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Nintendo reports $807 million net income

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 05 Apr 2006 1:30 User comments (8)

Nintendo reports $807 million net income The last year has produced Nintendo the largest profit for Nintendo since 2001. The net income of 95 billion yen or $807 million which is an 8,7% rise from the last year, much more than Nintendo had in their forecasts. In Nintendo's reports there were two main reasons for this huge improvement, weak yen which allowed Europe and US sales to boost more than usual and the comet of portable gaming, Nintendo DS.
As Nintedo DS was to be released in 2004, many were suspicious about this future phenomenon. "The so-called "innovative machine" was unlike anything that had been seen before, and a lot of detractors laughed off its dual screens as a gimmick." After selling over 5 million units in Japan alone, it's easy to say that it was worth the dual screens.

This also meant that the company's per-share payout rose from estimated 270 to 370 yen ($3.15).


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8 user comments

15.4.2006 10:14

1up for Nintendo! My thumbs would not be the same without you! I would love to see Nintendo come back with a vengence but I fear the PS3 is the 900lb Gorilla...

25.4.2006 22:46

awesome nintendo > ps > xbox ... pfft xbox wat a crap name ... did it used to be a box or something and now its an x-box?

36.4.2006 6:22

THe Xbox is a ok system it just lacks japanase support. THs DS and PSP are to handicaped forme to be happy with either I owen a DS currently. If the rev turns out to be soemthign from the imaganation of soemone that eats smoked shrooms i.e BAD the RV could put nintendo under but then it took 2 or 3 bad systems and mismanament to kill segas console abilty so I think nintendo is safe for the next 4 or 5 years

46.4.2006 14:57

glad, I personally think they have more control over there buisness than sony and microsoft.

56.4.2006 15:00

dg089 true nintendo keeps a cool and calm head sega lost it paid for it >< SOny and Ms can muddle threw but still the PS2 beat the CG pretty good alot of ok games and some quailty games is better then some higher quailty games and some ok games.

66.4.2006 15:27

I think xbox is from like what it is. Some people call computers boxes, so i think microsoft wants people to think its a gaming console now. If you take one apart, its pretty much the same as a computer. Great for Nintendo. I think the rev would be great for fps's, i hate using joysticks on xbox to look around thats why i only play fps on my computer. Maybe i'll get a ds when it drops to 100usd so far its 120usd because i'd be able to get a ds and 3 games instead of a psp currently 200usd. I like the psp, its just too expensive for me I guess.

76.4.2006 21:12

In my opinion, Nintendo needs to rethink their whole idea of modern gaming and move in to the next generation. On the other hand, they know how to run a company. After all, they've been around since 1889 (they made Japanese playing cards). It would suck to see them crushed by an industry which they pretty much revolutionized in the past.

87.4.2006 15:10

I think I'll always enjoy Nintendo as long as they keep making Zelda games. They need to make more teen and adult games to compete on the gaming level, but aside from that...NINTENDO rocks...and they still basically have the "kids corner" of the market in my opinion.

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