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PlayStation 3 with 60GB storage for $599

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 08 May 2006 21:09 User comments (187)

PlayStation 3 with 60GB storage for $599 Sony has revealed that the highly anticipated PlayStation 3 (PS3) console will cost up to $599 when it launches in the U.S. in November. A version of the console with a 20GB storage capacity will be available for $499 (which was the rumored price for the system) as well. The company believes that consumers will be willing to pay extra for the console mainly because it includes a Blu-ray drive that will play back high definition movies on BD discs.
According to Kazuo Hirai, Sony Computer Entertainment America's chief executive, the company will ship 4 million consoles by the end of the year. The console will be available in Japan on November 11th at a cost of 59,800 yen for the 20GB model, the 60GB model will be priced by retailers. The PS3 will then go on sale in the U.S. and Europe on November 17th.

Sony also unveiled a controller that allows gamers to control their games by waving it around in the air, much like the controller used by Nintendo's Wii console which is expected to launch in the fourth quarter. Hirai said that Sony will make 2 million consoles available at launch and will have shipped 6 million by March 31st.

"We didn't see a lot of innovation in Sony's presentation today," said Shane Kim, general manager of Microsoft Game Studios. He also pointed out that there is a significant price difference between the PS3 and the Xbox 360 console. He also commented that the controller unveiled by Sony appeals to a "niche market".


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187 user comments

18.5.2006 21:13

that is really cheap for a blue ray player and a 60 gig HD! a 60 gig ipod alone is 400 u feel me dawg!

28.5.2006 21:14

The whole motion sensored control thing took me by surprise, and i wish controller was re-designed. I wonder what to expect in sales of this console on launch date... (i'm not getting one)

38.5.2006 21:16

Sony have to steal other people's idea to make it one of their own, how sad is that? I hope Wii(silly name) show them up how their controller is better and 360 have better online services. Why can't Sony be really innovative.

48.5.2006 21:25

I said "ouch" after I read the price. Then I said "WTF?!" after reading about the re-designed controller.

58.5.2006 21:49

At last the prices are officially known. Amazing. I could have sworn that nintendo patented their controller, so I'd imagine there must be something significantly different between the two technologies, or nintendo will raise hell. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do with xbox's hd. What do they think i'm going to be doing with 60 gigs? It's clear that there must be two possibilities. Either, a) all (ex. online rpg) games will conform to the 20 gig version - nothing more, or b) additional bonuses can also be had for the 60 gig version, and (there is no exception here, the way I see it) the hd is upgradable. It'd be foolish to do anything otherwise.

68.5.2006 22:20

@SGSeries2 as far as nintendo and a patient it really doesn't matter you change one little thing about your product I.E a screw location and the patient means nothing. I will be getting one of these I dont like the idea of the moving controler sounds like it will be a pain in the ass for gran turismo. And if any of us have any smarts we all should buy as many of these as soon as they come out from the retailers and pawn them off on ebay

78.5.2006 22:40

^^ LOL, H3llz yeah. Though I wonder how many people will try to con others with the pic/box-only scam like with the 360.

88.5.2006 23:06

WOW, E3 is here its about time. You can watch the E3 press conference here Look for it on this page. WOO HOO

98.5.2006 23:29

Well I think the price in OZ will be more significantlly higher and don't c myself purchasing one like the others said about the controller it was kewl with the dual shock but movin i dont think soo. I think I'll stay with PC's their easier to chop and change when i like too.

109.5.2006 0:28

$650 and $780 for us aussies... Not actually a good point for if you wanted one. Motion controller? wtf? Nin should sue. Microsoft are right, I think if you want a console because of that the Wii will blow them away.

119.5.2006 1:10

A motion controller, what the Heck is that? Does it detect people walking around in the background as well? The price is too high, with tax its around 680$! Sony really messed up in my opinion, I can't wait to see how it turns out.

129.5.2006 2:21

I doubt that nintendo could patent their controller, since it's nothing new, I had motioncontroled joystickhandles with mercuryswitches in the late eighties. As for the larger hd, I can think of a lot of things that you can do with more space, ie downloadable content, music, videos etc. Nothing strange there, this is not just a console Sony is positioning it as a the home media entertainment center, and imho you get a lot more for your money than you get with a 360, esp considering the price of a standalone Blueray player.

139.5.2006 3:03

sony is quite pathetic. I cant believe they're going with the same controller. The PS2 controller is probabbly that worst controller out there. Alot of you may disagree but that is mostly because your just so used to it. You've adapted. Even a slight change of the analog would benefit it greatly. If the analog's were concave rather than convex it'd be alot easier to handle. Anyone who has played an fps on a playstation knows how much a failure the pad is. And this new 'motion' controller.. whats a sack a rip-off c**ts!

149.5.2006 4:20

^^ just checked new controller, cant belive they didnt change it! Christ!

159.5.2006 4:49

They seemed to be putting alot of pressure on the fact that the PS3 can playback Blu-ray media, of course this will only a be good a thing if Blu-ray wins the format war, if it doesn't then this will mean nothing, then it will be a over priced console with nothing, but games, and no Blu-ray playback to justify the price. You gotta love the confidence that Sony has.

169.5.2006 4:51

"no Blu-ray playback to justify the price." Meant no Blu-ray playback of movies to justify the price.

179.5.2006 5:26

the price a rip off

189.5.2006 5:28

only way the ps3 will be big is if it can be chipped like the ps1 and the ps2 before it

199.5.2006 5:29

i hope the xbox 360 kicks the ps3s ass sony are getting to big headed

209.5.2006 6:02

i love the ps3 im sitting in first bell bored 600 a lot better than the 700 i thought it was going to be

219.5.2006 6:16

have they released weather or not itwill be backwords compatable with the p2 and p1s and can we still play regular dvds or cds on it? blue ray players run near the 1000.00 mark so why is theirs somuch cheaper and it plays games if blue-ray catches on this will be the cheap way to update the entertanment systems in our homes but will it hold up or will the hd players be the next vhs and blue ray become like bata and land on the side of the road?

229.5.2006 7:10

I see all thehaters and douters do not know that motion senceing pads and mice have been out for 5 or so years. It sences the way you move the controler and moves the screen or cusor in that direction,the "WII" will be great for FPSs. Meh if its not broke dont fixit but at the same time dont misshapen it,the PS2 pad is a soild controller if tis good enough for the Xbox and 360 to copy from then why change it? Meh why bother with makeing packing for 2 diffrent systems do the 599 at minus 99 less stuff to fool with. Yes the PS3 will paly CDs,DVDs,PS2,PS1 I hope this is beta tested and sold whole unlike the 360 that has so many issues,cant waitto see what it dose out of the box buteh I amnot such afan boyto buy a system with no games I drool for...altho I did do it with the Cube *L*

239.5.2006 7:34

I think the controller is retarded and I overall don't like playstaion, but let's see how long it takes XboX360 to come out with an external or replacement BD drive. BlueRay is gonna take over with this and it's going to be time to catch up...

249.5.2006 7:38

Icce meh it wont help them much,its going to take alot to out do the PS3 world wide,the 360 is ok and the new wave is going to fix most ahrdware problems so thats less thatI can compalin about :P but anyway M$ being M$ they mgiht release a BR and A HD DVD drive *L* I dont think the systems will have much impact on the format I could be wrong,I think halfof hollywood already likes one and unless people dont buy it it shouldwin,altho it will take at least 2 full years of them being out and used befor we will know the half of it.

259.5.2006 7:40

I love my playstation 2, and will love the playstation 3 despite its ridiculous prices. I will be the crazy guy in the middle of the night, waiting in line, in the rain, to get my hands on one. I will then go home, and sleep. The following day, i will post it on ebay and make enough money to buy a new one and still have money. I will repeat the process and twice, and i would have made enough money to buy one for myself and NOT feel guilty about it. PS3 is going to blow competitors out of the water (not because of the system) but because of the games... Come one, we all know ps2 games are better than xbox...

269.5.2006 7:45

munx Go you i am a dislusioned jaded gamer pissed at the lot of them :P I try not to pick sides jsut how I see it 360 ok but iffy launch iffy hardware a few games...meh mabey in 2 or 3 years PS3 over all nice but meh it will take at least 1 year befor I will drool for it(if the games are right). PS2 it has the games,and enough power for eye candy Xbox eye candy galore but lacks games to be a main system,I hope to get one this year. Gamecube a few qauilty titles over all kick ass system but still only good enough to fight the Xbox for number 2.

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279.5.2006 8:02

How can anyone say that is expensive? Many of you need to think back to the prices of PS1 and PS2 when they were first released and also look at the cost of standalone DVD players and recorders a few years ago. Standalone Blue-Ray players $1000 and standalone HDDVD $500. I personally think it is a fair price in comparison and prices will come down in time. Still I will wait it out until the hype is done with and I can afford to buy the HDTV @ 1080p to go with the machine. I also want to wait until the teething problems are resolved as there are bound to be some issues.

289.5.2006 8:04

hmmm, how can we say thats expensive? $200 more than a 360 with no signs of any power that the 360 cant produce.... so it has Blu-ray... guess thats where the extra $200 is, and i dont really care for that.

299.5.2006 8:05

ummm, btw, i think they cancelled the whole 1080p thing wit hthe ps3

309.5.2006 8:08

kaosX ha ha ha the PS3 is at the least currently eaqule to the 360 in trems of power,however once the realmachine comes outit might drop by as much as 25% but blah power means nothing if it dosent have games. acualty the price of the BR driveis more like 600 by itself and thats being low,you dontlike the PSline upof games ok,but you have to relize that not alot ofpeople like the 360sline up to go out and buy it now.

319.5.2006 8:10

kaosX they adjusted the Hi def down alittle to 768 soemthing *L* its not liek you can tell but oh well.

329.5.2006 8:11

For $559 I rather fill up my car with gas.

