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Hirai defends PlayStation 3 prices

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 11 May 2006 11:45 User comments (64)

Hirai defends PlayStation 3 prices Kaz Hirai, Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO, has defended the cost of both versions of the PS3 console that will be available in November. The higher priced version, which will cost $599, provoked a shocked response from some gamers on the Internet, but Hirai believes this is a very good price when you consider what's under the hood of this next generation console. The most highlighted point is the inclusion of a Blu-ray player.
"I think when you look at what we put into the box – Cell, Blu-ray, backwards compatibility, the ability to go online - I think it's a very compelling package for consumers," Hirai said. "The totality of what we bring to the table makes it a good value for consumers." Stand-alone Blu-ray players will cost $1,000 or more when they are launched in the United States. Taking the components of the PS3 into account, the $599 price is a good deal, but the $499 model has significant differences which might cause problems in future.

The more expensive model has a 60GB HDD compared to the 20GB HDD in the $499 model. In addition to lower storage capacity it also lacks Wifi capabilities, High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) support and doesn't include a card reader. "We felt that if you want to save something on your Memory Stick, most people have those readers on their PC, which is easily adaptable to the PlayStation 3 with a USB cord," said Hirai. "The only difference is HDMI – and at this point, I don't think many people's TV's have that. The ultimate result, to my eyes anyway, is there's not a discernible difference between what you get between HDMI and other forms of high definition."

While his comments might be true, the lack of HDMI just might cause complications for consumers who buy the $499 model for its Blu-ray player. Major movie studios pushed for HDMI on HD DVD and Blu-ray players because of HDCP, which offers more content protection. At this point it is unknown whether or not the PS3's Blu-ray playback abilities will be affected without HDMI. When asked about such complications, Hirai said that it was "too early to speculate at this point".

The main alarming thing about the launch details was how Sony followed Microsoft by making two versions of the console available. "We wanted to give the consumers the option to choose what fits their needs," Hirai said. He likened it to buying a new PC, where you only need to select the components you need and not pay for something you wont use and said that it will likely be the standard to have multiple versions of new consoles at launch from now on.

Sony also assured gamers that it won't be affected by shortages like those Microsoft faced when the Xbox 360 was launched late last year. "We have the advantage of manufacturing our own chips," said Hirai. "Most of the PlayStation 3's core components are manufactured in-house. The decision to give the go order comes when we're getting good yields. ... Obviously, the sooner the better, but we're not at the mercy of someone else." The company expects to ship 4 million units by the end of 2006, and a further 2 million in the first quarter of 2007. No details were given on how many of either PS3 model would be manufactured for launch.


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64 user comments

111.5.2006 13:24

Same old defense Blu-ray, what they forget to mention is the gamble you take on a betting on one format over the other, similar to people who had betamax took, when they lost. They should had come up with a stronger defense then Blu-ray. If you buy the PS3 make sure it is a buy primarily for the gaming ability as anything else may disappoint you later on.

211.5.2006 13:32

If you can afford it I say . But, I dunno Sony. I am no genius but, it is gonna be like pulling teeth for kids to get this much money out of their parents with the gas prices so high and XMAS so close. Can't use the defense, " But, it's for xmas!" I just don't see sony doing that well. Not at that price. They may very well have lost before they get out the gate on this one. I will buy one but, I dunno how many people are gonna be in line with me for this one.

311.5.2006 14:15

This is very interesting. I look forward to seeing how this all plays out. Sony has never *been* reliant on another company to make their hardware; so it's not like this is new for them... I would say to look at the incredible shortages on PS2 when it was new, and even about a year ago. But then, they did a remarkably good job restocking the PSP systems when they came out, so who knows how they'll do on stocking this one. Either way, it's about time the console war finally really got underway; I want to see competition again!!!!

411.5.2006 15:58


511.5.2006 16:59

Obviously this machine isn`t geared toward kids,unless you got millions on your account.

611.5.2006 18:13

How about a version that just plays games? I dont need the Frackin BD player and I dont need anything other than an svideo out! Damn it, I refuse to buy this thing until it comes WAY down. Only need a playstation that plays games, dont need online, dont need network, dont need BlueBetamaxRay, JUST GAMES! I held off the 360 but now that it is half the price of the PS3 I might not. I hope this fails for SONY, 6 bills is shit.

