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IFPI changes tone in attempt to save its image

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 15 Apr 2006 13:59 User comments (6)

IFPI changes tone in attempt to save its image The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) is behind thousands of lawsuits against file sharers around the world, but in analyzing its victims, the group has changed its tone a little in an effort to save it from a "bad guy" image. The IFPI is now playing the "we're concerned about your children" game in Hong Kong. It's efforts in Hong Kong targeted an unemployed father of two and reportedly has led at least one teenage girl to depression.
"The Internet is full of information, but it's also full of danger. We feel it's a social cause to call on parents to look after their children," said Ricky Fung of the IFPI. In the UK, the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) also claimed last year that it "felt sorry" for parents it had sued for copyright infringement. In Hong Kong and everywhere else in the world, a large portion (often the majority) of lawsuits are aimed at parents of children.

Lawsuits against residents in Hong Kong usually change direction towards a HK$24,000 settlement. "The work we're trying to do now is to face Hong Kong parents and tell them to watch their kids and their online behavior," Fung said. "Many parents buy a computer for their children to do their homework, and they're happy that their children are not out in the streets late at night. But they don't know what their kids are doing behind closed doors."

The Standard (Hong Kong)

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6 user comments

115.4.2006 15:31

We feel sorry for suing you. Now pay us HK$24,000 or you'll go to jail. Except its your kids fault. We're not gonna stop suing you either, we're just gonna say its outta your hands and that its your kid's fault. Then it becomes your fault for not stopping them. You should really set an age limit on the internet and stop stealing from us. So we're gonna keep on suing. We're really sorry about it though. Now pay up. -Yeah, really good guy image...

217.4.2006 8:53

The International Federation of the Pornographic Industry now plead, "Won't someone please think of the children?" Ruthless SOBs will stop at nothing.

317.4.2006 17:15

...I get it its the kids fualt you cant buy porn????!?!?!? 0-o

419.4.2006 4:25

'analyzes it's victims'? Do the MPAAfia pick through the offal to look for any meat residue?

519.4.2006 16:44

Yeh the hypocracy of it all!! JohnT

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622.4.2006 13:46

the group has changed its tone a little in an effort to save it from a "bad guy" image
Sorry - too late. As soon as they started sueing, they got a "bad guy" image.

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