339.5.2006 8:33

After seeing the Sony Press Conference, I was amazed and really shocked by what the PS3 can do, and what it offers, and after seeing those demos, and the gameplay footage, (I was like, ohhh man they made it so good and now probably I can’t afford it) back in my mind the price was tingling for like abt: $700-$800.00. Then finally at the end of the conference the spokesman revealed the price, I was ready to here some kind of ridicules price, and then they showed the launch chart, which had info on it when and how much it will be, I couldn’t believe it. Literally I got of my seat with shock, $500.00 for a 20GB, that’s like the best news I ever heard. For the latest tech. Including a Blu-ray player???? Woooooow. I have no idea why people are criticizing this incredible system, which does both the job of the wii & 360, plus even more. I know the Motion Sensing Controller, is bit weird, but they aren’t that stupid, and I think the middle button on the controller it probably a on/off switch, so u can play by the analog, or use the ordinary up and down keys. The PS3 comes with every thing for every person. It’s a whole package all in one. This I think a must have thing, and yes surely off course I am buying it !!

°`°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°` °`°

349.5.2006 8:37

kuffain the Wiis mostion controler has more thought put into it AND its the main controller,the PS3s isnot even been seen yet,the PS3's main controller mgiht have some motion senceing abilty but I can see how the REVS...damnit you made be call it piss *L* J/K ^^ the Revs pad I can see how it works and am drooling to try it out on a FPS ^^

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359.5.2006 8:42

Well, after looking around, it appears that the hd isn't the only difference between the $500 & $600 devices... I'm not sure what to think about it, other than the fact that I think my pocket book says "get a Wii, then wait, hope, and pray that the rest will come down." I don't think I'd mind owning a ps3. If I don't like the controller, I'll buy a 3rd party one, but it's just out of my price range, just as the ps2 and the xbox were once out of my price range. Gamecube came first. On a side-note, yeah, pawning these puppies off for christmas, esp. on launch day or some time after just might be worth something...

369.5.2006 8:59

What i dont understand is yes ok maybe its a bit stupid that the ps3 has got the motion sensor controller. but thats not a bad thing?? Is it? Obviously they brought it up too far into the specualtion about this thing that the first game manafacturers probably wont even use it. Its an add-on!! Thats all an add on!

379.5.2006 9:10

I'll wait till A) the price goes down & B) I know for sure it's a mod able console system

389.5.2006 9:12

wow alot!

399.5.2006 9:53

Damn, I was hoping the included hard drive wouldn't come back to bite us in the ass but I guess I was wrong. It's quite obvious that Sony is using the HDD to gain back some of the expense in producing the machine (which if you pay 599 means Sony looses out like 300 bucks right?) I would have hoped that Sony would release a HDD-less version that would retail for cheaper but I guess they didn't. Stupid move in my opinion. If you had a comparable priced HD-less system more people would (could) afford it and just by a HD later on for games that really did call for it.

409.5.2006 9:58

Meh the price is ok if it were not for the BR drive it might be 200-400 less but still at least they have the balls tostart off a next gen console right (so far)

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419.5.2006 10:08

I just want to say that all 3 consoles have some very impressive hardware. I do think that the console is too expensive, that $599 US is gonna be $699 Canadian. 600 - 700 bucks for something that playes games... thats befor the games, cmon. Also gotta say I'm not likin the controller shown in the picture, looks like some strange double barreld sex toy.. The Blu Ray I dont care about and the HDD I can do myself in time. Blu Ray??? why? Who cares? Those drives are slower than DVD drives anyway! I think a DVD running in 1080i looks just fine thanks. I think that the X360 is gonna win this war with the PS3 a close second, and the poor Wii Wii will be ringin up the rear.

429.5.2006 10:23

Blu-Ray Discs hold 20GB+ what good is a 60GB hard drive then.. Hold 2 or 3 games and that's it... come on now!

439.5.2006 10:24

Logik666 And thw Wiis controll and its add onsa re not ever bit the sex toy? *L* I'll admit the PS3 controller is off what change the look when tis the same as the PS2 pad? The only reason I can think why the PS3 pad is odd looking is if it has mostion senceing in it the sencors are on each end other than that ,they seem to be trying to get into the sex pad biz like nintendo 0-o *L* Get used to BR and HD DVD they will be fighting to repalce DVD for the next 2-5 yeras,besides with better codeing and faster hardware spin rate dosent matter anymore. Tell me how can the 360 can win when it cant even get the japaanse devs to come abaord?without thier support the 360 will have to fight the Wii for 2nd palce.The nly way the Wii will get above 2nd is if they start kissing up to 3rd parties...mmmmm

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449.5.2006 10:29

tmfloria hate to say it HDs are not ment to hold whole games,updates,cacheing,save data,ect,ect everythign but whole games,20GB a game would eaqule 17-22GB ,much like dat on DVDs not all DVD hold the same amount of data.

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459.5.2006 10:30

ok tell that to my PS2 which has 200GB of GAMES I know not all games are going to be FULL Capacity but even so 5 or 6 games on a 60gb hard drive.... Not worth the price tag... not when you can get a 200gb Hard Drive for $50 and install it yourself.. (Well that's saying that the PS3 is mod able and doesn't have SPECIAL Hard Drive)

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469.5.2006 10:33

tmfloria And I am sure sony loves you and all the other modders out thier :P

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479.5.2006 10:36

Sony will care enough to take our $

489.5.2006 10:43

meh it wont take long for soem china outfit to make the PS3 HD upgradeable,altho with 20 and 60GB sizes it sounds like it already is 0-o

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499.5.2006 11:15

I loved the PSX and PS2, and I'm sure I'll love this one, but I'm going to wait until I can buy one chipped(for backups of course :P). Hopefully, by then Blu-ray burners and media will have become significantly cheaper. As for the competition, the Xbox 360 and the Wii, there might be a small chance I buy a chipped 360 further down the line, and as with the PS3, hopefully by then HD-DVD burners and media will be cheaper as well. :P

509.5.2006 11:20

Draugr Blue ray is not for games least not for acouple years *L*

519.5.2006 12:13

PS3 is gonna be the bomb everyone knows it, but the price OMG! its wayyy to much for a gaming console, the 20GB PS3 is more understandable but still its alot of cash, i'm a loyal fan os the PS2 but i think i'll wait a while till the price drops, i guess alot of peole understand what i'm saying

529.5.2006 12:39

Yeah, but the PS3 plays movies as well... I'd want to play backup Blu-ray movies and games when the time comes.

539.5.2006 13:16

Yer but if you think about it... everyones waiting for the price to drop right? If most people wait then it will definatly come quicker!!! If theres no demand for it at that price then there gonna have to drop the price drastically as otheriwise this could seriously damage sony!!! Lol lets just sit and watch everything unfold :)

549.5.2006 13:18

Personally this is what i think the order of popularity will be: PS3 (Sheer power) Xbox 360 (Close Second) Wii (Like all other nintendos has always lacked sheer power!!!)

559.5.2006 13:19

To damn much, what do they think everybody rich or something? and i thought the xbox360 was to much.

569.5.2006 13:35

Yeah thats the thing, the average gamer isn't gonna pay 600 bucks for a console. Only the fanboys would ever be able to justify the price. X360 is gonna win because its cheaper and it came out first. The only reason the PS2 won was because of this reason, all the average folks that wanted a console got the PS2 and stuck with it. MS learned this time and beat them on launch by a long shot. Not looking into my crystal ball here, this is just what I see happening.

579.5.2006 13:45

Most people don't look at the bigger picture. People keep bitching about it being too expensive, but how many people have bought the 360. 3.3 million consoles so far. Yes I understand that you would like to have the option to buy a cheaper stripped down version, like the 360 but add on the HD-DVD player they are coming out with and there ya go, the 360 is more expensive. So Sony doesn't give you the option. Of course not. How do they expect to win the format war if they give you the option to not use there new format and save some money. Secondly, when Sony first started their research on the new cell processor, i read a paper from the researchers and they have bigger plans in store for their cell processor and the PS3. They were talking about integrating the cell with wifi into there tv sets surround sounds and all sorts of home entertainment equipment.It will be interesting to see what it is that sony comes up with in the next year or so to go along with the PS3.

589.5.2006 13:48

In addition, the one major thing MS did right was not support HDDVD right off the bat. There system loses nothing if toshiba loses the fight. they just discontinue there addon.

599.5.2006 14:07

For those that haven't seen the break down of the two different packages. The $499 US won't have HDMI or WiFi so if you think those aren't important.

609.5.2006 14:15

FUCK SONY! They cant come up with anything themselves. They are taking everything from xbox live and putting it into their online service and now they are taking nintendo's motion moving controller.

619.5.2006 14:15

We all know that whether it be a particular new style cord to plug in or a different type of partition that we will be able to plug in a bigger HD so being a "fanboy" as other people my say (I've partied at many friends houses and played their XBOX till the wee hours to really know the difference between the two but still prefer playstation) I will be buying the cheaper version through pre-order!!!

629.5.2006 14:17

No HDMI??? Maybe I rethinks me position at this moment...

639.5.2006 14:31

So Sony doesn't give you the option. Of course not. How do they expect to win the format war if they give you the option to not use there new format and save some money.
I don't care about a companies war, it's about the customers, us!
So Sony doesn't give you the option. Of course not.
LOL, whose side are you on.

649.5.2006 14:33

Just wait for the damned obligatory bundles, much like the xbox-360.It`s gonna get really expensive.

659.5.2006 15:03

They Changed The Contorller For PS3 CHECK IT OUT

669.5.2006 15:11

Yeah, the price sucks.... but what the REAL problem here is: "a controller that allows gamers to control their games by waving it around in the air" Just when non-hardcore gamers were starting to break the habit of waving around their controllers as if that did something.. THey have to go and do this!!! Im sorry but people that have to use this feature in a game are gonna look like idiots. fishing or baseball games might be the only cool games to use this properly.. others, its just gonna be stupid.. grrrr

679.5.2006 16:03

its not waving it around. its tilting it. like tilting it to make an airplane bank, or dive. its not like the wii controller. and the hard drive will be SATA.