711.5.2006 18:30

i want one without blu ray

811.5.2006 18:41

hmmmm without Blu-ray good idea. What about when they release there games on Blu-ray?

911.5.2006 19:40

$600 or not, I will put money on it that they will sell out on day one. Xbox 360's sold for $1500-2500 all day long on release day on ebay, then for $100-300 over retail price for weeks. There was a line of over 400 people at best buy in Bellevue WA for the midnight launch of the 360. Do you really think another $200 will make that line much shorter for the PS3?

1011.5.2006 20:16

Seriously, you guys really need to get over the whole "well blue ray is too much I want one without it" Guess what, you all want better graphics and thats the standard now "Next Generation", Soon enough, Microsoft will release the HD dvd player that is an add on to the 360, which will cost 150-200, making your xbox 360 purchase a $600 purchase, oh surprise surprise, I don't like that the $400 is so watered down, you'd be dumb to buy it, but PS3 will compete thoroughly with Xbox 360, most people will probably own both over time... welcome to the new age of HD, every house will have at least one HD tv and all your old games will look crappy on them, thats life and technology, get a job and stay with the times...Ohh and there will be a shortage, guaranteed simply because the damn things cost so much to make, and making too many could be extremely damaging, Reservations anyone?... All I say is Go Wii!, the one system that is going to work as a transition between generations, the untapped market and will only cost around 250 if that:-P

1111.5.2006 20:20

@collieman Well the games for the PS3 are set to be released in Blu-ray format. I don't know if you can have that and still play the games.

1211.5.2006 21:03

You know what I could buy with $599 dollars... night vision goggles, like the one from Splinter Cell! :)

1311.5.2006 21:35

"But then, they did a remarkably good job restocking the PSP systems when they came out, so who knows how they'll do on stocking this one."- that's because no one bought it in the first place; hence why they are disconuing umd.

1411.5.2006 21:38

You know, i find it interesting that everyone seems to be sold on the idea that more storage on a disc equals better games. Don't know about you, but i saw Fight Night for 360 and it looked amazing.

1511.5.2006 21:42

"Soon enough, Microsoft will release the HD dvd player that is an add on to the 360, which will cost 150-200, making your xbox 360 purchase a $600 purchase, oh surprise surprise..."- Oh yeah, genious- what happens when you do pay the high sticker price(upfront) buying a PS3 and bluray tanks? I think i rather be the dude that bought a 360 and waited to see which format wins before buying an addon; you know, jus so when the one I thought would win doesn't I'm not stuck with a useless piece of crap. But that's just me.

1612.5.2006 0:15

i cant wait for the ps3, im in europe so i will prob have to pay most but it will be worth it, just imagine what the games are gonna be like roll on november(im savin now lol)

1712.5.2006 1:41

Here in Montreal, I asked a manager working at EB games, and he said the PS3 20 gig would come up to 549$ without tax, and 60 gig 649$ without tax. So if you want the latter, that's close to 740$ on a console. Am I missing something here? A PS3 isn't a computer, at that price, you're better off buying a computer. Ridiculous pricing, no matter how you put a spin on it. Why do I need Blu-ray, this and that, ohh. I don't like the price one bit, it's just too much money on something that could flop. But of course, there is always these people who just throw their money away regardless of the price.

1812.5.2006 2:48

hmmmmmm you expect someone that works at EBgames to know what the price of the PS3 is going to be? Which is 6 months away, they dont even know how to hook up a Playstation.

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1912.5.2006 2:53

Well, they ARE the official retailers.

2012.5.2006 3:01

Why don't they tell us about the games, instead of bragging about hardware that's like a sh1tty computer?

2112.5.2006 5:42

Some of you people sicken me; Blu-ray is new technology and it’s going to take us to the next level on gaming and movies. New technology isn’t always cheap, I remember when I bought my first Sony DVD player, and it was $600 dollars, that was when it first came out, it still plays anything I put in it, no DVD+RW or DVD- compatible BS. Most of you nag about the PS3 cost, saying that you don’t want Blu-ray, bla, bla. I know what it is; $600 dollars is a lot of money to some of you, do what a lot of people do, wait until it’s cheaper. Blu-ray is gonna kick ass, I’m gonna do what a lot of people did when PS2 came out, I’m just gonna get PS3 and wont buy Sony’s $1000 dollars Blu-ray player, I’ll wait until it’s CHEAPER…

2212.5.2006 7:57

"New technology isn’t always cheap"- New technology doesn't always work either. Maybe its just me, but i still feel like someone at sony is not saying something. Call me a skeptic, but i was brought believing that if it's sounds too good to be true (A device that plays bluray for under 1000 dollars) it probably is.

