006 9:44

spamming on a news thread? you have sunk to a new low...prepare to be banned.

2431.3.2006 10:06

...and in DVD Shrink forum! Byee, doris....!

Piss me off, and I Will ignore You!

2531.3.2006 10:23

The PSX was the very first console that modified. It was so easy back then too. All you needed was a little super glue, and Bam! Playing burned games. :::sigh::: They don't make them like they used to.

261.4.2006 3:26

rihgt682, technically no although the lineage is not exactly clear. Playstation (Original Version)=(psx) Playstation (Mini Version)= (ps1) and just to cloud the issue....... ...theres that!

272.4.2006 15:26

That was a great times with PS1.....Just like Spectrum long time ago. Some things hard to forget.

283.4.2006 2:34

Farewell lol, i can still remember playing FF7..<sigh> nostalgic It did pave the way didnt it, its a mirical my one still works after all thats its gone thru.

293.4.2006 3:26

I remember renting that game, and not playing it much (FF7) I got FF8 and completed that instead, now with the new FF7 movies/games related I feel I should played it earlier..! -Mike - Guides written by me. - Join us Live on IRC!

(Kudos to Ripper For The Beautiful Sig!)

303.4.2006 22:53

Well, i played FFVII a few times, probably bout 3 times the first year, and atleast once a year for bout 6 years later :D ahhhh definately good times :) my son now "owns" my psx :) so it will serve him well it has done me, although now he has his xbox and obviously PS2, he still plays the old girl and enjoys hit, and he's 5, so if its still appealing t that generation it is obviously almost timeless as far as gamin goes! Good bye from all of us, we'll still keep ya under the t.v ;)

314.4.2006 1:21

omg i remember the crash bandicoots and spyro =/

325.4.2006 15:54

Its better to be able to say 'about time' rather than, 'man I just bought the thing'

335.4.2006 16:35

maca1 I had a DC,N64,PSX,Saturn I need to buy a DC and a Saturn emluation for them suxs and it didnt help sega or whoever buyign that emluator for the saturn... thier not makeing any fing money off sales anymore they shoudl cralw in a hole and die for the horried games they have made the past 6 years to >< *L* to the mods...ummm do you know you have to come into the newsforum go to your post and then you can edit it? if you follow the link on the subscripion emails you cant edit it 0-o this needs to be fixed next update *yawms*

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345.4.2006 21:43

grand turismo was my all time fav on the ps1

356.4.2006 2:56

*tips the hat to the PS1 unit* it was my very first unit and was passed on to other members of the family for others to enjoy, of course we are all in the keen of the new units coming about, but it sure made a great console for youngies that just are starting on the game world. Farewell to an awesome awesome game console.

366.4.2006 5:26

Hehe i got out my old PS1 unit which sadly didnt work. I was prepared to give it one last try by inserting metal gear solid (my fav PS1 game) and BINGO!! IT WORKS! Theres life in the old boy yet ;) Im really happy because my PS2 wont play any of my old PS1 games! Jin666

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376.4.2006 6:30

It's like so much cooler to pull out the psx from the closet blow of the dust and play, rather than using the ps2 to play psx games. So long dear friend and companion (agian). You will be missed but your memory lives on in your fans n'er to be forgotten


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