689.5.2006 16:09

BTW has anyone even considered the PS3 Game Prices? The PS3 comes with Blu-Ray technology, so..... its fair to say that the games are also gonna be expensive, i imagine they'll be even more expensive than the 360 games I'm not saying that its not worth it or anything i'm just saying START SAVING $$$

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699.5.2006 16:26

Yeah that's verrrry expensive....ugh! ......................................__........................................................ .............................,-~*`¯lllllll`*~,.................................................. .......................,-~*`lllllllllllllllllllllllllll¯`*-,.......................................... ..................,-~*llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll*-,...................................... ...............,-*llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll..................................... .............;*`lllllllllllllllllllllllllll,-~*~-,llllllllllllllllllll................................... ..............lllllllllllllllllllllllllll/.........;;;;llllllllllll,-`~-,............................... ...............lllllllllllllllllllll,-*...........`~-~-,...(.(¯`*,`,.............................. ................llllllllllll,-~*.....................)_-..*`*;..)............................... .................,-*`¯,*`)............,-~*`~................/................................ ..................|/.../.../~,......-~*,-~*`;................/................................ ................./.../.../.../..,-,..*~,.`*~*................*................................ ................|.../.../.../.*`..............................)....)¯`~,....................... ................|./.../..../.......)......,.)`*~-,............/....|..)...`~-,.................. ..............././.../...,*`-,.....`-,...*`....,---........../...../..|.........¯```*~-,,,,.... ...............(..........)`*~-,....`*`.,-~*.,-*......|.../..../.../.......................... ................*-,.......`*-,...`~,..``.,,,-*..........|.,*...,*...|.......................... ...................*,.........`-,...)-,..............,-*`...,-*....(`-,......................... ......................f`-,.........`-,/...*-,___,,-~*....,-*......|...`-,.......

709.5.2006 17:02

There are no blue ray games yet,and when/if they are it will be in a few years.

719.5.2006 17:06

While I've spent a LOT of time decrying the PS3's edge, etc; I'm glad to hear this statement, and not so that I can bash them. I am eager; becaue this means that pre-orders and everything will start soon. Truthfull, I am eager to get one; while I've always preferred M$; this system will also have some great titles (I've got my fingers crossed for a new Wipeout at launch, like the PSP had...). The price tag is definitely steep, and not for the casual user; however, taking into account, that this includes a Blu-ray player, which will better use my HDTV than the current DVDs do; it's not too bad. I don't know if I'll get one right away, or if I'll hold off; time will tell. I'm eager to see more, as we close in on the system's launch. I'd like it to do well, so that there is more competition. And this motion sensor business makes me very excited. Nintendo may have had an innovative idea to change gaming; but now they're going to have to prove that they can do it better. Bringing gamers to an interesting question: Nintendo has made a specialty of reaching the 'niche' gamers, who want something truly different. It looks like Sony wants these people too now. So, can a big a big mainstream corporate that is accustomed to mass market adequately satisfy the oddball 'niche' group? Or will Nintendo keep that small market, having more experience there. Clearly, PS3's hardware is better; but (I could be very wrong on what I'm about to say, if so I apologize) I don't recall Sony ever making much effort to reach this group of gamers in particular. I am eager to see what ensues.

"Its not stupid, its advanced!" - The Almighty Tallest, Invader Zim

729.5.2006 17:12

Questions? How does the controller operate? Through the usage of batteries? If so, it gets a Hell Nooo, hands down. Secondly, the 60 gb, that's is for game saves right, or the game itself on the hardrive to prevent longer loading time? Thirdly, do most of you feel like the price of the PS3 is fair?

739.5.2006 17:22

Hot ice you'd be suprised at how well battery chargers work ^^ I even have one that can leak charge normal alkline batts it might take a day or 2 but it refreshs themup to 80% and they can be recharged. With that sad I wonder if they'll ahve thier owen batter and charger setup,altho if they do normal controlers would be insane 30 or 40 a pop 0-o I dont or wont have money for this till next year,even then it wont be worth it yet *L* mabye in a year or 2 the 360 and PS3 will be complete and easier to chose from. Controller From theway I hear it tis a fancy tilt controller,they are bringing out one like the revs but its going to be like Light guns Price Frankly it is high they should have dumped the 20GB and had the 60 at 500-40 even but with money and marketing shcemes they cant. HD Untill they say other wise it is for everything but whole games,soem gamesmight dump a few GB to it to help with loading but overall its nor HD advance or any other HD program,it will have its own OS to manage stuff,over all tho its not for whole games,least not untill the china outfits make the lil gadets that make gameing more fun :3 Handsom Meh 360s hardware is current or at least current PC wise when it coems to consoles the Wiis will not have power but it will have good coders and qauilty in the games the PS3 is almost a even match for the 360 add all the devs doing stuff for it is on top even when its not out yet. fatjohnny *pats your little fanboy head* and they stoll the Xbox and 360s controler from sony...*sigh* In factthe PS3 controller is diffrent enough so that tis not a clone of any current conntroler altho I dont like tilt pads or games and the Wii seems to be the better of the motion pads...

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749.5.2006 20:26

I understand that the PS3 is expensive, but I think it will be worth it. Even though Microsoft has the cheaper system, you pay for the online service. Sony has said that if you pay us more now, we wont charge you for the online play. I dont have a website at the moment, I'll modify this if I do, but on G4TV's coverage of E3, they said Sony announced free online play that is almost exactly like Microsoft Live, so what you guys think about that?

759.5.2006 21:16

Death to sony. From a former sony fanboy years ago who started with the ps1. ah the good old days of playing the first twited metal in my dorm room. wow am I getting old. to playing umm what classics did the ps2 have? sure I played them just nothing comes to mind. Xbox 360 is well worth the price, better customer support. I think we all have experienced the horror's of sony's customer support before. Better online capabilities movie, demos, and trailer content. I just got the Halo 3 trailer downloaded :p , yeah take that sony lovers. I truly believe that paltry sum of $50 dollars a year that you pay for xbox live is paying dividends for better products and games now and for the future of microsoft. I don't even know if sony is planning on anything like xbox live. I know playing online with the ps2 sucked. I truly think Sony will be bowing out during the next console wars for the xbox 3 and ps4. If I had a HD-TV then yeah maybe the ps3 would interest me but I don't and It doesn't.

769.5.2006 21:27

there is a little secret about the 20 gig that i think sony should be telling people that they are not but if you would like to know come to the ps3 forums and i will start posting a hidden secret about sonys ps3 cheaper version there is a reason why it is cheaper

779.5.2006 21:52

real HD TV? have you all forgoteen MS and the hardware industy have locked HD TV down and we wont see "ture" HD TV untill they start reelaseing thier DRM hardware style systems and palyers and video cards FlakMNKEY And if you find MS and tis games to be lacking? There is a reason why the PS2 is the number 1 system world wide,altho I am or was a PC gamer I miss qauilty in games the PS2 has some,the Cube has some and the Xbox has some so will the enw systems so its best tolet each gamer deside what they want,MS was kinda quikin fixing all the broken units so they are ok,I am keeping my eye on acouple games but meh not even the PS3 can make my blood run hot, blah >< know any good Xbox games? I am makeing a list of what to get with it I want to get one this year ^^

789.5.2006 23:33

I don't get it, what's the 60 gig for?

799.5.2006 23:41

hot_ice some games are going to need 1-5GB some will need 10GB plus you know they are goignto put FF11 rehash hell on the PS3 >< thats one game I wish would die and go away >>

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8010.5.2006 0:04

love it but the price stinks and hopefully its got more features to it

8110.5.2006 0:32

high price = Blu-ray = lame.

8210.5.2006 1:33

Well I for one think that the price is too d4mn high. I honestly thought it wouldn't go past $500. I liked the controller for the PS2, it fit right in my hands. I didn't really like the XBOX controller, but the 360's controller is way better, I found it pretty ridiculous to have a black and white button off to the side. And someone said earlier about the reason why someone liked the PS2 controller was because it took time to adapt to it. Well, it took time for me to get used to the XBOX controller, and I still don't like it lol.

8310.5.2006 2:30

kaosX the price is not that bad BR palyers start at 1000.

8410.5.2006 2:57

awww come on! You know you want it! Besides, its a good idea that Sony is actually giving us a price option! Im buying this one most definitely (as will most people that didnt want it) Besides, we spend a bunch of money on other crap anyway!

8510.5.2006 5:13

This is a bunch of Crap, If Metal Gear Solid 4 was on the 360 I would skip the SNOWNY Cash station! I HATE EXCLUSIVE CRAP! 600 for a system? wtf, your an idiot if you go with the 5 bill version! I wont be buying this, the tax alone will kill you

8610.5.2006 10:08

Yep at this point the PS3 is for hardcore gamers and fanboys.

8710.5.2006 10:10

You know its interesting to see that everyones excited at the fact that sony is including bluray support internally at a higher stickdr price, but no one seems to be thinking about what will happen if bluray becomes obsolete like every other sony backed format there has ever been. My first dvd player i ever had had a long forgotten service, maybe you heard of it, DivX that bit the dust and i had to do a hundred different to get a partial refund on the loss of functionality. Maybe its just me, but i think microsoft choosing to opt for an external unit is not only the consumer friendly thing to do, but the smart thing to do; seeing as know one knows which format will be dominant in the future. Go ahead, pay more money for hardware, but when your buying another HD-DVD addon for playstation 3 in 3 years, dont say i didnt tell you so.

8810.5.2006 10:12

If 500$ is a lot of money to you then you need a better job, or a credit card.(DONT FORGET SONY IS LOSEING MONEY) You wanna talk expensive Just look at the TVs you will need for the PS3 to look like it should, I dont have 2,000 for a hd-tv Plasma-LCD or whatever, X-box 360 looks like crap on standerd tv So will PS3. Did you hear Halo 3 might be on PS3. Also everyone is saying the controller is to lite it feels like a cheap knock off of the PS2 controller As for them stealing peoples ideas well thats what people do. They build off other peoples ideas. Just turn on your radio,or go to any store. You people act like nintendo or x-box never stole ideas. They hire people to research other peoples products. Sony just has better spys. I will be waiting a couple months after release to buy just like everyone else.