2312.5.2006 8:43

I feel like Sony just threw a nasty curve-ball at the gamers who thought Sony was going to come into the market, and lay down the law, and show Microsoft who's the boss. Wow, now they really are competing. Xbox fans, you got your wish. The last commenter mentioned the saying, "if it's too good to be true it probably is." And I'm hoping with all this terrible news of a $600 system, if it's too bad to be true, it probably is.

2412.5.2006 9:07

Erm doesnt everyone know theyve changed the controller!!! For god sake stop dissing it its now this: Why hasnt afterdawn told everyone this?

2512.5.2006 9:53

I've been supporting Sony since their first console and was planning on getting a PS3. But I now am actually have second thoughts based on the latest news. The cheaper model of $499 was right about what I expected, however I did not expect the cheaper model to be missing wi-fi and hdmi. So now if I want these features I have to pay $599? That maybe the straw that breaks the camel's back for me. I'll never be able to justify this to my wife, no mater how good movies and games look. Could I actually be considering the xbox 360? I never thought so but today the thought actually popped into my head. Sorry Sony I tried to support you but this is getting out of hand. Honestly I love gaming but now that I have 2 kids I hardly get a chance to play. So for now I'll wait and see what happens.

2612.5.2006 10:04

just a question, at these prices, why not just buy a computer?? Most games come out on PC's anyway, and isn't there "a way" to play console games on your comp anyway?? How much are blu ray drives gonna be for the PC?? surely not $1000.00 All you need after that is a sound card with a video and audio out. hmmmm maybe I'm wrong, but seems to much money, with still to many unanswered questions, for me to buy either system. Don't get me wrong though, When the price wars settle I will probley buy a 360. But hay thats just me. LD

2712.5.2006 10:28

Like I said in another thread, the PS3 is for hardcore gamers and fanboys. I really wish that they would give more options or something. It's hard for me to justify buying a $599 game console, in the end thats all it is to me. I notice that alot of people are on the same page as I am, this means bad news for Sony. They really need to rethink their stratagy.

2812.5.2006 11:00

For the price $ony is asking you coild get a 360 and a WII!!! I have all three current Gen systems but it looks like I will only have two of the next gen. $ony has priced me out off the game.

2912.5.2006 13:00

I think the problem here is, most people don't have a steady flow of income...If anything, PS3 equipped with the bluray reader is a bit of genius from Sony, it forces Microsoft to release its HD DVD player add on, which is NOT ready. If Microsoft doesn't it will mean that Blu-ray jumps WAY ahead of HD format because HD players will still be $1000 while the PS3 continues to sell at $600. Like I keep trying to say, this is an investment in the future. The more I think about, the $500 model isn't SO bad, simply with my experience with the 360, Wireless lags and causes problems...(Of course, Im still going to dish out the extra $100 for it because my house is the ultimate hot spot) and to cinnjerm, who seems to be the ultimate noob here, PSP sold well, UMDs didn't simply because it was too specific and Apple came out with the IPOD video, which could play the same movies as data, people just ripped movies off their regular DVDs. And people will always want better graphics, faster reactions, and just something they can call better, thats how it will always be. For lawndog, people have always bought consoles and they will continue to buy consoles, hence Microsoft (the leader in Operating Systems for PC's) got into the game...I agree with you, it makes sense to go buy a computer which has infinitely more uses, but we've all been a product of the Nintendo and we're accustomed to consoles now (and dont say anything about Atari, it was there first, but all be damned if I call pingpong a real game). Ok so PS3 is going to cost $ with it, millions of people are still going to flock to the stores and buy it, and then when its wildly successful and they can lower the price a bit, you'll all buy one too.

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3012.5.2006 13:33

blu ray looks great but it wont last long against HD-DVD, its all in the name for one most people with minimal to average technology knowladge will walk into a store looking to buy a new dvd player with good quality video they see blu ray and HD-DVD players on a shelf next to each other, by now most people recognize the hd name with hi def tv's and such and they know what a dvd is so they are more likely to pick up a hd dvd player. from my point of view i am quite happy with my dvd player and as for a hd tv the difference between that and my 10 year old tv that i can see is not worth my money, well not until a point when i need a new tv, hd tv's come down in price and i have the cash to spend.

