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E3 is on the doorstep

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 08 May 2006 0:33 User comments (8)

E3 is on the doorstep The Electronic Entertainment Expo is almost ready to open its doors in Los Angeles Convention Center for tens of thousands of game and technology professionals, developers and journalists alike. The Conference Program starts the show tomorrow May 9th and the Expo follows the next day lasting three days. There are hundreds of companies worldwide attending the E3 including the leading distributors, developers and manufacturers.
The Conference Program follows the progression of high-speed connections into the home, wireless devices and games taking a leap into the music, movies and TV industries. The conference focus is in several key topics featuring portable gaming's future view, gaming adapting to the all-digital entertainment ecosystem, the new generation of home consoles and technology in mobile communications and its future in wireless gaming. Over 30 conference sessions are held during the three days from May 9th to May 11th.

The Expo will feature approximately 400 exhibiting companies from 80 countries all around the world. Most likely this year's E3 isn't going to be different from the previous and exhibitors will brings hundreds of video games and related products out to the public. "During E3 2005, exhibitors debuted more than 1,000 computer and video games and related products."

The progress in E3 can be followed through the official "virtual gateway to E3", the E3Insider team consists of over 25 people staff of writers, producers, editors, camera people and more. The team will produce a full coverage of the Expo including number of videos, news articles and photos.



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8 user comments

18.5.2006 1:59

My uncle went last year and is going this year, wish i could go. :'(

28.5.2006 6:49

oH L.A. nothing ever good happens here in Canada!!

38.5.2006 7:17

i use to get so stoked on these as a kid.. and it was a dream to go... but now...... meh.... im sure its gonna be interesting as always though

48.5.2006 7:51

at least we might get a price on the ps3...

59.5.2006 7:15

kaosX Aprice we have 499-599 what we dont have yet is one working *L* I'd liek to see this mosnter in action and know what the start titles are.

610.5.2006 9:48

to name a few ive heard of NBA Live, Tekken, and Heavenly Sword. Wooptidoo!!!

710.5.2006 13:52

It looks like Gran Turismo HD will be one of the best games!

810.5.2006 14:07

too bad no wii price tags given yet. so far ive only seen nintendo press show thingy, ive still yet to watch all other ones. anyone else think the wii looks funny to play? i also wish i could go...

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