8910.5.2006 12:58

599$ is not a good investment for a piece of technology I find, I would much rather take that 599, which with tax comes up to ~680$, and go on vacation somewhere. Its much more memorable than buying a system, that most of us, can't buy plasma's to get the real feel of it. Will the Blu-ray become obsolete, who knows, but what I do know is that I don't like the controllers, I don't like the price, and I don't like the fact that you have to hook it up on a plasma tv. TV companies tell you, you shouldn't hook up consoles on their tv since it ruins it eventually. Whether or not that is true, I don't know for sure, but I sure won't scrap a 2000$+ television just to play devil may cry 4. So really, the real price tag for the PS3, to get the real feel of it is 2599$ plus tax. Hardcore Sony fans, willing to invest that much? No, I don't think so. This is a type of console, you wait for it to depreciate in price. Definitely not a good investment at the price it currently, and that's coming from a huge PS2 fan. Go figure.

9010.5.2006 13:39

hot_ice Older Plasma and LCD have image burn problems,like older rear projection TVs if its not one of them thenyou shouldnt have a problem. The price is high even at 500 its still not quit worth it,it comes down to games and it will take a year or 2 to mature same with the 360 altho it started from 4 feet under the ground (almost out of the grave)

9110.5.2006 13:51

I wonder how much the games will be?

9210.5.2006 14:16

@sony haters 1 this system will be the best new system out of the three the 360 and the wii will see the same results they have now with the ps2 xbox and gamecube. the reason I say this is that the programers for the games have not even begun to see what sony's cell shade prossesor can do. and the graffics from the ps3 already look better than the 360. btw does anyone remember how M$ claimed that the games on xbox would look so much better than the ps2 and in all honest truth it wasn't at all. when xbox came out thier games looked the same from the time they released the first one and they still look the same. when the ps2 came out the graffics where amazing for the time frame but they kept getting better with time as the programers learned how to exploit the prossesor. for people complaining about the controler please anyone remember the first controler that the xbox came with, what did M$ do they copied the ps2 controler. the 360 controler is just an updated vr of the ps2 controler. the new ps3 controler will just be that sony updating it's already soild controler platform im not that happy about the motion stuff but who knows how it will turn out. raw power it looks like the 360 can do everything that the ps3 can do but no one has learned how to exploit the sony chip yet. the bottom line is hate it or love it the ps3 will be the system of the future

Lower the price or deal with it

9310.5.2006 14:23

I think I'll be getting the Wii first. "Holy Wii! It's the sowcows!"

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9410.5.2006 14:25

Why Wii? Just curious

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9510.5.2006 14:49

Alright, a couple more things to concider. First, like ive said before about playstation, name one game exclusive to sony that is worth paying a couple hundred extra dollars to play- none; unless your an RPG fan( which im not). Second, Sony is not only taking a risk by putting the success of their system solely on the survival of bluray, but they are also taking a risk with a new processor which, last i heard, only a fraction of game developement teams can actually program for. I'm a poker player, so here's an analogy. Isn't it sort of a stupid move to go all in with two pair if there's a potential straight and the a pair on the table. Hey, i guess sony could come out victorious, but there's that little thing everyone neglects to remember- Microsoft (subsequently the windows platform) is backing hd-dvd; which is operating on a chief percentage of computers now-a-dayz. Bottomline fuq sony and have a good night.

9610.5.2006 15:10

nitrous3 Why not the Wii? With all the games you can downlaod "dragon slayer,Comic fantsy2,Shining FOrce-3 + CD,Lunar Sega CD 1-2" drool drool drool,altho I am on dailup and I bet it hates dail up *L* Cinnjerm Hate to tell you but sonys BR drive can read CD-DVD plus BR,M$s drive will only be able to read HD DVD,add to it its a minuim 100 add it all up its the same as the PS3,Yes the PS3 is ahrd to codefor but I dout they will snub devs like sega did with the DC so unless sony messes up sony will be on top,the 360 is still reeling from its launch and the fact it lacks the devs to turely fight the PS3. the Wii is a wild card tho ,if sony dosent help devs with codeing and such the PS3 will lose games and games are what kept the PS2 on top.

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9710.5.2006 15:29

"real HD TV? have you all forgoteen MS and the hardware industy have locked HD TV down and we wont see "ture" HD TV untill they start reelaseing thier DRM hardware style systems and palyers and video cards" Don't know what the hell your trying to convey but the Xbox has no Hdmi input/outputs so DRM on that level can be applied. Microsoft themselves said HD videos will be viewed though components cables. As poster that thinks 599 isnt too much you sir are an idiot. The average age of gamers are about 29 years of age. Im included in that NES boomer group from the early 80's and I can tell you right now Im broke as hell. I Have a lot of college debt I also have to pay a car, an apartment, food, girlfriends, millions of other things and I make 47,000 a year. I couldnt imagine the poor college kid or even the 15 year old without a job acquire one there. So just throw that BS right out the window.

9810.5.2006 15:40

plutonash Mmmmm Afterdawn run the news last year,about video Card makers and others haveing some odd lockout or hardware DRM like shceme that was on the ture 1080p,but I havent realy heard much aobut it sicne. Alsomost all the new palyers and such dont realy run at 1080p and when hollywood starts rolling out thier Hidef stuff it will only run on the newer hardware,I could be mixing thigns mmm.

9910.5.2006 15:48

man i just dont like it it is tooooooooooo pricey!

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10010.5.2006 15:54

@plutonash My point exactly, I am paying for my education to receive a bachelor, and the 599$ can be used to buy books, etc. I have other bills to pay, and it's not really in my budget right now, to consider purchasing a PS3.

10110.5.2006 16:24

Sorry if i gave off the impression that nintendo is a nonentity, because actually Wii looks amazing. It's just that, if you haven't noticed, I'm anti-sony ( with the exception of viao and wega). All they ever care about is making shit look sexy, and in the end it doesn't perform as well. Ask anyone who bought a first generation playstaion 2 and theyll tell you, " Sony blows." i know people who were hardcore sony fans who, after a time, had to admit that xbox was a superior system- if nothing else in the graphics and gameplay departments. So its whatever.

10210.5.2006 16:37

If the games require 10+ GB to save for future use, why did they stop at a 60GB HD? You would think that at that price they would install a much larger HD than what they are offering without gouging the consumer. HD's are not that expensive so hopefully there will be someway to hook up an external drive of some sort or otherwise I don't see this system taking off very fast - not at the price range currently given even with Blu-ray playback. One more thought - is it backward compatable with PS1 and PS2 games?

10310.5.2006 16:39

Cinnjerm Meh I know a few people that have working V1-V4 PS2s 0-o ,and I know at elast 2 that have working 360s but forthe most aprt the PS2 and its 11 basci revisions are annyoing as hell,the Xbox had alot more thought put into it hardware wise,but with out games its not goign to get far,the PS3 seems ok not great enough for me to go ga ga over,the 360 is in the same boat not impressed with it,the Wii looks nice but sicne I am on dail upall the extra downlaodable content means didly tome ;_; So bascily they are not worth more than 300 at this point in time.

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10410.5.2006 16:46

flyingv Not save that sohuld be under 100MB for stuff like morrowind or location content games,butmore for cacheing or to do what MMORPG games do that need to be installed. On the 20GB you'd have some cacheing and mabye the abilty to paly without installing 1 game that requires HD,the rest should work but shareing data on the HD not haveing to install it like FF11. I am guessing if you cant tell,I dout very much that they will add soemthign where you cna laod and paly whole games from the HD,altho HD advance has lasted awhile and puting copied games on it was new last eyar I think so thats not a bad run it only took 2 years to crack it *L* Yes The PS3 is fully backwards compatable.

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10510.5.2006 16:57

I understand what you are saying. There are pros and cons to everything new and we, as a whole, will all have to go with the flow. Hopefull the price will come down sooner than later though. My son has been saving up for this console for about 6 months and has just learned the price. Needless to say, he will have to save all Summer to be able to afford it when it releases in Nov. He got the 360 off the truck when it came out and has had all the typicial problems with it everyone else has had. Hopefully this unit will not have so many problems as per manufactures watch each other to see where one makes a mistake the other will learn. Luck to all!!!

10610.5.2006 17:00

*blink blink* I think I need to stop posting today...I am makeing no fing sicne ><

10710.5.2006 17:03

Thanks to all for the information, it will come in handy later.

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10810.5.2006 17:30

"but the Xbox has no Hdmi input/outputs so DRM on that level can be applied." Edit: my own quote it should have said can't be applied. My bad. Flyingv I've always been a firm believer in working hard for your money but an entire summer for a PS3 damn!!!! Someone earlier post that that this doesnt even include taxes. Is there any word on how much a game cost. 1 blank BD-R is about 20 bucks. thats just the media. games are in the 50-60 dollar range right now with pressed DVD costing about 3-5 a piece not to mention royalaities that are due to Sony. Not even EA could absorb these cost. So you have the cost of games maybe a second controller, cables, and what not to think about. So to be able to play this thing you'll need about 750 out the door.

10910.5.2006 17:40

My son will be doing the work this Summer, not me. He wants this - he is only 16. If it were for me, I'd just piss off my wife and put it on a credit card! But thanks for the info.

11010.5.2006 21:12

got 6,000.00 to waste will be first in line to get the ps3=)

11111.5.2006 1:27

"got 6,000.00 to waste will be first in line to get the ps3=)" Why don't you go and by a girlfriend, you know she could spend that money in a matter of seconds, or spend it on a prostitute

11211.5.2006 1:39

I'd head on over to Las Vegas if I were you :P

11311.5.2006 2:30

How about you donate that money to help starving and dying people. Not all of it, but just some.