3112.5.2006 13:52

"...HD players will still be $1000..."- First off, there hasn't been( to my knowledge) an HD dvd player that's been priced at or exceeding 1000 dollars. That would be the bluray players from Samsung and Sony. The HD players were priced at 500 for the cheaper model and 800 for the pricier one.( Getcha fax straight) "Like I keep trying to say, this is an investment in the future."- I'd leave investing alone if i was you. Ive said this before and ill say it a thousand times. The future of bluray and HD is uncertain. What kind of fool buys a piece of hardware which relies solely on either one of these technologies. A smart person would use a technology sufficient for their purpose and leave room for expansion in the future, hence Microsoft's decision to stick with the well documented reliability of dvd. This makes it so that if in fact HD doesnt work out, they can still release a bluray player which customers didnt have to take the risk of buying with their initial purchase. Oh, and on the contrary- an investment for the future would be a computer not a console. "PSP sold well"- true, but in comparison to what, cause if we're on terms of ds you can forget it. "Ok so PS3 is going to cost $ with it"- exactly why im not buying one.

3212.5.2006 13:58

"its all in the name for one most people with minimal to average technology knowladge will walk into a store looking to buy a new dvd player with good quality video they see blu ray and HD-DVD players on a shelf next to each other, by now most people recognize the hd name with hi def tv's and such and they know what a dvd is so they are more likely to pick up a hd dvd player."- What he said. You can hate it or love it, but if there is no discernable difference between HD and Bluray, Bluray will fail simply because of the name. I find myself repeating myself agian, but this is the reason for Microsoft naming their second system 360 instead of xbox 2. They figured people would be stupid and think that because Playstation 3 was a higher number, theyd think it was superior.

3312.5.2006 14:00

Hey there ppl, does anyone know anything about when PS3 will be released in AUSSIE/N.Z. And lets be honest to buy a 360 after what has been showen from PS3 games, is jus saying i can't afford to buy a full package entertainment system(PS3). Or like last-gen i'm gonna hold out for Halo 3.... jus buy a PS3 and wait for the pc version.

3412.5.2006 14:24

Logik666 (Senior Member) 12 May 2006 14:28 Like I said in another thread, the PS3 is for hardcore gamers and fanboys. I really wish that they would give more options or something. It's hard for me to justify buying a $599 game console, in the end thats all it is to me. I notice that alot of people are on the same page as I am, this means bad news for Sony. They really need to rethink their stratagy. Hardcore gamers and fan boys? yeah we'll see when sony reaches the 100 million sold mark again

3512.5.2006 14:28

Then cinnjerm lets get something straight if you really want to get facts right about consumers, consumers dont care about the names of the types of discs, and it does seem like HD player and HD dvd would fot together, but guess what, virtually all motion picture producers have signed on with Sony (We're talking Disney and a few others and Warner is balancing itself on the Border). That's what really matters, people are going to buy the movies they want, then when they realize Blu-ray dvds dont play on hd players, they'll buy Blu-ray. And there is a difference between HD and Blu-ray, Blu-ray discs hold more memory, try 200 GB. I'll admit, either is a gamble, but the PS3 makes it so that households will already have a Blu-ray player right away. The problem is, Sony has been in the business for years, it was a motion picture production company way before it became a console producing company. It has wide connections throughout the industry. To be honest, if worse comes to worse, and the Blu-ray falls through, I'll buy an hd dvd player. I plan to buy all 3 consoles (XBOX 360 solely for Halo 3 because I think X-box games aren't all that entertaining). Im buying a PS3, the fact that it plays Blu-ray dvds is just a bonus and Wii, just because Nintendo games are hot female friendly, not like Halo or Final Fantasy ...oh for Grunt14, Im not sure, but my understanding was that Sony is attempting a world wide release, so my best guess is November

3612.5.2006 14:39

Man i hope Aussie/N.Z... well New Zealand, is'nt left out of the equation like the PS2 release. Otherwise one of you Americans will have to buy me one : P

