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Oblivion gets 'mature' rating over topless mod

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 04 May 2006 18:06 User comments (16)

Oblivion gets 'mature' rating over topless mod The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, a popular fantasy role-playing game co-published by Take-Two Interactive Software & Bethesda Softworks has had its rating changed due to a mod that makes female characters appear topless and also for "excessive gore". The Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) changed the rating from "teen" to "mature", which brands it only suitable for players aged 17 and over. This is the second time that a modification has resulted in a game developed or published by Take-Two receiving a tougher rating.
The board also said that the detail and intensity of the blood and gore was understated by Bethesda in its initial application. "We don't expect there to be a financial impact," Take-Two spokesman Jim Ankner said. Most copies of this game sold were for Microsoft's Xbox 360 console, whereas the mod is just for the PC version of the game. It was created by a third party to edit an art file in the PC version according to the ESRB.

Take-Two and Bethesda said in April that shipments of Oblivion were over 1.7m worldwide. Shares in Take-Two dipped less than 1 percent in extended trading after the rating board's announcement, then rebounded to $16.33, slightly above its Nasdaq close of $16.31.


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16 user comments

14.5.2006 18:35

This is slightly ridiculous... if anyone has ever looked at some custom content for The Sims, it's a little more graphic than just some topless girls... I'm talking about sickos making dildos and sex rugs for your sims to use... and meshed on penises for your male sims... I don't see The Sims 2 going past Teen...

24.5.2006 19:00

Obviously, this is because EA pays for the ESRB's salaries.

34.5.2006 21:35

So what, are they saying that because a third party can modify a game that it automatically becomes the responsibility of the author? Isn't that like saying "I can draw a picture, I can sell you that picture, you can draw a butt on it, and I get in trouble?" It would be a problem if the game forces you to play topless women ( i don't think its about violence here). If its a third party mod you have to make a choice to download it and you have to willingly install it and view it. You don't have to play it. It'd be nice to have the download come with a warning of explicit material, but there is no legal precedent for having to have a disclamier when sharing software mods is there? They could have a mod of Hitler kicking babies but its not the fault of the author (who ultimately gets punished) but of the group who decided to make that mod.

45.5.2006 3:19

Seems like they have it in for Take2 1st Gta: SA now Oblivion i mean as said by Gaara008 The Sims 2 has a few more graphic mods and that's still Teen n ot to mention about a millions more games that has such mods :-/

55.5.2006 10:20

Elder Scrolls looks personally amazing as a game, and it doesn't really matter if the rating is mature unless you are a teen of course.

65.5.2006 14:27

I just dowloaded and installed the mod simply out of curiosity. I just have to say that those are the saddest breasts I've ever seen. They don't even have nipples. It's like looking at a plastic barbie doll. Oh what is this world coming to. Apparently you have to be over 17 to see a naked plastic barbie doll now.

75.5.2006 23:33

Well i dont know why a 3rd party can get their hands on the software to make the mods. Well ok the PC version has up the rating but what about other formats. This is nothin new GTA as was said before has already gone through this.

86.5.2006 12:32

Hillary Clinton, take a bow. Politicians have created this problem. They can get a lot more votes from overprotective mothers then underaged gamers if they take a stance againts "immorality" in videogames, so they let crap like this happen. No, it isn't justice.

96.5.2006 19:58

This is ridiculous, you go to the movies and the news, you see senseless violence, nobody flinches, you see people eviscerated, discombobulated, heads exploding, no reaction. You see a puppy get kicked on tv, everybody gasps all of the sudden. Its the same thing with video games, everybody dies, nobody really cares, nudity is in it, suddenly everybody rallies against it. Of course, these are all double standards. Oblivion shouldn't even get mature rating, it depicts fantasy violence.

107.5.2006 5:20

Out of curiosity: if someone makes a topless mod for "Barbie Horse Adventures" or "Caillou Four Seasons of Fun", would ESRB then hike the ratings from "Everyone" to "Mature" on those titles?

117.5.2006 15:22

Honestly, it doesn't matter either way, because most kids can purchase the games at Walmart without being I.D.'d anyways, there were even reporters that made a case analysis of this and came to the same conclusion. They can hike up their ratings to triple M, it won't make a difference because it is not taken seriously anyways.

127.5.2006 17:18

I love this if a company has moeny it can skip out on the "RATEINGS" or get them lowered look at Star wars ep 1-3 why are they PG and not PG13? >> Morrwind should be M sicne it had drug use and slavery in it altho at that time games were not under fire,its messed up to change the rateing for them both when they have not changed any out of the box the ESRB needs its bake bone back...

137.5.2006 20:25

i am not voting for hillary clinton now. i was gonna b4 cuz she is married to bill clinton but <noprobalo > is right, politicians are messing up my games. good thing i am over 18 and can buy my own games. and <noprobablo> underage gamers CAN vote when they hit 18 mmmmkkayy!

147.5.2006 20:29

jagwos42 I was going to as well,but shes a do nothing politcaion and to add to it she is now one of THEM 0-o oh well we are better off trying tog et a 3rd party in I liek the green party.

158.5.2006 10:11

Frankly, I would allow my 7 year old cousin to play Oblivion even with the topless mod. Why? Because walking down the street any day of the week in summer, she is likely to see naked or near naked boobs, and it doesn't hurt her then! She also sees more violence on the NEWS than she sees in this game. This is more about keeping children and teenagers ignorant of basic bodily functions/desires and anatomy so that they don't get the idea to "Hmm.... Maybe I'll ask Amber if I can touch her titties!"

168.5.2006 10:58

Chris1000 the US is asinie about sexauilty and so anal about it we cant get enough,its like drugs if it we would leglize for personal use we would remove alot of the troubles that keep us from "winign the war" The US needs to take a LESS asain aproch to sexauilty it will never happen,age alws in some contrys like jaapan are 14+ it would be nice to see 16+,and 18 for drinking,but this contry is fcked up when you can go to war at 17 and not drink untill 20ish....

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