11411.5.2006 5:15

If I get one, it will be turned around and sold on Ebay to make a profit on all those suckers who can't wait! If anyone gets the PS3 when it launches is a moron! You should never buy electronic equipment when it first launches. You will have problems with it. Look at the ps2, Xbox, Xbox360. These systems all had problems with their first releases. Why pay $600 for a system that might not last very long. That doesn't even include the cost of games! The only way to drive down the price is to not buy the product...simple concept of supply and demand (mix in a little economics course). Plus can we get people who know how to spell on this board? It's very difficult to decipher what some people are trying to say!

11511.5.2006 8:05

that is exactly what ill do!

softmod (unleahsh X) 250 gb hdd!
I modded my xbox in 4 min!
iRiver PMC with a 30 gb hdd and Windows!
iPod 2nd gen. modded with iPod wizard!

11611.5.2006 13:32

niembre what are u on about.No one has had problems with the ps2.I have had my ps2 for 5 years and it is in top condition.We would not have to pay like an extra £20 for games if japan/china joined the european union so they dont get taxxed as much.that is the main reason why ps2 games etc cost that much due to import taxes.

11711.5.2006 13:53

PeterG969 Some frist gen PS2s do work but msot died,they had troubles with them,I still think the PS2 is a frakenstine compared to easy to fix Xbox. Each system has has its own oddness thru out the revisions and such. Look at the 360 *L*

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11811.5.2006 14:15

ok on another point nobody can really say the ps3 is good or crap unless they have played it and took advantage of all its capabilities(you cant judge a book by its cover)

11911.5.2006 14:21

True but at the same time looka t all tehg ames on the PS2,If they can keep devs from makeing games for all systems they should more or less stay ontop,I dotn see devs runnign the the 360 the Wii could piss on both of them and rain as king *L* I dout it tho its feels more like the PS3 will be Number 1 in sales and games,the 360 and the Wii I see them fighting it out for the number 2 spot.

12011.5.2006 20:05

ward get a life,u low life jealous ass

12111.5.2006 21:07

Personally I will keep my PS2 enjoy it, and when the price of the PS3 and Xbox come down all of the games that I am looking for will be out, the glitches will have worked out(the first run systems always seem to break) and I will be happy with my new or used system :) That is the way I did it with the xbox and PS2 I had my PS1, gameboy, and Dreamcast, now I have a DsLite, an Xbox, and a PS2 which I am happy with, when the price comes down and they start talking about the new system I will have the xbox 360 and the ps3 which they work on the xbox infinite (madeup name) and the Ps4 (or whatever they call it). That is the way I typically do it. Imagine spending $600 for a system that only have a few usually rushed games, and the real killer games don't come out till a year later, why by a system to wait for the games, by the system because all the games you want are out now, let the people with open wallets do the beta testing for you

12212.5.2006 4:19

yeah ill probably wait aswell.The only game taht i know will be out for the ps3 and that i will enjoy will be mgs4 which has ground breaking graphics (as the trailer proves)

12312.5.2006 9:31

Blur-ray??? That's funny considering the format war that's going on with Blur-ray and HD-DVD. They need to pull that out of their system until the dust settles between the two. Personally gaming consoles are for games and DVD players are for DVD.

12412.5.2006 9:58

Snatched so yuo are saying Sony isnt going to pad its sells due to the fact it has a BLu ray palyer in it and its half the price of current Blu ray systems? At least try and think of the biger picture.

12512.5.2006 15:58

Sony gets two thumbs down... And 2 years wait before considering purchasing the darn thing.

12612.5.2006 16:22

The main problem is $600 bucks hurts ($599 close enough) That is when it is getting to the point that I will not pay it, It is nice that it has Blue-Ray but I am not planning to buy a Blue-Ray or HD-DVD player anytime soon, for now DVD does just fine for me, I don't even have and HD-TV, My TV still uses a Picture Tube :). If you decide to spend a little less $499 you loose wireless, HDMI support and 20GB of space on your HD which is nuts. I can get a PS2 that will keep me happy for $129, $600 bucks is 20 games at full price, a months rent, a months worth of gas (depending on what you drive) a lot of nice dinners, or a nice TV :) (Ok nicer than what I have) Had to put in my last few cents :)

12712.5.2006 17:05

hot_ice even if it was 200 less I would wait 2 years why you ask? I feel like the game industy is gettign like the moive indutrsy boreing (name the alst 5 games that you thought were great or fun) (God of war ,metriod prime,War caft 3,Halo,nothign else comes to mind right now *L*) self important (the suits yet again know all,they should do there jobs and plan ahead and give the devs 6 months to a eyarmore time to finish a game and upto 2 years after for for fixs,patchign a game dosent have to take up all thier time but at least reasonably paln for it) Lazy design (Sorry but just becuse you can make a nice looking run down office lab dosnet mean you should slack on the level design and make the levels bland ,doom 3,quake 4, almost any other FPS,same goes with limited gamepaly)

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12812.5.2006 17:49

600 bucks is way too much for this. I'll wait after it's been out for a bit and get a used one for half or less, hopefully

12913.5.2006 3:38

You know what I don't like Zippy, rip offs. 700+ dollars for a console that has a wireless controller (to add insult to injury) isn't worth it. I will only buy it when it's 299 or somewhere in that vicinity. I am not sure what they trying to prove with new technology. Yes, its new, yes it's expensive, but can't you find new ways to reduce consummer pricing... Ouff, what a smothering price.

13013.5.2006 5:50

$600 is a lot of money, so I will probably wait till it's close to $300-$400

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13113.5.2006 7:05

Guys Guys........who said people are gonna spend $600 only to play a rushed game or wutever, there is more into it. for a 16 year old kid, having a ps3 before ANYONE else will help him show off alot infront of his friends (not girls, jst guys offcourse :P) so it also has to it the fact that you got something before anyone else!!. you could also include self satisfaction to that as well :) If it comes down here before the end of nov. i will probably buy it coz there are no taxes over here, so I will buy it and sell it on ebay.

13213.5.2006 7:34

why all this ranting about it being 500&600 thats only 100 more than 360 was going for.. i'd understand if it was going for 200+ more than 360 went for, but its only a buck more, a buck more and you get a Blu-ray player. And you people that payed for 360 have backwords compatibility issues. And you complaining that the controller stayed the same, and its so bad, but if that were the case then why does 360's controller look so much like the ps2 controller and not like the xboxs controller.. don't be a hater, just be realistic. even with the psp, the umd movie side is dying, but the psp is still doing well in the handheld market.

13313.5.2006 8:09

I paid 399 for the gold xbox360. That is about as much as I will pay for a game system. Looks like Sony priced themselves out of the next gen colsole wars

13413.5.2006 9:57

Hot ice Meh hopefully someone will make wired pads for it,unless the wiressless thier useing canstand networking and phones and 2 other devices + 4 PS3 pads going at once with smooth and uninterupted game paly its dim to even try out of the box wireless. This time next year or by Xmas of next year it will be 150 less,but even then not worth it unless theres alot of games out. christ93 And that covers updates and online paly with fps other other basic fuctions you still have topay more for soe titles plus you will have to pay them again in a year meh,at least with sonys plan you dont have to pay for anythign but some titles

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13513.5.2006 11:31

is it just me or is everybody on here poor?

13613.5.2006 12:10

I am not poor, just money wise. Why spend all this money on a console, its ridiculous, I don't care if it comes with all the gadgets you can ever imagine. The smart buyer, waits till the prices go down, then buys if he has an interest in the item. Its not as if the PS3 will go another in 2 years from now, unless its a big flop with the Blu-ray.

13713.5.2006 12:12

Zippy, your english is improving, or am I just seeing things lolloll

13813.5.2006 12:15

hot_ice it bobs and weaves with my IQ,incoherance is still my friend :P As awlays there are thos willing to spend $$$$$ ASAP on a new system most of us can wait a year, better to save 200-400 and get the system with bettergames and better pads and stuff than to buy it now

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13913.5.2006 12:30

As awlays there are thos willing to spend $$$$$ ASAP on a new system msot of us can wait better to save 200-400 and get the system with bettergames and better pads and stuff than to buy it now
Just to add to that. Sometimes when new systems come out they are just a standard machine and dont come with improvements. Also they sometimes are buggy and get recalls etc... Soo its a good thing to wait and see what happens, see if they get a doothold in the market with durability and sustainability. The cost is one of the factors when a product first comes out its always inflated... Just my 2 cents...

14013.5.2006 12:36

@peter I am sure Sony are targetting teens under 18 for that price ya right. They are targetting 18 year olds and up, because most teens can't afford those type of prices.

14113.5.2006 12:40

hot_ice even if it was 200 less would it? they seem ti be aiming at Hi tech home theahter nuts instend of thos that buy games whitch is confuseing the hell out of me 0-o

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14213.5.2006 13:54

599.00 is cheap for what you gettin,stop being cheap people.

14313.5.2006 19:36

What is up people?? 600 is not that expensive. If you spread it out over a year its only 50 bucks a month. Most of you people pay more than that per month for your cable/satellite and for your cell phone and for your cable(internet cable). And those are per month forever, so after like 5 years, you have paid a sh*tload for cable,cell phone, and internet...the PS3 would be 50 a month for only 1 year. Its really not that expensive at all when you think of it that way. And on a side note, for people who have a 1080p TV, Gran Turismo HD is going to look damn AMAZING.

14413.5.2006 20:34

seriously tho, if you compare what you are getting for the price you can see that it is well worth it and not over priced at all. You may not be in an economic bracket where you can purchase it easily but that doesn't make the system itself expensive..

14514.5.2006 13:10

Personally i see the veiw point of buying early to be the first. However, it is the wiser decision to give some time for problems to be fixed before purchase. On the otherhand if felt neccessary to buy the 1st console then be wise and buy insuarance or extended warrenty to conver your ass. Why, just incase there is a problem you run into and the sony denies it as being there fault :). It could be the best 100+ you spend. Anyways in the words of a great physics teacher PLAN AHEAD and BEAWARE.