3712.5.2006 15:09

Been reading the posts and this is gonna be a long one: Other than supply issues I'm not sure why Sony is staggering sales in different parts of the world. I mean all the BR discs don't have any region coding do they? I plan on buying a PS3 after a while but I plan on buying games from Asia for cheap and playing them here (at least theoretically). As for those guys arguing that the PS3 is a crappy computer I'll just say this. When consoles first came out they were meant for playing games and games only. Now that changes. Sony, MS, Nintendo (kind of) want to make a multimedia hub. Watch movies, play mp3s, browsing, IM, router (when there was scuttlebutt about the PS3 acting like one) as well as games. Of course you can do all this on a computer but the growing trend is to make a unit a multimedia hub and not a 'console'. When I play my PS2 or whatever there is no possibility that I can do work on it. When I use it all I can do is have fun. I can't say the same about my comp. The only real reason I play on my comp. is for online games (mmos, CS, etc.) which would change if MS had their way an integrate everything. But i use my rig for email, school work, video editing, research, IM, etc. I like having a console that is meant to only relieve stress, not compound it like a computer can. I see the next gen as taking all the fun stuff of a computer and leaving out all the stresses. I don't have time but here's a short list (i'll expand it later) of console pros and against computer cons to having a next gen console: gen is the best you can get and has to be top notch until the next incarnation. Try keeping up with the newest and best videocards (500 dollar ATI card, anyone?) +No maintence. Games run to their max potential (given the TV) without worrying about resources like a computer. Which leads to- +No driver problems (antialiasing, shadowing, etc are somtimes a nightmare, compound that with the little bitch windows can be) +Game staples. Lets say Final Fantasy, Halo, Mario, MGS, Tekken, list goes on...that either don't come to the computer, make bad ports (except Konami, they can do ports right), or come in months and months after the game debuts (then again, emulators) +No copy protection can screw over a console like a computer (ahem..starforce) +Controller fun! Sure there are computer accessories but there are many games that don't lend themselves do binding on a controller like they do on a keyboard and mouse, but you can always say the same in reverse. With the exception of that tilt tech. used in the PS3 and Wii, or at least to that level. (mice excluded) +No complicated install, uninstall, conflicts, issues. +Plug n play tech. Not plug (install) play, crash. No real setup needed to play most games. I still need my computer, but saying the PS3 or 360 is just some stupid version of a computer is a stupid reason not to buy one.

3812.5.2006 15:50

I don't know about you guys, but I won't invest close to 700$ on a console. It's a bad deal, whether or not you have a steady flow of income, and the price isn't customer friendly. Computers are better investments at that price, because you can upgrade your system, whereas a console, you're stuck with the same old after 6 months. Would I buy it at 700-600-500? Absolutely not. At least with computers when you play the games, you don't need a 2000$ lcd tv.

3912.5.2006 16:00

And one more thing, of course Hirai will defend Sony's price, he works there! Nobody at his position would diss the company, come on.

4012.5.2006 16:39

Again, If Sony came out and said “OK, PS3 is gonna cost $100 dollars.” then some here would start saying that it’s too cheap or some other crap. Fact is, if you can’t afford it just say it! Hell, I wish I had a Ferrari 550 but I sure can’t afford it, yet anyway. Who knows maybe, I’ll hit the lottery one day. The point is, the best cost money, PS3’s got Blu-ray and all that other good stuff that I can’t wait to put my hand’s on, i tell you this, PS3 is gonna sell more then that 360, at that price even. Then Microsoft will came out with a Blu-ray system called RayBox or something…Blu-ray is the future..

"If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts." --Albert Einstein

4112.5.2006 18:14

The price is high,I would think they would be better off flooding the market with 250$ Non BR PS3s god that would garrenttee them being king,sicne BR isnot goign to be used forgames at elast not for 2-3 years,altho you never know,I know itsabotut eh next big thign and sony is takeing the fight to 2 fronts Video/Media palyer and Game palyer,If the Wii is in the 200-300 range...I think they will grab enough of the market to be able to almsot be number 1 again...this is realy an intresting fight the 360 staggering from its lauch,the PS3 being pricey and the Wii has a chance to flood the market with a qauilty low cost system,altho rankly the Wii could be 350 but thats not cheap 250 is tho for a new system.If it comes out at 199 only the fan boys will not have one...well they will be it will be hid in a back closest *L*

