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Free Software Foundation to target DRM

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 15 Apr 2006 13:20 User comments (8)

Free Software Foundation to target DRM The Free Software Foundation (FSF) is planning a large-scale campaign against Digital Rights Management (DRM). Peter Brown, the executive director of the Free Software Foundation, said a campaign will be organised to target both consumers and manufacturers after the second draft of GPL 3 is released. GPL 3 will include provisions against Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology.
"We haven't got the campaign organised yet, but we're going to be employing a professional campaigner," he said. "There is a real potential for people power, whether it's boycotting devices, or picketing certain places there are a lot of lovely targets out there. We have thousands and thousands of free software supporters out there and they will be deeply involved in the campaign."

Brown hopes that people will increasingly understand the need for Free software. "When you ask people about free software they should instinctively believe in free software. Just like people say 'I recycle my cans,' but don't understand the process behind it, you don't need to have read the GPL, or been a programmer to understand that a computer should be under your control. The typical computer user can't change the software, but then again my mum can't change what the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank is doing, but these issues still matter to her," he said.

Read a full interview with ZDNet here:,39020463,39263218,00.htm


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8 user comments

115.4.2006 20:34

I hate DRM. I think the term should be officially changed to Digital Restrictions Managment! Fighting DRM will be a long war, but ultimatly the people against it will have to win.

217.4.2006 12:38

The people can win against DRM. We need to voice our opinions, and say:" No, we won't stand for you mofo's corrupting our property and we have the power of boycotting your products."

317.4.2006 17:13

Hot ice But frist we need to stop going to walmart and startlenching courtp politicions whos wif me on "hosting" a party for deley,bush,cheny? *L*

417.4.2006 20:53

"calling all snipers"

518.4.2006 7:18

Walmart is the worst there is out there, if you want to make business with them, you have to bribe their buyers to look at your stock, and when your stock gets sold, they ask you to sell it for almost peanuts, leaving you with close to no profit whatsoever. What's even worse, is they mandate a 5% drop in prices yearly, so you get even more screwed, and THATS HOW THEY HAVE ALWAYS DROPPING PRICES. And the list goes on... Anyways, people must understand, that each and everyone of us has the power within him or her to change the world for the better. It only takes one person, and I intend to make my mark somehow, of course in a positive way.

620.4.2006 15:52

Well I think anybody or company that is goin to make a stand against DRM should b applauded.

723.4.2006 23:56

Power to FSF.

86.5.2006 13:30

I like that quote, -"There is a real potential for people power,..." ...only if we all could understand the potential.

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