14614.5.2006 16:26

come guys, companis like sony, will comeout with prices like that as long there people to buyit. so DON'T, DON'T BUYIT. JUST DON'T. Wait and see, how the price will come down sooner that u thing. uknow, that i still playing with my ATARI 2600

14714.5.2006 18:03

599 plus tax here in the U.S. is alot of money.Then again I will be in line to buy it when it comes out and those who don't will be the ones on the outside looking in or going to a friends house to play. Those of you waiting for a price drop "LOL" the PSP just dropped 50 dollars and its a portable System look how long it took for the PS2 to drop...good luck with that. Don't buy a 360 till they upgrade the chip that keeps over heating. beta testing huh I still have my first PS2, Dreamcast(I know it still rocks plus I can get games for free), GameCube, PSP(1.5 baby), NES, SNES, Genesis, etc, etc and I always got them within the first two months of them comming out..Microsoft sucks they have bugs in their software what makes you think the Hardware would be any better!

14814.5.2006 18:47

Dude, MS isn't the only one with the bugs. I remember reading about the first version PS2s with their dreaded Disc Read Errors. New hardware and software are bound to have bugs and glitches in it. As much as I don't prefer MicroSoft's products, I'll stand by that fact anyday.

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14915.5.2006 9:37

Man that is crazy high price. I know its next gen and all but being a gamer i'm pressed for money and the 360 seems like a better choice. I've always been a Playstation guy, but sony is just busting my balls here.

15015.5.2006 11:02

If it only was possible to rip the major components of the 360 and ps3 to produve one complete system. Not saying that i am toward MS, but it just seems liek both new systems have lots of potential and i will justwait until a game that i would really enjoy to come out before i buy eather. I guess i can only wait to see which it will be. O yes when i do buy one, its gunna come with the extended warrenty.

15115.5.2006 11:13 -Found this article says the PS3 may come with a wired controller, lack WiFi, a memory card reader, and an HDMI port. Plus the Hard drive is NOT upgradable. I think the $600 version of PS3 is better than the $500 version.

15215.5.2006 14:19

There are pros and cons to everyones arguement here. Hopefully the system will come down sooner than later, but with all the options in this system, I would have to say with the prices of compareable options this system is probally worth the money. When the price of the components in this system come down, so will the cost of the unit. LOL!!!

15316.5.2006 11:26

PS3 doesn't have much potential. I find nothing exciting about Blu-ray....I want to play games...nothing more. 360 has great online play...and Wii? Well the name is Wiird...but I think That system has a lot of potential. As for PS3 Sony is selling it and not making a long can that last? Not good for Sony. Wii and 360 are going to be my choice. Wii's controller alone....has me hooked.

15416.5.2006 14:19

I can see the Wii as being kinda cool with certain games, but I don't want to be playing Madden with that controller. I'll stick to the PS3 for Madden.

15516.5.2006 15:38

Yeah the Wii is cool, but for most sports games it is not practical, like Jasper44 was saying Maden wouldn't be too fun.

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15617.5.2006 13:28

Remember, $600 is for the console only. After buying a few games, an extra controller, a battery pack, extra cable and or all the needed accesories to take advantage of the new system, plan on spending at least a thousand. The same is true for every new system. I'm mixed if I'm going to pre-order one or not. Probably will but have some thinking to do. I'm happy after spending a grand plus on the 360 and looking forward to the line up of games coming out soon.

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15717.5.2006 13:37

ggo70 You are better of waiting,buy a system you dont have blow 100 on gmaes you wanted or soemthign,new systems are always tricky. I might like the PS3 more than the 360 but not enouhg to fool with getting for at least 8 or 9 months. Gameing used to be about games and fun now its about media,coperations and are better of saveing you money and buyign what you want to get,if you want tog et it ASAP thats ok but getting soem games you've not palyed and such would do you better for the long run.

15817.5.2006 13:54

Zero4 WTF?!?!?!WTF?!?!!? ""PS3 doesn't have much potential."" WTF?!?!?! both systems still ahve a ton of potential to say otherwises makes you a mega fan boy 0-o The 360is getting a new line up of hardware to fix the crap that was at launch,COdeing is improveing slowly,althi it would help if the publishers gave devs more slack so they can make less buggy stuff. Also in order to meet SOny on eaqulefooting they might try and make a HD DVD game,altho I dout it sicne after all tis an addon but then again there might be a Xbox 362 with HD DVD in it sometime down the line *L* The 360s Online abilties have hit thier maxuim,they are good but I dont see them expanding much beyond pay for content (downlaodable mods,themes and crap no one cares about)They couldimprove what the Free Xlive dose but mabye they will when PS3 rolls out thiers. The PS3 has the devs and with the devs come codeing and hardware implamentations that wil come faster than the 360s altho the hardware is harder so itmight coem as fast as the 360s,With blue ray out of the box you can make a game with a almost unlimited about of room...almost its going to be very instresting to see how they program for BR games the speed is annoying but with some codeing tricks and useing the HD as a big ass temp file I think they could (say you got a 25GB game when ti laods up it makes a temp file on the HD as you play it trickles data on to,random cacheing can help to improve laoding times) but in all they themselfs ahve said no BR games,but in 4 years meh the gloves are off,another BIG aera of potential is how SOny is going to do its online system,if they can update it to copy Xlive some and offer most games free it will eaily rival wha tthe 360 has,both are have so much potential and modding potential you can drool at the thoughts,the Xbox is a great lil emluator of games ,theres not much extra you can do with the PS2 ,but the PS3 you can :3

15917.5.2006 16:18

Spending a 10 bills on a console is ridiculous, its too much, just to play some games on it. And how much will the PS3 games be, hopefully not 79.99$ a pop...oh...welcome to brokeville!

16017.5.2006 16:28

hot_ice I spent 600 over the past 15 months gathering PS2 and Cube stuff ,so if you spend a year gathering 1G for gameign and want to tag a new sysetm that seems ok to me but hell ,you'd be better off tagging soem stuff you wanted or are interested in insted of goign ehad frist into the new console pit. Video games are no longer about games and fun its about Media,COperations and titles no more fun and no more cerativeity and it shows in the PS3 and 360,however the Wii still cligns to some basic rules of gameing,its a shame nintendo didnt build thier online network with the Cube they might could offer a few downlaod games a month but sicne they ahve to build it its going to be fun to see what they price it as ><

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16118.5.2006 17:41

599 might not be high for what you get... but it's still a lot of money. I think Sony went on tech overload... Blu-ray will be nice, but only if it doesn't bomb. 1080p... nice but I don't wanna buy new hdtvs to be able to use it. The controller's a joke... their overall showing at e3 was a joke in terms of actual gameplay and nothing of their online structure. Nothing really new and other than Sony diehards, no one that I know who plays more than one system was impressed.

16219.5.2006 7:19

Let all not forget, the price is for the system when it gets released- it hasn't been, and won't be released, for several more months and by then the price could drop a little. Maybe enough for a new game or an extra controler. Then, in a year or so, the price will drop $100-$150 just like every other system before it. Everybody watch out, I believe Blu-ray will come out on top and everyone will want it!!! I personally am interested, but not at the current prices. As I said before, they will come down as always!!! didas: How the hell do you keep your 2600 up and going!!! I destroyed alot of those controlers when I was a kid!!! Remember the 5200 when it came out... The good old days!!! wonderboy: Dreamcast was way ahead of it's time!!! It is still a great console and has withstood the test of time as far as durability and you can pick one up for next to nothing now as a pawn shop or gameing store. LOL!!!

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Please, don't become another "Brick!!!"
You have a brain, use it!!!

16319.5.2006 12:24

ZIppyDSM The PS3 has no potential. It offers nothing new to GAMING. That is why we buy these play games. I do not buy Gaming machines to watch movies...or to cook food or to design homes. I PLAY GAMES. Wii and 360 has shown us that is what their intentions are...and PS3 is just giving us a bunch of Hardware we do not need. I am not spending 600 bucks for a Blu-ray machine. The HD-DVD players cost 200-300 now. a few months it will be less...and buy the time PS3 comes out...HD-DVD players will be much less....and I can buy a Wii and HD-DVD for less than the PS3 console (Games and Movies included).

16419.5.2006 13:14


Let all not forget, the price is for the system when it gets released- it hasn't been, and won't be released, for several more months and by then the price could drop a little.
That doesn't make sense. The price if for the release like you said, so why would the price drop before it gets released. @Zero4
I PLAY GAMES. Wii and 360 has shown us that is what their intentions are...and PS3 is just giving us a bunch of Hardware we do not need.
I get what your saying about the Wii, but what has Microsoft shown us that the PS3 hasn't.

16519.5.2006 14:42

Jasper44: Sorry, what I meant was that after it is released and on the market for a few months, the price will drop. My bad. I spend too much time typing and not always thinking correctly. I just think that in order for the PS3 to become sucessful, they'll have to drop the price after it has been released within a few months to gain consumers' trust and to get "us" to run out and buy one. They'll keep the price up thru the "Holidays" of course, but I think it'll taper off sooner than later (lets hope!!!) Thank-you for bringing this to my attention.

"...Just another brick in the wall" -Pink Floyd.
Please, don't become another "Brick!!!"
You have a brain, use it!!!