4213.5.2006 0:08

this is complete bull garbage i have seen all of these ps3 titles and so far the only titles i have seen that truly use the hd dvd blu ray drive is killzone 2 and final fantasy 13 it doesn't warrent the 600 price tag and i don't give a freaking hell what sony says why fork out 600 for a console that plays blu ray when microsofts external hd dvd drive will do the same thing for well under 200.00 so sony saying there console warrents 600 is like saying i have a dog turd in the shape of elvis's head

4313.5.2006 0:27

"And there is a difference between HD and Blu-ray, Blu-ray discs hold more memory, try 200 GB"- Funny, i seem to recall reading an artical on this sight maybe a mounth ago where industry officials admitted that hidef movies, on either format, (on average) would use only about 25gigs. If you'd like to explain what the other 175gigs would be used for, i'd be thrilled to listen, and what i said about names stands. Maybe if you get into marketing someday youll learn this. Just ask Sony; the name itself is probably the paramount reason you are jocking them so hard now. P.S.- oh yeah and sisph, point taken. Saying a console is inferior to a computer is a copout. Yeah you could get a comp for 500, but then again the best video cards out now cost 600 or 700; and supposedly 360s graphics card is supposed to be 2 generations ahead of ATIs best.( Though i think thats just Microsoft embellishing the specs a bit)

4413.5.2006 3:18

cinjerm, you may have a point. However, computers are multi-purposed, whereas consoles are not. I really wanted to buy the PS3. There are two games I like Devil May Cry 4 and Resident Evil 5 that I really wanted to try out. However, the price is too high, yes I can cough up the money, but I checked out trips, and for 690$ (around the price of the PS3 with tax) you can go on a memorable vacation to Venezuela!! Or even better. Truth be told, I think consoles should be in the 300-400 dollars range when they come out;tops... That's not feasible, but it is still a thought.

4513.5.2006 6:28

Wow, I was actually prepared to drop 500 on the PS3, I'm a sports gamer and ps loyalist. But for some reason, the extra hundred makes a difference, and yes I'm wirelessly networked and use sd/mmc memory so the $500 system is not hassle free PS3 that I'd envisioned. As for the PS3, now I will wait for a price drop, which I think will be substantial as Blu-ray, and cell components are more readily manufactured. I won't by the Xbox 360 out of loyality but the Nintendo will deffinately be mine. I read EA's article about how the controller can be used to juke, pass, etc. I'm excited, it helps tame the sting of the PS3 price.

4613.5.2006 9:11

Hello. Basically it's like this people so take note. IF you don't want to get a X360 or a PS3, then don't. If you want to get a X360 or a PS3 then do. The same applies for every thing else that you buy in life. Bashing or putting down a console is ridiculous. In terms of grafx, the programmers already stated that 85% of the games will be crossplatform. Meaning that they would basically look exactly the same on either the (X360 or PS3). Sorry Wii, I know you're going to be a good system but no HDTV support. Not even 720p.. sigh... I might still get a Wii. Whoohoo Blu-ray. Think about this : The X360/PS3 have these thing in common. 1. They both have a total of 512MB of ram. 1. IBM designed Both of the Processors. Even though the chips are designed differently. 1. Both have a HDD. 1. Both can output High-DeF 1. Both have an ethernet port. 1. Nvidia & ATI Grafx are basically on par with each other. Not much difference there. So the only things that would seperate the two are the features & exclusive games. Features meaning the Xbox Live service. Currenlty, XBL is the BEST online service period. That's a fact. The universal gamertag is awesome. & now since E3, M$ has upgraded the live service to live anywhere. Check it out Does sony have anything that can currently compete with that? No. Will they? Maybe, maybe not. The same applies to Nintendo. The price. When the regular consumer sees the same game side by side on different consoles & they can't tell the difference between them, From that point what would sway a consumer to buy that product? The price. Why would I pay more for the same game & or system if there's no relative difference (in hardware). The price will make an impact in this country (USA). I could go on and on about this.. but i'm not.. Again it boils down to "What do you want ?" what features & games do you like ? And above all, the COST.

4713.5.2006 10:19

i wouldn´t touch sony´s product after their nice cd protection... But do w/e you want... hoppyfully my antivirus will stop your ps3 attempt to contaminate my pc trough internet...

