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Samsung releases 2GB mobile MultiMediaCard

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 19 Apr 2006 20:05 User comments (4)

Samsung releases 2GB mobile MultiMediaCard South Korean electronics giant Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has released a new 2GB mobile MultiMediaCard. The company claims that the the device is the smallest, fastest and highest capacity memory card available for mobile phones today. The tiny card measures about 12mm x 14mm x 1.1mm. Samsung claims it can transfer data 3.5 times faster than other card available on the market. It is advertised as being able to store 12 hours of mobile video.
Three hours of mobile video can be transfered to the card in less than two minutes, the company claims. The MMC Micro can operate at either 1.8v or 3.3v. An adapter also makes it possible to plug the card into any multimedia card slot. The MultiMediaCard format has been standardized by the MultiMediaCard Association.


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4 user comments

119.4.2006 20:52

South Korean electronics giant Samsung
faster than other card available on the market
I think korea is more advance than japan.

220.4.2006 8:05

I would agree that South Korea is more advanced than Japan, and in point Samsung. Do you guys know the story that happened a few years back? The head of Samsung Electronics came and toured America to find out first hand what we thought of their products and needless to say he was not happy. So, he went back to Korea and reinvented the company, and part of his plan was to hire the best minds in the business and that is exactly what happened. He was able to get the three top minds from Sony as well as people from other major companies to go to work for Samsung. Im old enough to remember when we would openly laugh at Samsung and LG and Hyundai and now I am amazed that this little country is pounding out so much good stuff. I never though Japan could be matched and I think South Korea is a force and only getting stronger. The brand image of Samsung is only getting better and their products are amazing. I hope it keeps up, I would love to sneak into their R&D department!

320.4.2006 9:40


420.4.2006 17:05

What i don't understand is that korea is very advance at gaming,even more advance than anyone. But they don't make global gameing console.

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