16619.5.2006 15:11

flyingv So ture this is the final price qute befor it lauchs but far from the final price drop,as well they are probly going to shave 50 off of it at launch 0-o Zero4 I just luv the logic of you fanboys 400+200-300 is 600-700 >< its fing more than the 360,right now we know the max of the PS3 600 it will no go over that and they will shave of more any time....Besides if you realy palyed games you'd get all the systems for me its 1.Wii 2.PS3 leaning but meh 3.360 leaning but meh the PS3,360 are even untill they have been out a year and I can tell whitch has the games I want more,but even befor all that I am gettign a Xbox to fill out my collection. If you are a 360 fan tell us and tell us why you dont like the PS3 no need tob ash it under the clock of palying al ames and such,be like soem of out other chatters here like handsom a 360 Fan,simpley likes the 360 games more and dosent overly bash the PS3,

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16719.5.2006 16:48

ZIppyDSM What is the world are you talking about? Wii will be cheaper than the damn PS3. I am not buying the PS3. That is that. I like 360 and I know the Wii is gonna be wicked. PS3 doesn't do it for me....Final Fantasy looks boring...and I am interested in exciting new games (with a few sequels..Zelda..Halo3) PS3 is expesive and you get NOTHING other than Blu-ray (Blu-Ray will not take it has companies behind is TOO EXPENSIVE TO PRODUCE...HD-DVD will come out on what then a PS3 with an Blu-ray drive that no one At least 360 has innovative games. PS3 doesn't. Focus on the games...the flashy extras mean nothing.

16819.5.2006 16:51

@ NINVIN -I used to work in a game store, and I had to quit. Not because it was difficult, not because I don't love games. Because I had to endure statements like "Halo 3 might be on PS3" Did you even think as you typed that? Honestly. This is M$ cashcow. They will NEVER release it on a competing system so long as they have their own console. I will go so far as to say NEVER. Anybody who tells you otherwise is full of crap. There are no if's and's or but's. That is bullcrap. And passing rumors like that around is proof that you are an ingorant fanboy. That is no more true than to say that Sony is pondering God of War for the XBox. It will NEVER happen. It is not a matter of which company or system is better, it is a fact of image. These companies work very hard to create associations with these characters and their consoles, and would sooner give away their winter quarter earnings, than support their competitor's system in any way shape or form. I am not a fanboy for any of the systems. I own a 360. Why? Because I have a 42" HDTV and wanted to see real hi-def gaming. Do I plan to get another next gen console? Yes. In fact, I plan on owning all three, like I do with the current fading generation. They all have great titles that are fun, every major system out there. But when these companies purchase production studios to make games that will be their image, they spend a lot of time and money creating these images that gamers associate with their product, and selling them would be a bigger waste than you can even imagine. So, when people go out making statements like "Halo 3 is going to be on PS3 too." it makes my brain hurt. Because it's so ignorant that it actually starts to make me feel dumber. And it's contagious, one person makes it up; because it 'sounds good' and then tells their friends, who on occasion are ignorant enough to believe him, and it becomes this cycle of ingnorance that spreads like a disease. Among other dirty, ignorant, and bold faced lies I had to sit through working at a gamestore and blockbuster: "Gears of War was originally a PS3 title; it looked a lot better on that system." -Gears of War is a title being produced by *Microsoft* it was never being made for anything else. The best part - This idiot somehow became a shift leader for a local gamestop. "Sony already has the PS3 done, and they're just waiting to release it." -Heard every other day for two years, working in a Blockbuster Video "Nintendo's new gameboy is going to have a 500Mhz processor, and comes with full wireless internet access, as well as backwards compatibility with the gamecube." -Yeah; some idiot actually fought me on this one. Look for the Gameboy Advance 2, Fall 2005. Again, the system will be good; but can we please keep these threads to known facts, it would be so much simpler, rumors, tales, and blatant misinformation only serve to make people angry, and to hurt readers knowledge. As for the price fairness; yes. It is fair, even if the technology goes nowhere. It is fair, because it is so much bleeding edge hardware. The bottom line for me though, isn't whether the price is fair. The bottom line for me, is whether or not I am ready to dump seven hundred fifty dollars into getting a new system with a couple games. Because, let's be honest, with the system price, the game cost (Which, if you aren't aware, next gen titles are to retail for $60-$70 each, EA is pushing for $70) and the necessary accessories, ie: extra controller. The price is fair; but is this kind of investment really worth it for most gamers right now? Someone else posted in here, saying that five hundred isn't that much to invest. To whoever said that; you must be out of your mind. To the average individual, five hundred dollars is HUGE. No one goes, 'Hey, a new toy came out for $500, I think I'll buy one'. This is a big cost, and one that needs to be taken seriously. I'm really tired of little Johnny living with his parents telling me that it's not expensive. Little Johnny doesn't have to over $2200 in necessary bills to pay on a monthly basis, not including food. And quite frankly, I am assuming that little Johnny is not older, richer, Jim; because older richer Jim doesn't frequent boards like this, to talk about price. Little Johnny in school, because he's bored during computer class. Little Johnny tends to either brag about things he will never actually have; or be completely spoiled. Either way; nobody likes little Johnny.

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16919.5.2006 16:55

handsom brain is dead I have yet to read past the halo 3 comment,in the long run wouldnt it be best to ame it for both systems?Games sells trump all,altho by keeping as many games as they can 1 system it will boost sells for that system some >< bah I ansewered my own Q ><

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17019.5.2006 17:03

Ish awright. I answer my own questions all the timez. It's more fun that way. The halo 3 comment was on the 3rd or 4th page back... I don't recall, it just really bugged me. Not because I'm a big Halo fan, but because it just seeped ignorance, and no one else bothered to eliminate the ignorance.

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17119.5.2006 19:37

Zero4, you should play the stock market since your so certain of your prediction that Blu-ray will lose.

17219.5.2006 20:22

@Jasper44 Lol. I love that one. No really. *Gasping for air* ROFL. Woooooooo....... *sigh* Sorry, I had to catch my breath...... Oh wow....... that was funny..... Okay, not really. Not at all. In fact not even remotely. You obviously have no idea of the technology Sony is trying to push in the pretty little envelope that is Blu-ray. The base idea is good. It is a HUGE format that will support LOTS of data, especially a few years from now; when they start making a lot more drives; and everyone can use it for their media storage purposes, and it becomes very publicly available. Oh; wait. That will never happen. Ever. Why? Because, like UMD, Sony actually owns, and collects royalties on each disc printed, not just on games, which use the PS3 format and programming language. But also on the actual movies and any other kind of disc that any company wishes to release. And ironically; the big major film companies decided that exclusive formats like this are highly unprofitable. On one hand; Sony is claiming much larger sales than anticipated, while on the other hand; film companies have come to the decision that it isn't a practical format; when they have to pay their own production costs, plus manufacturing, plus marketing, PLUS ROYALTIES FOR THE DISC THEY ARE PRINTING ONTO. That is why Blu-ray will (Most likely) not work. It has nothing to do with the technology. Again, the tech is superb. But Sony's business practices with these 'Proprietary Formats' has proven that they have mastered the art of creating new technology that is bleeding edge.... And then running it into the ground. I'm not here hating Sony. I'm here saying that they need to not create a format that is actually slightly useful; then killing it by actually believing that every other company will just get in line, and pay them to allow the use of their basic disc format. For those who don't recall, a good example is the zip disc. Alright for a year or two... And then everyone realized that it was expensive, only partly reliable, impractical, and unreliable. Bringing back to mind that wonderful sound; the unbearably frustrating 'Click of Death'. This from iomega; the industry lead in media for over ten years; second only to verbatim. Many other formats have come and gone; promising to be the 'next big one'. To add to the irony; it's very fun to look at Sony's track record in particular, relating to media formats. In the past years, Sony has been on the bleeding edge of some fine formats which have re-shaped the market, I'm sure that even the biggest fans of PS3; and their new Blu-ray format, will recall these... -Beta Max -Laser Disc -UMD Not to mention how Sony recently fakely demo'ed their new high def format using none other than a DVD+R. I love that Sony quickly scrambled to come up with an excuse, which many spectators have confirmed to be bogus. Just like their "Actual game footage" demos from the PS2, and as many have spectated; the PS3(This is spectation, and cannot be confirmed or denied until the system sees launch, I don't want people from either side of the argument jumping on this opportunity. NO ONE KNOWS YET). So........ Before cutting to the little quips to put one's money where their mouth is; consider that many of us posting here have already either done so or invested towards their choice. This race isn't going to kill Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft. This race IMO, is going to do something very different. It's actually going to create a rift in the gaming market; game companies are making a big decision between whether they want to continue investing in the same hardcore gaming market; or the newly formed niche market. Sony is attempting the middle line. That is why this will be a very interesting race to see. I want to see how each company strives, and what areas and choices bring them their successes. It will be rewarding for gamers, seeing how the game companies produce many products for this variety of products that are all very different; giving us all a variety.

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17325.5.2006 12:50

I think more than anything, you peops like to delve in hypothetics. llol In any event, I don't buy Sony's claim of justifying its prices. Let's face it, its not as if the Blu-ray is some extra option! ooohh what is this, ya right. It is an essential to play games, the game will be on Blu-ray format, therefore, the Blu-ray reader is an essential component. So right there, 1 down. The controller having a motion detector, is an interesting idea, however, there is no rumble effect. Not that it really matters, but the fact that it uses rechargeable batteries, is a big minus right there. Now the rest, I don't really care if my PS3 could open an event horizon and allow me to travel through time... As long as it plays new, fresh, innovative games, I am good with the idea of a PS3. However, I still disagree with the price, and I think the prices always reverberate around the same figures, because there are some of us, techno-gadget-freaks that would pay anything to get their hands on it. That's why these hideous prices, are always maintained no matter what decade you're in because some of us, are just too impetuous and excited with the idea of a new piece of hardware.