4813.5.2006 10:22

hot_ice Have w been hideing under a rock? and if so where I hope its nexttomine I want to have a cool nighbore :3 *L* j/k 360 has 3 cores and the PS3 has..mmmmm 4 or 6 0-o I can remember >< So yse COnsolegames are multi threaded,altho lookat quake 4 and its shuttering they didnt make it multicore becuse the publisher got in thier arse,altho that still dosen explain the bland level design...hell Q1 had more intracit levels 0-o --------------------------- johnodd4 High def games are beingmade there just kinda far and few between but then theres only 20 or less Hi Deff ( not HD DVD) DVD movies. Plus I wonder when they'll start doing BR games up side more storage,downside slow reading ,this is where the 20/60GB will be vital.. --------------------------- dumbwhore Well 500 for a system and games right?*L* By the tiem you get a PS3 ,a extra controller,a game or 2 thats 800ish then add 80ish for tax its insane to buy staff day 1 0-o --------------------------- Jagosix Pretty much the 360 and PS3 are almsot even is sheer power. However the 360 dose have a very good online setup,plus when teh 360 cameout they made or added a free live service its for basic stuff and basic MP matchs but its evoleing sony needs to get thigns in gear ,I wish one of them would set down with MMORPG publishers and make a deal I wouldnt mind payign 20 a month for onlone for a system IF that means I can get all the online gameing free (sports and MMORPGs) but no no new price shcemes,no pay for online time ,hell at if they would add for hours used I would be happy 5cents an hour X 24 X 30 is 36$ take time off for life 6-12 hours 5cents an hour X 12 X 30 is 18$ no online game should charge more than 36 a month if you paly it while skipping life,but for most of us it would be more like 7.50,and heres a thought if you are off of a game for 2 weeks in a row they chrage you 2$ for keep the account,the way it is now they aremakeing money hand over fist and dont tellme they are not,look at PSO its 8-9 a month,to charge more than 12 a month is insane...ok ok rambleing rant over >>

4913.5.2006 10:23

oappi and Vista wont try and destroy every bit of unDRMed media thats out there? give me a break ><

5013.5.2006 11:43

ZIppyDSM, Jagosix I hate to tell you guys this, you made some interesting arguments, but Sony anounced at E3 that their online service is going to be free. So all the people saying they wont get the PS3 because it costs more and get the XBOX360, think about this. I believe I saw someone say that XBOX Live cost $50 a month, if you pay that for the life of the console (7-8 years) you are goint to pay upwords of $400 more to play online while you still get the PS3 for $600 and play online all you want.

5113.5.2006 12:01

Anyways im only buying when it hits 350$. Point final.

5213.5.2006 12:11

wetsparks Thats good but soem games will still wantmoney soem sports and most MMORPG,the only reason Xlive is great is becuse they pu thought and cash into it,I dont see sony doing much 0-o

5313.5.2006 13:44

"High def games are beingmade there just kinda far and few between"- I seem to remember Gates explain that hi def is a requisite for any 360 game. "Sony anounced at E3 that their online service is going to be free."- Unless there are socialist crackers, coders, and hackers behind it; it's like they say, you really do get what you pay for.

5413.5.2006 13:48

"Sony anounced at E3 that their online service is going to be free."- Not to mention there is a already a free bootleg version of xbl with plenty of players on it, for those who don't know.

5513.5.2006 14:51

Don't worry guys im not here to write a novel, I would jus like to know if anyone has heard any definite confirmation about a australian/N.Z release... as i am hanging out to know!.... thnx.

5613.5.2006 17:06

I bought the PS2 at launch. For $300 it was a pretty good buy, considering that a standalone DVD player was close to $200 back then. This time I am balking at the price and at the Blu-ray player. In 2000 I already had a sizeable library of DVDs, where I will not have any Blu-ray movies before the PS3 launches. Until I know which format will win, I am not buying either and will continue to watch normal DVDs. With gas, utilities, food, and everything else going up rapidly except my paycheck, the Wii is looking like the only one I will get at launch this generation with it's rumored $200-$250 launch price. For the price of a PS3 with no games I can have the Wii with 7 or 8 games. I am almost sure to buy a PS3 later, since the games I really enjoyed were exclusive to it, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, and others of that nature, but it won't be at launch.

5713.5.2006 21:57

"Until I know which format will win, I am not buying either and will continue to watch normal DVDs."- Thank god someone has a brain.

