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Written by Jari Ketola @ 12 May 2006 11:40 User comments (29) staff writer positions filled After a roughly five-month selection period, we have finally found our new staff writers at! As of today, Davedough (Washington DC, USA) and Lethal_B (London, UK) are members of the AfterDawn team. Welcome aboard, guys!
In total we received over one hundred job applications, most of which were very good indeed. We started the second round of the interviews in March, and finally got the final assignments evaluated last week.

After these two new recruitments, the AfterDawn staff consists of five writers (Dela, Ankle, Siggy, Davedough and Lethal_B), two software admins (waiski and krimu), two web developers (dRD and Pihlis), one web designer (teemu), one administrative assistant (Kata), and one all round techie (myself). That's twelve in total, if my math is right.

Huge thanks to everyone who applied for the position. It was definitely a challenge going through all the applications and finding the top candidates!

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29 user comments

112.5.2006 11:54

Congrats guys!!! Keep up the good work and once again, thanks for all the useful information and programs!!! LOL!!!

212.5.2006 12:18

Great additions to the staff indeed, very well deserved :) The good work continues I hope, good luck to Lethal and Davedough, all the aD family have my best wishes, just keep it up guys :)

312.5.2006 12:31

Good Luck Lethal! -Mike

412.5.2006 12:48

Congrats Lethal and Dave.

512.5.2006 13:02

Congrats! You guys run a great site, and we all appreciate it

612.5.2006 13:10

Way to go Lethal and Dave!

712.5.2006 13:43

congrats, when are you going to be hiring for best poster position ehhehehehe

812.5.2006 15:00

This great news :) congrats to Lethal and Dave. I will be looking foward to reading your new additions :) Congrats once again. :D

912.5.2006 15:21

Congrats to the new writers, especially Lethal_B *Twas about damn time they got you a job ;) *

1012.5.2006 15:27

Lucky Basta*ds......................

1112.5.2006 16:25

How much you get paid?

1212.5.2006 16:39

Thanks for the kind words, all :-)

1312.5.2006 17:16

What in the hail is Soumeksi? You guys need better tequila, apparently... ;)

1412.5.2006 17:29

Thanks for all the nice things everyone has to say about us. I'm looking forward to giving the loyal readers of this site some juicy stuff to look over.

1512.5.2006 17:49

congrats guys! now we'll have even more news :P

1612.5.2006 17:56

Congrats Lethal, you have been a help over the last couple of years

1712.5.2006 23:39

bring it on lethal_b all the best mate...

1813.5.2006 0:07

lethal_b, I remember when you were still a newbie..... cheers.

1913.5.2006 3:38

WELCOME to Davedough and Lethal_B !!! WheW! I think poor Dela, who has graciously given SO much of his time to all of us, deserved a bit of help. A/D continues to inform, educate and entertain all of us in a most helpful and welcome way. It's a s-k-e-e-r-y and confused jumble of technology out there, and these two gentlemen's spin on things should help sort out the Riff from the Raff. Welcome guys! And now that you're on A/D's payroll, don't forget to sign-up for the optional A/D pension plan! :-)

2013.5.2006 4:35

Welcome guys! And now that you're on A/D's payroll, don't forget to sign-up for the optional A/D pension plan! :-)
LMAO!!!! :D

2113.5.2006 4:47

.....and company car, and a key to the executive washroom, and a company credit card (for entertaining guests), and paid vacation leave, and free retail software, and profit sharing (stock options), and sick-leave benefits, and free vacation flights with hotel accomodations and meals, and Christmas Bonuses, and bi-annual raises, and discount offers and coupons and samples and and and ........ Why, it just boggles the mind!! :-) (Mind you, I'm easily boggled). <gg>

2213.5.2006 4:59

hello klingon,i have not see ye for a is the job doing.. are ye still getting me e-mail.. stollery the other day said he heard from ye,the rag-tags did ask about ye........

2313.5.2006 5:14

Hello Ireland ! Job's doing fine, yep, I get yer pics, and yes - but I think it's been a couple of months since Don Stollery and I chatted (email), and tell the Taggers I think of them all the time! :-)

2413.5.2006 6:25

Congrats to Dave and Lethal!! Good luck guys.

2513.5.2006 7:04

Great Choice, Lethal.....ur rock, u tottaly earned that position.

2613.5.2006 11:48

Great choices. Congrats Davedough and Lethal_B. :)

2714.5.2006 8:55

Big thanks to the new writers for helping to keep AD alive and well.

2814.5.2006 11:16

congrats boys. i don't often visit this forum, guess i'll have to now :P

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2915.5.2006 7:30

Congrats to both I look forward to read the latest news by these great additions to the staff.

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