17426.5.2006 12:46

Sony have built up a certain brand equity over time since the launch of PlayStation in 1995 and PS2 in 2000, the first five million are going to buy it, whatever it is, even it didn't have games.
- Sony's CEO David Reeves For me, this is the end of my interest in Sony. I will not by their new playstation. Statements of this nature, and others made by the same individual as of late, have proven downright insulting to their customer base. These statements are proving that Sony has lost touch, and truly feels that their customers are blithering idiots.
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17526.5.2006 13:34

I said it once before and I'll say it again. Ill stick with my PC's... They are flexible cost efectvy and again easily upgradable.... I don't know why people go with consoles anymore??? Mind you I have a PS2 but have not played it for years :)

17626.5.2006 16:44

Well; let's see here, exclusive titles, because we all know that the PC has (in comparison to consoles) a HUGE shortage of good commercial titles. And as good as some of it is; homebrew stuff can only carry me for so long. Consoles seem to put out such a huge volume of variety titles, in ways that PCs just can't keep up with. I love computer gaming. But quite frankly, only about one game of good interest seems to come out every six months. I can't wait that long between. Besides, for $150, you can get an XBox, which isn't quite as nice looking as a pc; but the titles(Particularly used ones) are so much more available at good prices. For less than $90; I can get a used gamecube, which again, isn't as good looking as cutting edge PCs; but I'll get it with Metroid Prime and Smash Bros. Melee which are more than good enough, while still keeping the pricetag under $100. The only way computers can compare to that is through the not so cunning use of bargain bins. *Shudders* Game companies have come to the conclusion that their is a bigger market for gaming on the consoles, not to mention a much lower issue with piracy, which runs much more rampantly on home computers, than it does on consoles. That's not to say that people don't chip, or even find workarounds for their consoles (They do)but it's much more common to see piracy issues with computer games. So they produce many games only on consoles, rather than PCs. Surely you noticed the huge decline in good pc games in the last five years or so, as the hardware gap started to close? I've been around a while, and I got to watch computer gaming come to the stage it's at. Their are a couple titles for the hardcore [CS, BF(1942 or 2), Quake, UT...], a few decent MMOs [WoW, CoH, and EQ(I or II)] and then some odd titles that glimmer a bit of temporary interest [The Sims, Black & White]. But aside from this, I much prefer a lot of console titles. There are many more quality titles available, and older, cheaper titles are much more viable than on the pc platform.

I don't know why people go with consoles anymore???
.....That's why. Oh; and how many pc games allow you to play in the same room with your friend, on the same screen? I'm not saying their aren't games that do that, but they are rare unless you do a LAN, which is a costly and time consuming ordeal.
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17726.5.2006 21:56

@Handsome Sony has become complacent, so much so, that they rely on fan based purchases to jump start their profitability margins. In business, this is considered brand power marketability, however, in the customer's view, one that we assume is intelligent enough to realize that such assumptions entail or rather insinuate that we are blithering idiots, will lead to a loss of sales. Hence, Sony can count me out of their expected projections. I will not buy their console.

17826.5.2006 23:57

Hansom As always good thought provkieing posts ^^ Ah...if it were not for the royalties ,BR would win hand down? I dont realy cout UMD as much of a format its mostly used or games ,and top moives are soemtiems put on it,I think sony missed the ball here if they used DVD and had a simple pull out thing to use full sized DVDs they could have added PSX compatabity and actualy foguht nintendo on evenground....insted they would rather push thier BS format......realyis nintendo the only visionary left? it stands now the PSP is a intresting gadet that can paly some games,music and moives,while the DS has a few games that can out qauilty the consoles borhan9 the trouble with that is PC gameing is dead stuff might get ported to it...but we are enar the end of PC gameing as we knew it we'll be seign alot more games ported over to the PC and not useing PC mouse and keybaord to its fullist............ Hot ice I could handle the price if they didnt make the low end version and priced the high end PS3 at 500 or even 550,this 2 version crap is annoying.

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17927.5.2006 7:01

Not to mention that the cheaper version has other snaffoos that can't be upgraded, like the whole wireless issue. A lot of people defend PC gaming with MMO's. But a lot of new MMOs are actually starting to look at the new consoles for their home, and I'm not just talking FFXI(Blegh.) Both Marvel and DC are doing their own MMOs to [try] and compete with City of Heroes. Both are looking at a console release as well. There have been rumors of a couple existent MMOs making the switch, depending on how long it takes for the business module to seem profitable enough to deal with people on these systems, and all the glitches that would have to be looked at and fixed. So, it will take time, but it's coming. Oddly enough, in the last few months, my DS has seen so much more play time than my PSP. The DS has brand new ways to do things, it makes you feel more connected to your game, through the insignificant use of a touch screen that, while amounting to nothing in most cases, just makes you feel a little more involved in the game's process. Especially in Animal Crossing and Brain Age(A $20 title from day one). My PSP on the other hand has collected a lot of dust since much earlier this year, until I recently snagged up worms open warfare(I love the old school worms games) and lemmings (Who DOESN'T love lemmings!?!). But even with these titles, it becomes abundantly clear that I much prefer Nintendo's new way of playing, even on much lower end hardware, than Sony's better graphics; because once the graphical oos and ahhs where off; it's mundande, uninspired game after game. Nothing new. They need a more unique game for the lineup. Sony's new PS3 doesn't look set to deliver any better experience, nothing new, nothing special. And I think the entire game industry can agree that the sensing controller Sony announced is the product of two things: -A.) Sony is copying Nintendo, because there is public interest -B.) Sony was scrambling to find something else to do with their controller; because they got sued and lost over rumble technology. Sony wasn't PLANNING the motion sensor; it was a last minute decision. The game demos using it, make that clear. Not to mention the PR reps. They had info on the games, the 'batarang' controller, etc, but nothing on the motion sensor. Suddenly they've had it all along? I don't buy it Sony, much like your new console.

the first five million are going to buy it, whatever it is, even it didn't have games.
I certainly hope this is wrong, five million units is a lot. And I hope more people read this, and get turned off, because Sony needs to learn that their customers are (Hopefully) not complete idiots. I still can't believe they said it.

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18027.5.2006 7:34

Handsome The worst part is, regardless of that insinuation by Sony's CEO, people will still blindly buy anyways. This brings an interesting comparison: our world is dying, do you still pollute? In most cases, yes, regardless of that factoid. And yes, global warming is not some theory, it is an actual, feasible theory, that we are seeing polar icecaps melt and displacing slowly with time. What does this spell out? Oblivion, not Elder Scrolls, but the other kind.

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@ZIppyDSM It is true that PC Gaming is going down... but my point was more about the flexibilty of PC's comparred to gaming consoles whereas a console before mainlu could only play games and save and not much more.... Computers were multitasking machines that allowed a lot more things to be done with them. I'm not competlley against consoles I'm a retro Sega lover. Also have a PS1 and PS2, but from what I have seen out there at the moment nothing really has tickled my fancy.. I think the clossest console that has taken my interest has been the new XBOX but thats about it... As they say I'm going to watch this space and wait and see how things develop....

18227.5.2006 20:16

Speaking more on that point; I find it oddly intriguing, that consoles have finally started across that line. Particularly the PSP, which can surf the internet, play videos and MP3s, along with games. The 360 can do movie trailers, voice chat(Albeit only on M$ servers), and download (for free) full playable demos. I find it odd to say that PSPs in general are closer to the multi-tasking of a pc; but as the 360 has now been cracked; I'm sure it's a short matter of time before someone get's a buffer overrun done with some 'signed' code, to make them do as one pleases. And at that time, I will have to consider getting a second one, for linux or windows. That wouldn't be a bad rig, after all. Especially if I could add some more memory, that would be a pretty good deal; although admittedly, I'm not a bit scared of soldering, so I might be somewhat biased to the idea. Anyways, I guess my point is that console developers are starting to see that people really care about e-mail; chat; video and music, and they're responding, making consoles feel more and more like computers. Vista is actually attempting to close that gap; supposedly integrating to some new conjoined 'live' service that works with PCs and xboxs together, or something crazy like that; it's all very complicated interop network stuff, that IMO leads to a problem with hackers on Live, which so far has been a fairly pure system without too much hacking going on to ruin it for me. Naturally, this progression concerns me. Nonetheless, I think that developer's fous is shifting, because of the lower piracy issues, and more gamers are going to consoles for the lower investment (You buy a system what, every five years or so?) especially as they get closer to regular computers. If the PS3 can lauch ebaumsworld; it will sell like crazy, even if Sony prints the words "You are a retard for buying this." in big red letters, with a bright yellow background. I'm kind of hoping that Sony actually launches with the same attitude they have now; because as many people know; they lose money on the hardware, and hope to make it on the games(or Blu-ray movies that won't actually look any different on 99% of televisions, because out of the few that supposedly have 1080p, only a few have true 1080p input support. Which is retarded, because if you don't have the inputs for some resolution, you shouldn't sell a product claiming to be.) So, it would mean Sony having to make some quick decisions. M$ rakes it in from a lot of products and royalties. More big industry companies pay for Windows and Office than any other business software in the world. If the 360 were to pull a huge flop, M$ probably wouldn't care. Sony, however, has created a branding. They have created playstation as their product. It's their biggest money-maker. And the PSP sales are decent, but they won't hold that company afloat. By no means is an industry giant like Sony going down; but they'll certainly have to re-think things in the face of what could be an ugly launch.

"Its not stupid, its advanced!" - The Almighty Tallest, Invader Zim

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Gazbin the only thign I can fully agree with you on is the BR breaking down on most models in the frist 2 years,anything else meh it happen's

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This is going to be a 60 gig internal hard drive. The 360's is external so it can be used like a memory card or if the system breaks you can take out the hard drive and have the same saves and profiles if you buy a new one. Also microsoft will probably come out with larger hard drives for consumers to buy so the amount that the system can hold will grow. The PS3 will always have 60 gig. But this is from a Sony hater. ______________________________________________________ Peace sells....but who's buyin'

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megaBLS the HD pops out and you can repalce it or upgrade it however you want to.

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No can do for that price, I'll stick to my X-360 for now. I can't forget to mention how tempting the Nintendo Wii really looks for $250, Nintendo has the right idea unlike Sony.. They can blow me if they think I'm going to fork out $600 plus tax for a format(Blu-ray) that might not last longer then the Betamax did. Here is some advice Sony, sell a core unit like Xbox 360 did for $299 and stop ripping people off with your cheap and crappy Blu-ray player. We all know how good the red laser DVD-ROM drives are in the PS2, they sucks ass to say the least. I can't imagine this Blu-ray player to be much better.......

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