5815.5.2006 1:09

either way price is not a factor. the ps3 is going to sell like hot cakes this holiday season ,even if i dont buy or you dont buy or all of your friends dont buy it ,still someone else is going to buy it. ps3 is still my fv next gen. console mostly for the games and all the new technology. so yeah 599$ for a ps3 sounds really cheap to me. where can i pre-order.

5915.5.2006 3:35

ZIppyDSM " oappi and Vista wont try and destroy every bit of unDRMed media thats out there? give me a break ><" m$ doesnt try to control their work with virus... dont get me wrong i h8 m$ also, but they dont use that kind of nasty tricks to protect their work... I m not going to buy any consol, but if i was going to i would go for Wii since they are most user friendly and havent tried to add viruses in my computer... i wouldn´t be suprised if ps3 had software wich contacts sony to verify legimet copys and content hdd.. but since i see you are one of those must have sony boys im not going to argue this matter anymore.. You have already made up your mind and nothing can change that... Personaly i think sony is nro.1 @sshole in entertainment business

6015.5.2006 11:59

oappi *L* i see you have not read my posts,I have said the PS3 have a high chance to be better than the 360,but its still not worth over 300 to go to a new system right now now with the wash of poorly design games beign made nowadays. ""i wouldn´t be suprised if ps3 had software wich contacts sony to verify legimet copys"" MS dose with crash notify thing (when a crash happen you get that pop up to send them info and they can see if its a good XP install or not) Its ture sony are assys tho look at what they did to Star Wars Galxies from a Descent MMORPG to a pissing match action game....uhg >< If sony tires to pull and cheap tricks the moders and others will find out ASAP ,anotehr reason to give any new system a year befor even thinking of getting it.

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6126.5.2006 12:50

Sony have built up a certain brand equity over time since the launch of PlayStation in 1995 and PS2 in 2000, the first five million are going to buy it, whatever it is, even it didn't have games.
- Sony's CEO David Reeves For me, this is the end of my interest in Sony. They have reached a point of beligerent pride that is insulting to me as a consumer. They clearly don't have respect for their own customer base, and I refuse to support a company making statements like this. If you check around the internet, there are more statements like this being made by Sony; who now will only confirm one launch title on the system at all. It's a really unexpected change, but I can't see giving them another dime now.

"Its not stupid, its advanced!" - The Almighty Tallest, Invader Zim

6226.5.2006 23:43

handsom Ya your right sony has its ehad in its ass above the clouds at elast nintendo still gets it its not abotu power or graphics and not get boged down in a format war.... I mean sure I'll get a PS3 mabye a used 2 or 4 years...hopefuly I wont try and build my owen (think I spent 400 building my owen PS2...almost had it right to,the one befor my current could read RW DVDs *L*) Sony might be fcked but as long as devs make games for it it will be worth getting just not at full price *L*. Heck the 360 is looking better hopefuly the frist generation will disspper as the next hardware revsion rolls in,anyone know when the next set of revisions will roll? Also,can you add your owen HD to it or did MS pull a quickie and make HD hard to change?I would want it with at least a 120GB HD....mmmm

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

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6327.5.2006 6:47

With the last one; M$ pulled what's called a 'Hard Drive Lock'. Made it a real pain too. But from what I'm hearing a lot of people have been changing it this time around. So, either it's completely unlocked(Which would be nice, because laptop sata drives are easy to find now), or it uses the same locking techniques as the previous xbox. But I don't think it has any kind of locking, because modders(The vast majority) haven't really delved all that far into the new console yet. That's not to say the a host of cracks and tricks haven't been found. That new firmware mod makes my mouth water, but I'd have to buy some new DVDR9's for it anyway... :/ I *think* you can just switch it this time, people are plugging them into their PCs and all kinds of things, so it looks like there wasn't any kind of locking feature this time around, especially since the drives can be sold seperately, I don't see how they could lock a drive to a console. I hope that explains your question well enough; if not, feel free to pm me.

"Its not stupid, its advanced!" - The Almighty Tallest, Invader Zim

6427.5.2006 7:01

handsom ah well that dose tears it all new systems are off limits but the Wii for me *L* just said theres no restirctions to the 360 HD right? I love it when it takes acouple hours for my mind to figure soemthign out ><

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